And They Tell You Our Universities Aren’t Leftist Indoctrination Centers

So, it has been said that our public university system does not help in turning our students “liberal.” Well, this may be, but there is a great deal of research to suggest this is not the case: that our public universities do indeed indoctrinate our students into the Leftist mindset:

Systematic Practice of Political Indoctrination at Universities and Colleges

“Teaching as a Subversive Activity”: The Theory of Political Indoctrination

Indoctrination Displaces Education
Part Two

What’s more, the faculty and staff of our universities are ever increasingly sliding to the Left in ideology:

The Liberal (and Moderating) Professoriate

On political orientation, the survey asked professors to identify themselves in one of seven categories, from extremely liberal to extremely conservative and the results leaned decidedly to the left.

Political Orientation of Faculty Members — 7 Categories

Extremely liberal 9.4%
Liberal 34.7%
Slightly liberal 18.1%
Middle of the road 18.0%
Slightly conservative 10.5%
Conservative 8.0%
Very conservative 1.2%

Now, keep in mind, these numbers are the result of “self-reporting.” Why is that important? Because these are the same people who call Mitt Romney an “extreme right winger,” even though Romney’s views are to the left of those espoused by JFK in the 1960’s. They are people like our own James McPherson. In other words, these numbers come from people who see their own Left-leaning views as “centrist,” and most likely because “everyone I know believes the same way I do.” Well, if you are homogeneous, as this chart suggests they are, then it is only natural that you will think you are “normal” – even if you are in a 1% minority of the population. The truth is, the vast majority of this nation identifies itself as center to center right:

Breitbart/Judicial Watch Poll: A Warning Against Compromise

The Breitbart News/Judicial Watch survey, conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, revealed that:

• 71% of voters agree that big government leads to corruption, and 85% of voters are concerned about corruption, but voters do not trust either party to clean up Washington
• 77% of voters believe the media was biased in favor of one candidate
• 61% of voters embrace Arizona-style immigration laws, including 40% of Hispanics
• 76% of voters–and a majority within EVERY minority group–favor photo ID for voting

In short, voters agree with many conservative positions on policy and governance, but do not trust either party to enact them.

In 2010, Conservatives Still Outnumber Moderates, Liberals

And, just to put a point on this discussion, I offer this anecdotal observation:

Now, some might be quick to point out that the major universities in these blue areas are not the reason for them being blue because they are all in major urban areas of the State. This is true: they are in major urban areas – but so are Gulf Coat, the Panama City branch of FSU and the University of West Florida, all in the red panhandle.  What’s more, this correlation repeats in nearly every in the union, not just in Florida.  And then there’s this:

Preliminary Tallies: Without Youth Vote, Obama Would Have Lost Election

What to make of all this? I’ll leave that for you to decide.  As for me, well, I went through the university system as a 25 y/o combat veteran who had seen the world and knew that my professors were living in a world that did not reflect the one I had seen the previous 7 years…

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  1. Leftist indoctrination centers? I don’t completely agree with that. A place where young people can begin to form their own ideas away from the influence of their parents? Definitely. A place where young people can be influenced by ultra-liberal professors who try to bend these young minds to their own philosophies? For sure.

    Universities are also the home of anti-war protests, peace rallies, sit-ins, love-ins, drug experimentation, a place to begin to express you own opinion, and a place of learning. Most of us who earned our degrees late in life (my AA and BA were earned from 50 to 56) understood that these professors were not always right or living in the real world. I had an American History teacher who despised me and another (older) male student because we called BS on her daily rants, however, many of the younger students, especially the women, ate her daily dose of BS up like candy.

    I remember driving past FSU as a young teen and seeing the hippies with their long hair, headbands, bellbottoms, and beads sitting in the trees along side Hiway 90. My dad, with utter disgust in his voice, said, “Look at that! Boy, if you ever act like that . . . . “. I never did.

  2. That map of Florida says it all.

    The way students are ushered into liberal arts courses is a shame and a travesty. A few months ago, I came across this, a letter from a professor to his students of Cross-Cultural Studies at UCF, calling them bigots. Not surprisingly, liberals defended the professor and joined him in shaming the students. Hypocrisy at its finest.

    • Justin,

      I read the letter in that link. In his letter, he did pretty much everything he was telling his students they should not do. Another self-righteous professor who does not see his own reflection in the morality mirror.

    • “The way students are ushered into liberal arts courses is a shame and a travesty.”

