Leftist Imperialism

OK, I promised to post on this issue last night, so let me keep my promise. A great many people on the Left – not all of them, but a majority of their leadership to be sure – believe that the United States has been imperialistic through its history. They have expressed their belief that this nation, by in large, has “stolen” its wealth from the poorer nations of the world by exploiting their natural resources. Consequently, if you will look closely, you will find that the majority of Leftist policy serves to redistribute our wealth back to the rest of the world.

By not using our own energy, we have to buy from other supposedly “disadvantaged” nations, thus transferring great sums of wealth which, in the case of the Middle Eastern OPEC nations, is then used against us by helping to fund terrorism.

By not addressing immigration, we transfer wealth to Latin American countries through illegal aliens send their paychecks back home to their families.

By increasing taxes and regulations on American manufacturing, especially through the EPA, we transfer wealth to China and many other Pacific Rim nations by exporting our manufacturing jobs and technology (the technology has to follow the factory, so it isn’t just the job that leaves the country).

Now, with Kyoto and the proposed carbon taxes that are heading our way, we further transfer this nation’s wealth through the sale of carbon credits to nations that otherwise wouldn’t be creating much in the way of industrial pollutants to begin with.

So, with all of this, were we to look at a map of the globe, we would see a blue America soaking up the wealth of other red nations (blue for wealthy blue bloods and red for being bled dry). Sort of like the way………

The imperialistic blue cities of urban Leftist America bleed the resources of the red rural America on the Right:

But, as apparent as this should be to them, especially since it uses their own logic, I somehow doubt the Left will see the similarities.


I’m just left to wonder: could it have anything to do with their inability to see their reflection in the morality mirror?

16 thoughts on “Leftist Imperialism

  1. Dig your map. You must admit that when you look at it, you would think that Romney shoulda won. I just see a sea of red.

    I’ll have to stalk you silly boys in the morning….bonne nuit.

    • “Oh how you right wingers never change. Good luck figuring out why you lost. NOT”

      And folks, there is your intellectual liberal rant of the day …. in all it’s glory, and worthy of scholarly review for it’s literary genius. Sadly, had he struggled to type any more words, a seizure might have followed.

      Good thing he stopped when he did. 🙂

    • Alex,

      When have you on the Left “changed?” All I was pointing out is that, when we get right down to the brass tacks, the “Right” may well be guilty of what the “Left” claims, but the “Left” is just as guilty. In the end, the “Left and Right” are nothing but flip sides of the same coin.

      • They have progressively become more Left. The Left is Left, and the Right is Left and Right. It appears as if the Left has honed their ideology while the Right vacillates between Left and Right.

        I don’t know if that makes a lick of sense.

        • What you call “vacillating” is nothing more than the struggle between those in this nation on the Right struggling to take control from the Left-leaning Republican leadership. But, IMHO, you are correct: BOTH Parties have been on a steadily Leftward drift. They have been since about 1910.

        • It does make sense but its not entirely true. The left has experienced different levels of leftyness over history. Same with the right. Both have gone to the left for the most part. The “right” or Republicans, are like the Democrats of say, 30-40 years ago, maybe more. The “left, or Democrats have gone so far left that they aren’t even on the graph anymore. They are now Socialists. I hate Democrats and Republicans alike. If I could fine ONE TRUE Conservative, it would make my day.

            • Tangible,

              I agree, but only to a point. I would like a real definition of what it means to be a “conservative,” because I am not sure we all have the same understanding of what the term means, and I am positive that the majority of “conservatives” have absolutely no idea as to what the founding father of American conservatism said about it.

              If modern conservatism is what Edmund Burke advocated, then count me out, please. I want no part of it.

              • “Tangible”

                Please, just call me IS. 😉

                Good question, on what Conservatism really is. I think I must contemplate to give you a full answer. Perhaps its time for a new blog of my own. LOL!

                • If you post your own blog, please let me know so I can read it. Contrary to appearances, my time is tight, so I tend to spend most of what free time I have here. But that doesn’t mean I am oblivious to the thoughts and opinions of others 🙂

  2. I’ll let you know. In the mean time, you may be interested in my most recent recipe: Obama Burgers. Its fresh on my blog. You all link to me in your blog roll. I don’t think you will enjoy it. 😉

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