Sweet Wills

I seem to have to be inspired to write. Sweet Wills was my inspiration this time. It was his comment in particular which I found very poignant: The country is falling apart and this is no time to try and figure out who plays the race card more. All the people of the United States of America should stand united and all those white or black, democratic or republican that want to blame everything on racism can be left behind.

Enough is enough.


I think I should like to relate my story of race relations, and perhaps you will understand why I become a bit confounded by this bullshit.

When I was a child growing up in Jacksonville, FL, mother was the Girl Scout leader so I had plenty of black girlfriends, and I would have them over to spend the night. This was in the 70’s, so I really don’t know if that was “radical” or not. My parents are like me or vice-versa, I suppose: It boils down to the person not the color of the skin for us.

In 1978, we moved to Panama City. The first day of school, a silly black boy grabbed my ass, and I slapped the shit outta him. I have to say I would’ve done the same damn thing had it been a silly white boy. What really freaked me out was after school a bunch of kids started chanting: “A fight, a fight, a nigger and a white.” I distinctly remember going home, calling my girlfriend in Jacksonville and telling her I had moved into the COUNTRY!

Now in high school, I dated this silly redneck boy. He made fun of every race under the sun as well as mentally handicapped people, girls, &c. No one was spared. For some strange reason, I ignored this sick humour of his. One night, we were out cruising on the beach (hey, this was high school) and this black fella had broken down. So the first words out of his mouth were “stupid nigger.” Then he pulled over, fixed the fella’s car, and was as pleasant as you please to him. Needless to say, I was confounded. To this day, I shall never understand this type of nutty behaviour.

Now in college, I dated quite a few black boys. We got some looks, but bi-racial relationships, at that time, hadn’t garnered the acceptance that they do now. (Guess I was a pioneer.) I will say this: There was never anything ugly said to me.

The funny thing is, the only ugly things that have been said to me were told to me by my black girlfriends. In college, I had three black roommates and I went to their sorority party. I was the lone white girl in a crowd of about 70-100 people. Naturally, I was checking out the boys, as is my wont, and apparently another chickadee got upset and one of my roomies came to my rescue. I had no idea this had even occurred. My roomie told me that this girl was calling me a cracker slut or some such nonsense. It is understandable that I didn’t hear any of this as I have a particular fondness for boys. The other time I was told ugly things were said about me was when I went to the mall with my black girlfriend. We were looking at shoes, and I’m not gonna lie, I’ve got a bit of a shoe fetish and tend to go into my own little world when perusing them. Next thing I know, my girlfriend is yelling at these two black chicks, and I’m thinking, WTF? So my girlfriend tells me they were talkin smack about us, and I told her, “C., I really don’t give a rat’s ass.” But I tell you, C. was worked up!

There you have it. That is my life story with racial indescretions. Well, I did leave out a girlfriend of mine from SF who was especially cruel at Asian restaurants. She would act like she spoke Chinese when she ordered, and confuse the server. She was a very naughty girl! It was all great fun for her because she would laugh and laugh at how confused they would become. Seriously, I don’t know how she had the nerve to pull off those shenanigans.

Goodness! This is starting to resemble a B. post in length. It’s all Sweet Wills’ fault! I suppose I just don’t understand this whole racial thing. Have I lived a sheltered life? Am I an anomaly? Honest to God, these recollections are the only ones that I can recall as racist. Unfortunately, I have far more horrific memories of white people. (My own race.)

I know FL works with those inmates…..maybe they’re racist. I suppose my question is: Do you or have you experienced racism? More importantly: Do you believe it should or does affect politics?


42 thoughts on “Sweet Wills

  1. OK, you inspire me to share as I, too, do not understand racism.

    When I was in the Marines, I had a mechanic assigned to my maintenance detachment who was as racist as they come. He was a “dark green” marine and he made no secret of the fact that he absolutely hated “light green marines.”

    Now, in the tanker ranks, the guys who actually manned the tanks, there was a “light green” redneck who was as racist as they come. He made absolutely no secret about the fact that he hated all “dark green” Marines.

    They were the best of friends. If a “dark green” marine said something about the “light green” friend, the “dark green” friend would defend him to the point of fighting — and vise verse. I simply never understood that and I doubt I ever will.

  2. The most virulent racists on the boats are usually the first ones to walk up to a black man fishing on the bank, and ask what he’s catching. One guy I knew only dated black girls, he did not hate blacks, just thought them inferior. But he got along with them, obviously, and they thought he was the cat’s meow. One captain’s dad showed me the shotgun presented to him when he joined the Klan, and his(the dad’s) best friend in the world is a black man.

