We’re Americans !


6 April 2003, Navy Corpsman carrying a wounded Iraqi soldier …….


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
― Edmund Burke

“Evil” has underestimated “Good” in our homeland. Good will not stand by, and abide Evil.

2 thoughts on “We’re Americans !

  1. It was the evening before the ground war started during Desert Storm. Sadam had lit the oil fields on fire and the sky was crayola crayon black. The Padre stood with his back to the setting sun. It shown blood red through the black sky, but the rays that made it through that growing cloud looked like something straight out of a religious poster. Providence was looking down on him.

    The Padre looked up at the men and women who had gather round him in a semi-circle and told them to take a knee. With that meek command in his humble voice, 800+ heavily armed members of one of the most fearsome fighting forces to ever walk the face of this planet took off their helmets, hit their knees and bowed their heads. And when they had finished rattling around, still in his meek and humble voice, the Padre said:

    Marines, I’m not going to lie to you. They tell me that, by this time tomorrow, 80% of you are expected to have become casualties….

    Just 2 hours earlier, these same Marines, the Marines who now knelt around this Padre in prayer to their God, had loaded 5,000 body bags on two 5-ton trucks. No doubt this was fresh in their minds as the Padre started his service.

    The service was short, and the Padre ended it — tears visible in his eyes — by beseeching God to watch over and keep each one of his flock. Then he said Amen. There was a pause as each Marine finished their own prayers and contemplated what the next 24 hours would hold for them. Then, in a much more commanding voice from somewhere in the back, the command rang out: “Alright, you know what you got to do. Now let’s get to it.”

    And with that, the moment was broken. Those 800 warriors picked up their weapons, got to their feet and went to face whatever fate God held for them.

    But, for me, that moment lasted a little longer. As I watched those rays from that blood red sun stabbing through that pitch black sky, the words of Revelation came to me and I couldn’t help but wonder if this sight before me was prophetic. My trance was broken when my driver smacked me on the shoulder and told me to “Come on, sarge.” I remember one last and comforting thought as I turned and saw the Marines with whom I was about to go into battle:

    “Thanks God I am an American!”

    Col. North, sir, I understand…. Semper Fi, Mac!

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