Election Day Live Rule 5

In somewhat of a first, we have a Rule 5 without pictures courtesy of Fox News.

Martha MacCallum has busted out the cleavage, the short skirt and high heels in order to raise the level of discourse…or something.

22 thoughts on “Election Day Live Rule 5

  1. Okay, I’ll ‘fess up. Being the (somewhat) pervert that I am, I too noticed these short-skirted news women. I often wondered how they kept from from showing their, well – panties, in their chosen attire. Yes, TRNL, I googled “news celebrity upskirts”, and as it turns out, they can’t keep from showing their private areas – and guess what – Fox News girlies are the worst (or the best ;-)) . There you have it. My secret is out.

  2. Call me a “Rule 5 intimidator”, but we just cannot have a Rule 5 without a dame in a bikini. So let’s remember Gretchen Paulsen for the Miss America beauty that she once was ..

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