    We almost had a deckhand walk off one night, when we told him the company had hired a black deckhand(our industry is only now desegregating), who ws coming out in the morning. The dispatcher was in on it, and he was packing his bags before Tom told him it was BS.

  3. You want to see something really strange? Watch a white supremacist inmate with swastikas and SS lightening bolts tattooed all over himself and a Crip, Blood, or MS13 inmate walk around the rec yard together and be friends. Nobody will ever figure racism out, nor will it ever go away. Does it affect politics? Sure it does. How many people voted for Obama because he is black, and how many voted for McCain because he is white?

    • “How many people voted for Obama because he is black, and how many voted for McCain because he is white?”

      Basically, I think these people out on the fringes cancel themselves out.

      Let’s take a look at a statement I found interesting:

      “Frankly, when you take a look at Colin Powell, you have to wonder whether that’s an endorsement based on issues or whether he’s got a slightly different reason for preferring President Obama, Sununu said.”

      “Sununu said, “Well, I think when you have somebody of your own race that you’re proud of being president of the United States, I applaud Colin for standing with him.”

      Now what makes this interesting is that part of it is probably true and part of it is just insulting.

      The insulting part is you hear a lot of people are pissed that they are accused of being racist just because they disagree with Obama’s policies. They should be. On the other hand this guy is saying Gen Powell can’t be endorsing Obama because he agrees with his policies—-It has to be about race. He’s doing the same thing in the opposite direction.

      The part that’s partly true is that, Yes we are proud that someone of our race is President of the United States. You know what? I’m proud every damn time I see a black person walk past my office at work. That means that they’ve probably graduated college or has a marketable skill or trade. They’ve probably not been in prison. They’re doing something with their lives instead of selling drugs and living off the system. That’s one less brother on the streets. There isn’t many of us that haven’t been locked up or graduated college so when we see one, we’re damn proud of it. Maybe that guy will take care of his kids so I don’t have to. When I see a black family together, husband wife and kids, hell yeah I’m proud of that. A lot of whites, and Hispanics are proud of that too. We all should be. We have too many baby daddies, and grandmothers raising their grandkids.

      Let’s all understand though that it’s nothing racist about the statements that were said by Sununu. Let’s also understand that it was white voters that elected Obama as president and not blacks since there simply aren’t enough black registered voters to do so. That again is something to be proud of that enough voters looked past color to vote as they felt was best.

      Racism is an irrational behavior so a rational mind couldn’t possibly understand it logically.

      • “Racism is an irrational behavior so a rational mind couldn’t possibly understand it logically.” You keep hitting me with these profound zingers.

        You know, Wills, a person could accuse you of being racist since you cavort with all those silly white girls in your hot tub. Oh, . I’ve saved our pics. Uh-huh! I’m hoping for the day you decide to enter politics……

        Are you going to see Ryan tonight?

      • WM,

        Serious question seeking an honest comment. You said:

        The insulting part is you hear a lot of people are pissed that they are accused of being racist just because they disagree with Obama’s policies. They should be. On the other hand this guy is saying Gen Powell can’t be endorsing Obama because he agrees with his policies—-It has to be about race. He’s doing the same thing in the opposite direction.

        How do you propose we justify Powell’s apparent ‘switch’ between his previously espoused political positions and his current endorsement of Obama? There would appear to be a contradiction between them. So I am left to wonder whether Sununu was actually trying to be insulting, was so by accident or inadvertently stumbled into that area because he was trying to credit Powell with the only reason Sununu could find to explain this apparent reversal.

        Do you see what I am getting at, or do I need to clarify this a bit more? Really interested in your take on it.

        • I don’t know that Powell ‘switched’. He served under the liberal “W” and I’ve always viewed him as a moderate. Remember he wouldn’t run against Clinton. He’s a New Yorker. He also backed Obama in 2008. Basically all we can do, in my opinion, is take him at his word. He said he didn’t believe in Romney’s tax plan and called his foreign policy a “moving target” that changes depending on the audience.

          No, in my heart I don’t think he was trying to be insulting. It was by accident, only to a certain group though. But you never know if Powell indeed did ‘switch’ because of race. It’s possible. It’s just another one of those statement that can be interpreted differently depending on the listener.

          Myself could never stand with another man because of race. When you start down that path, you find yourself open to compromise, and good cannot compromise with evil because it can never he good again.

          • I always give honest comments on serious topics. You should know me by now.

            That’s why asked you, and made it clear that I was being serious and listening before I asked. thanks 🙂

        • Powell carried water for the Bush/Cheney war on Iraq. He repeated their lies. But maybe he did not realize he was being used until later, maybe his conscience caught up to him, as it did with dubya’s first press secretary, Scott McClellan.

