Obama: “I Have No Shame”

That is essentially what Obama admitted to when he made the statement reported in this story:

Obama on Hurricane: ‘We Leave Nobody Behind’

Today, during a non-campaign campaign stop at the Red Cross, President Obama told the nation something his administration obviously didn’t believe during the seven-hour attack on our consulate in Benghazi (and a nearby annex) on the night of September 11, 2012: That when an “American is in need… we leave nobody behind”:

This is a tough time for a lot of people; millions of folks all across the Eastern Seaboard, but America’s tougher. And we’re tougher because we pull together, we leave nobody behind, we make sure we responds as a nation and remind ourselves that whenever an American is in need, all of stand together to make sure we’re providing the help that’s necessary.

You can watch the moment in the video embedded below.

I bet those 4 Americans Obama left to die would have appreciated being a hurricane victim.  Maybe then Obama would have helped them.

3 thoughts on “Obama: “I Have No Shame”

  1. Do you have any fracking idea how disrespectful you are being?

    I grew up with family at the very,very top of one or more of our nations intelligence agencies. I grew up with people who were supposedly commerce secretaries, agricultural attaches, cultural attaches. Oddly always being transferred to the hot spots of the world. And I grew up attending funerals- I stopped counting when it reached double digits, for government servants killed in “car crashes” in nicaragua, el salvador, chile…. of soldiers killed in “training accidents” (usually a helicopter going down in some remote part of the US…ahem). I grew up with people giving everything for their country- and their friends and families biting their lip when political goals trumped the truth.

    And we aren’t even talking truth here. We are talking politics. If the right actually wanted to get to the bottom of what went wrong rather then play politics they would have done what congress has always done in such situations- closed hearings so the truth can actually be discussed without outing assets as the republicans have already done this time. And then, and only then, once having the facts, make a decision of what to go forward with.

    So…If I believed for even half a second your concerns here were real- I might actually support you. Growing up around what I did during Reagans decade of dirty little wars is a huge part of what pushed me to the left. But somehow I doubt your sincerity. Your convictions. So….

  2. Of course. With the storm, he can look all presidential … and stuff.

    With the Benghazi mess, all he can offer is “bluh, blah, babble, bluh, goo-goo”.

    • He is NOT needed for the storm: Christie is supposed to handle that.

      He WAS needed for Benghazi — and he handled it as he handles everything he touches that requires real decision and leadership: “present.”

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