What I Have Been Doing

It ain’t been blogging. In between screaming at the TV, I have been rehabbing a wall in our condo in Park City. It’s not that I’m too cheap to have it done, this for me is one of the best stress relievers ever – when some people get stressed, they drink – when I get stressed, I build stuff…had I access to my shop full of power tools that are in storage, you guys might all have houses full of furniture after this election season.

Hopefully Day 4 will complete the project – still have to stain the base cabinet, the bookshelves and mantle that I built and grout the tile, but should finish today…no more 70’s disco mirrors or Nevada brothel decor…

I wish I had all my tools that are in storage but had to make do with a hammer,a Skil saw and training in my youth from having a dad who owned a construction company…

17 thoughts on “What I Have Been Doing

  1. As the son of a 4th generation master carpenter (my father, not me), I applaud. Solid work.

    As someone who actually understands the motivation, I now out you. Were you still in your 20’s or even your 30’s, those mirrors would STILL be on the walls 😉

  2. I do hope you correctly bagged, and identified by type, the sawdust for proper disposal. And did you post a notice as to the change in use, from commercial (brothel) to single-family unit in multi-family structure?

  3. As a top notch carpenter, may I say… nice work. You do one thing I’ve never been able to do without considerable cussing and that is finishing drywall. I also hate painting…I’d rather take a beating than paint.

  4. Guess it’s time for some confessions….. not to intimidate you boys, but I’m kinda in the mood now. Drywall? Check. Spackling? (or mud as I like to call it) Check. Sanding? Check. Carpentry? Check. Power tools? Check. Painting? Check. Remove a tub, toilet, sink, vanity and mirror? Check. Install the same? Check. Install vinyl, tile and pergo? Check. Remove and redo wiring for outlets and electrical devices? Check. Repair sprinkler system? Check. Remove/replace doors and floorboards? Check. Cook a kick-ass meal? Check. Bleed once a month? Check. Give birth twice? Check. Hit a high C in a single bound? Check.

    Is this what happens when you are married to a DIYer? Check.

  5. I prefer basic carpentry, electrical & mechanical work. I only wish I still had access to a cabinet shop I grew up around.

    Painting ? I always fail, no matter the amount of time and care I take. Last time I attempted, my spouse took pity upon me and called in a painter to complete the job without asking me……. I came home from work to meet the painters cleaning up. Now that was a pleasant surprise……

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