File Under: Glenn Beck Told You So

I’m sorry, but I just can’t help it: when the “I told you so” is this clear, it has to be said. Here is a story about a time when Steven Colbert mocked Beck for urging people to spend a little time and money to put aside supplies in case of an emergency. I couldn’t get the link of just the Colbert clip, so just click on the story and watch just the Colbert piece. Pay attention to how Beck specifically mentions natural disaster, and ask yourself who the victims of Sandy wish they had listened to now: Beck, or the mocking Colbert:

FLASHBACK: Stephen Colbert mocks food insurance, preppers

How many times does a person have to give you good advice before you will listen?  How often does his advice have to be proven correct before you will count it good?  And how often do the people you chose to listen to have to be proven wrong before you will question them?  And how badly do they have to be proven wrong — when people die needlessly?  What if it’s you next time?

15 thoughts on “File Under: Glenn Beck Told You So

  1. I have not watched Stewart or Colbert for months now. This clip was not very funny,especially seeing it after Sandy’s visit, Colbert, at least, seems to need a reduction in exposure, maybe an hour on Friday night.

    • Greg,

      I say this in a soft and humble and sincere voice: Colbert wasn’t trying to be funny, he was trying to destroy Beck’s credibility with his audience — nothing more.

      • But you do that with zingers! Colbert had no zingers, besides Colbert’s audience has already made up their minds about Beck.
        This is one of the better things Beck has done, a well-intended PSA.

        • And, in spite of Drugs mocking of his charity, Mercury One has now delivered some $300,000 in relief to the community it chose to help in NJ.

          Politics aside, he puts his money and his time (and heart?) where his mouth is much better than I do. I guess that is part of the reason I was motivated to check on the rest of what he says — to make sure it matched the rest of his public persona.

    • They have been programmed (through no real malfeasance). It happens easily: when you don’t know anything else, you can’t conceive of anything else. So they had no idea what was coming, which means they had no idea how to prepare. For them, the corner store and gas station have always been there, so they just assumed they would be there the morning after.

      Now, before we get on our high horse, this same principle applies to all of us. Our nation is no more immune to the patterns of history and human nature than any other. We’d be wise to heed the lessons of Sandy on a national level.

    • Texas,

      I’m not going to go down that path this time. As I just told Kells, many of these people wouldn’t know how to prepare for Sandy anymore than you’d know how to prepare to hit a defended beach or I’d know how to star in a play. So, I’m not going to call them stupid — unless that also makes you and I stupid, as well.

      • B,
        You make a good point.

        Thank you, really.

        I guess, what I have such a hard time with, is, when “we” point out the “flaws” in their beliefs with “footnotes”; and real world examples of their failures, they accuse us of being racists or radicals or “right-wing”

        It is very difficult to give “the statists” the benefit of the doubt when they attack “us” personally.

        I’m really tired of pouring my heart out trying to explain to my sisters & brothers reality, only to be attacked with the errors of my ways …………….

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