          • I’ve read some of his latest book where he speaks on that. There was a lot of infighting within the Cabinet. They ended up standing alone instead of together. He read the same intelligence. He went to the UN. He’s just as responsible as the rest.

            But yes, at this point, he regrets it from what I’ve read.

                • @WM,

                  True, but — at his level at the time — if he felt this strongly about it, a protest resignation would have been in order. Not only would it have made a strong political statement, if he believed then as he claims now, it was his duty tot he nation. So, either he is not being totally honest with us, he has allowed his memory to be clouded by current political motivations, or he placed his career before his duty.

                  Is there another option I am missing?

                • I’m not sure…I can only speculate. But it has been said that the rear view mirror is always clearer than the windshield.

                  I could give my opinion but it would only be that, and in essence, would be doing the same things as Sununu was.

              • @Greg,

                And you have the nerve to accuse me of making claims of fact I cannot support. heck, G, at least I offer a reasoned argument to support my opinions. You don’t even bother to do that: you just thrust your opinion in other people’s mouths and act as though they are correct.

                180 degree rule, g, 180 degree rule 🙂

                  • You seldom offer a reasoned argument because you believe an argument is nothing more than an unsupported assertion of opinion as fact. It isn’t. And, when you have tried to put forth something that approaches a real argument and your fallacies are pointed out, instead of meeting the challenge, you revert to ad hominem.

                    So, no, Greg, I reject your claim to having made real arguments in the past. Had you done so, you would have been treated like the other liberals who have come on the RNL and disagreed: with civility and respect. Instead, you do nothing more than make straw man assertions and ad hominem attacks.

                    Anymore, they are entirely too predictable.

            • @Wm,

              And how much of this “regret” is genuine vs an attempt to get in with whatever crowd he is ingratiating himself with these days? Not to sound insulting, but he did not have to be or stay a Republican just to be in a Bush Administration, he did that on his own. But, if he did it just for that reason, shouldn’t that discredit him on its own?

              So, how should we factor that into the mix?

              • Well this opens up a whole lot of different scenarios that would take us off in a whole different direction, which maybe but not surely, I don’t know if I want to go in. But I will say this:

                At the time he like many others felt the war was necessary. I think he still feels it to a certain extent, I think, but from what I’ve read or not read, he hasn’t necessarily said he reasoning why he feels the way he does. I know he an Cheney didn’t get along and W kinda used Condi as a go-between. That came from W’s and Powell’s books that there was a lot of internal bickering.

                I’m not sure about the “staying a republican” statement, and that’s a can of worms I don’t want to open at this time. Let’s just say I think that’s part of the problem with the party system. I think that argument can create an ad hominem situation so I’ll just let it be.

                I’d really love to be able to answer your questions, B, but I don’t know Powell’s heart, so I can’t really say. In a perfect world you should be able to support whom you feel but the party system tends to frown upon that. Since there is no criteria to join a party, you just simply have to say you’re one or another, to me that’s a problem in itself.

                I think you’re trying to say, but I’m not sure, that Powell is really a RINO and maybe judging by some of his actions he is. But if he’s to be ostracized for that, there’s a long line of republican party members that should be also.

                • WM,

                  This is one of the many times people get the impression I am trying to make a statement when I’m really doing nothing more than asking questions and pointing out past occurrences so that I can actually form an opinion. As it stands now, I do not have one — at least, not on these issues. Mostly, it’s because I do not care: I think it is a non-issue (at least for me).

                  I suppose, if I were to find anything of interest here, it would be in how people just assume things and put Powell in a corner based on their assumptions and not what he truly thinks/believes. So you an I agree: it’s not really a path that will bear much fruit but could produce much harm.

                  Thanks for your thoughts, I’ll file them for further consideration. You know well that I do listen to you on these subjects — OH! And that we agree about Parties 😉

                • “I suppose, if I were to find anything of interest here, it would be in how people just assume things and put Powell in a corner based on their assumptions and not what he truly thinks/believes. So you an I agree: it’s not really a path that will bear much fruit but could produce much harm.”

                  Absolutely. That being your opinion means we totally agree. I just thought Sununu’s statements to be interesting and how they could in fact be both negative and positive.

                  I know you listen. I also know that the door swings both ways. So when the next “Is that racist” article comes out, and those of one side wants to blame the other all the time, I want them to see 2 things:

                  1) The majority of the time it’s not racism.
                  2) We should just move ahead as a society because all of that negative thinking from such a small segment of the population isn’t worth sweating over.

    • Actually, it was sort of a rhetorical question wm. If ONE person voted for Obama because he was black, or ONE person voted for McCain because he was white, then it was a race-based vote, and it affected the election. I didn’t seriously wonder how many people voted for the two. I will agree those people likely more or less cancelled each other out.

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