A Brilliant Critique Of The Liberal Mind…

…by Joel Engel at Legal Insurrection, Before the Election: Some Questions From a Liberal Former Liberal:

If this coming election is about anything, it’s about the clash between modern liberalism and classical liberalism: more government versus less.  So to those who proudly consider themselves liberal and progressive, and want to see the country become more of both, I have a few questions.

Actually, I have more than a few, but space is limited, so I’ll begin with these and hope for some genuine answers instead of the standard, “You’re a moron” responses that liberals usually heap on conservatives in the illiberal belief that their ideas need not be defended with logic and facts, just restated with a generous helping of insults.

1. Why do some people fret more about the hypothetical consequences next century of nonrenewable energy than they do the verified consequences next week of unsustainable debt?

2. What’s so enlightened about focusing more on the theoretical backlash against all Muslims for the violent acts committed by some Muslims than on the victims of that violence and on the animating philosophy behind the violence?

3. Is it okay with you that the press, which Thomas Jefferson considered more important than the government itself, has abdicated its traditional watchdog role in order to serve the agenda and reelection of Barack Obama?

4. How come so many people who risk their lives sneaking into this country illegally in order to escape some of worst hellholes on earth appear prouder of their homelands than many native-born Americans do of their country?

5. If Barack Obama is such a marvelous orator, how come his only memorable lines are gaffes?

6. Isn’t the stubborn refusal to accept that Obama is the emptiest suit chair ever to be president akin to Lois Lane’s being fooled by Clark Kent’s glasses.

7. What’s liberal about depicting conservative blacks as boot-licking Uncle Toms and Aunt Jemimas?

8. What’s pro-choice about dismissing conservative women as inauthentic?

9. What’s progressive about liberal gays wishing death on conservative gays?

10. In what way is a man who gives away 30 percent of his own income to charity selfish while a man who wants to confiscate more of other people’s money generous?

11. Can you define “fair share”?  I keep hearing that rich people aren’t paying it, but if the top one percent already pays almost 40 percent and the bottom 50 percent pays nearly nothing, how much more do the rich have to pay before you’ll declare it fair?

12. The Benghazi cover-up aside, doesn’t it make you a little queasy that the President of the United States demonstrated such contempt for our First Amendment, first by (falsely) blaming worldwide violence on an American’s free expression, then by trying to get YouTube to take down the offending video, and third by telling his United Nations audience that the film was “blasphemy” against a religion?

13. Are you comfortable with that whole Obama cult of personality thing?

3 thoughts on “A Brilliant Critique Of The Liberal Mind…

  1. Excellent. Now we can stop fielding the baseless objections and put the focus back on OUR message, which is, of course, flawless, irrefutable, and the only pathway to real prosperity for all Americans.

  2. I should like to hear what SBJ or CCF have to say. All I will say is this: I hate to break it to you, but I had you fooled wearing my Clark Kent glasses. I’ll speak no more on that. (Don’t want to embarrass you.)

    This Engel fella is an interesting guy…..

    • Kells, I am not good with riddles. What are you talking about?

      Have you heard Rmoney lately? It sounds like he intends to take a sledgehammer to Washington.

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