Death Panels

Of course the NHS doesn’t call them that and neither does Obamacare, that would be silly to say that they do – that evil, offensive Sarah Palin woman didn’t know what she was talking about when she said that. There are no such things in these benevolent universal and “free” healthcare programs.

Well, in these systems:

  • There is no such thing as benevolence as the interpersonal relationships are taken out and what gets delivered to the public is “assembly line” medicine.
  • Care is not universal because while all people are covered, all conditions, therapies and medicines are not.
  • It sure as hell ain’t “free” except to those who weren’t going to pay in the first place, the burden gets placed where it always is, on the people who actually pay the taxes.

Oh, and they don’t call it a death panel in the UK, it is called the “Liverpool Care Pathway”, sounds nice doesn’t it – until you realize that hospitals are given incentives to kill people to get them off the books:

Almost two thirds of NHS trusts using the Liverpool Care Pathway have received payouts totalling millions of pounds for hitting targets related to its use, research for The Daily Telegraph shows.

The figures, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, reveal the full scale of financial inducements for the first time.

They suggest that about 85 per cent of trusts have now adopted the regime, which can involve the removal of hydration and nutrition from dying patients.

More than six out of 10 of those trusts – just over half of the total – have received or are due to receive financial rewards for doing so amounting to at least £12million.

At many hospitals more than 50 per cent of all patients who died had been placed on the pathway and in one case the proportion of forseeable deaths on the pathway was almost nine out of 10.

Last night the Department of Health insisted that the payments could help ensure that people were “treated with dignity in their final days and hours”.

But opponents described it as “absolutely shocking” that hospitals could be paid to employ potentially “lethal” treatments.

The LCP was originally developed at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital and the city’s Marie Curie hospice to ease suffering in dying patients, setting out principles for how they to be treated.

But it will never happen here, right?

4 thoughts on “Death Panels

  1. Utah,

    Did you see this when it came out?

    New York Times Opinion Writer: We Need Death Panels

    The New York Times uses its op/ed page as a supplement to its editorial page–that is, most of the articles published reflect the views of the editors. Letters to the Editor, too.

    The NYT has called for health care rationing several times in the past and published articles by others supporting it. It did again on Saturday with an article by one of its opinion writers, a former Obama Treasury Department adviser, named Steve Rattner. From, “Beyond Obamacare:”

    WE need death panels.

    That’s what the technocratic class believes. We need to do away with the expensive and nonproductive rather than waste money caring for them. Back to Rattner:

    Well, maybe not death panels, exactly, but unless we start allocating health care resources more prudently — rationing, by its proper name — the exploding cost of Medicare will swamp the federal budget.

    Yes, all of us who warned that this was the agenda were such alarmists and conspiracy theorists, weren’t we? But we are right.

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