This Is Why I Think Romney Wins

Via John Podhoretz at the NY Post and Ace: If Mitt Romney wins tonight, it’ll likely be because of something revealed by a little-noticed statistic released yesterday by the polling firm Rasmussen — following a similar statistic last week from Gallup. Rasmussen revealed that for the month of October, its data showed that among likely…

Election Open Thread

I’m going to stick this one at the top for all commenters to say anything that they want as things progress… Try to be nice to the libs as their hope becomes our change and don’t feed the trolls.

Philly Politics – New Black Panter Style

Well… look at that. The shenanigans have started already.  Voter suppression/intimidation anyone? Perhaps our Attorney General should have actually prosecuted these fools in 2008, when they were standing outside with nightsticks. Instead, he dropped the charges. No consequence = no deterrence. And just where are all the UN observers on this?