      How are students ushered into liberal arts courses? I was free to take any course I wanted. Is it a shame and a travesty if a student excercises their freedom of choice of the course they want to take?

      • FC,

        How is it free will when you get to choose from courses that have been selected and by people with this mindset? If I tell you here, you can pick any 4 of these 10 classes, but you MUST pick 4 from ONLY these 10 classes, how is that free choice. This is sort of how the news media claims they are not unbiased: you have 3 networks and 5 cable channels to choose from, see: choice. Yet, all of them — even FOX — seem to read from the same talking points.

        I understand what you are trying to defend, but it simply isn’t quite the way you seem to think it is. It wasn’t when I went to school, and everything I have read and heard since leads me to believe it hasn’t gotten any better (I have 1 son, 1 niece and 2 nephews in college right now).

      • @FloridaCracker49

        I said usher, not force.

        Universities are churning out ninnies and cowards.

        We don’t need that many liberal intellectuals.

        It is a travesty, because so many of these students come out with no understanding and no respect for the sacrifices that must be made to provide them the LUXURY of a liberal eduction.

        And now people are talking about college education as though it is a right.

        Even though these same intellectuals will not stand up for the right to speak one’s mind about Islam.

        America’s downward spiral is getting a whole lot steeper because of these over-educated morons.

        The positive side is, Americans will soon understand the real meaning of freedom.

  3. Ah yes. And of course this has nothing to do with things like knowledge. OR critical thinking (which the official GOP platform of Texas oppses . Nor the fact that of the whites Obama carried (and that generally swing democratic) they tend to be highly educated.

    And of course our founding fathers- Jefferson and Frankin most notably, were strong supporters of education and libraries. & 7 of our “Ivy Leauge” schools were founded before america was even a nation.

    hmmm- maybe if teachers actually got paid well in this natioon we’d see more on the right willing to teach…

    • “Ah yes. And of course this has nothing to do with things like knowledge. OR critical thinking”

      Well holy-sh*t. You got that part right. ::: cheers :::

      It had everything to do with the promise of free things …. at the expense of someone else. Nothing more, nothing less.
      For once I have to say, well done Drugs, well done. Finally, a small shred of truth from you.

  4. Interesting to me is that none of the colleges on your map are listed in the top liberal arts colleges in the US, however the US Naval Academy, VMI, and the United States Military Academy (West Point) are. In fact, most of the top US liberal arts colleges are private schools, very small, and for the most part located in small towns.

    I’m not disagreeing at all that young people are exposed to ultra libs at universities. That has ALWAYS been the case. Educators have, for the most part, always been considered more liberal than say, business executives. As I said, my American History teacher, a black female, hated the Bush(es) with a passion and never missed an opportunity to bash them and the conservative party. She despised me (and the other guy) because we challenged her on her BS. Some of the classes I took in my criminology courses were so liberal it was sickening. I could hardly read the textbooks without getting physically ill, but they provided a alternate view on a major (group of courses) that was necessary to get a complete view of the course. I was there, I experienced it first hand. I don’t “seem” to think it was any way other than the way I know it was in my experience. Perhaps your’s wasn’t the same.

    • FC,

      I’m not sure if you noticed, but I did not make any blanket statements. All I did is point out a casual correlation.

      That said, when we throw in the fact that our schools have long since stopped teaching children HOW to think, reason and make critical and discerning decisions about opposing ideas, you are actually making my case. If you do not know how to determine the rightness or wrongness of ideas and are constantly exposed to an environment where nearly every one of your teachers are as those you describe, how would you expect a child to end up in such an environment?

  5. “even though Romney’s views are to the left of those espoused by JFK in the 1960’s”

    Which views? The same ones where Ronald Reagan–tax-hiking, gun-control-promoting, deficit-increasing Ronald Reagan–was also to the left of JFK?

    “They are people like our own James McPherson. In other words, these numbers come from people who see their own Left-leaning views as ‘centrist’”

    Wrong again, Joe. I don’t see my views as remotely centrist–and neither do my liberal friends. Of course I wish they were, but that won’t happen in my lifetime.

    It is true that academics and journalists have ALWAYS tended to be more liberal than the population as a whole–including those members of the population who, like Joe, went to college, demonstrating that any supposed “indoctrination” is a farce. And why do you think that is, Joe? It’s not like conservatives are being kept out of either field; they simply tend to choose to go where they can make more money with the same (or less) education.

    • Allow me to seize on the one single sentence of your post, and offer some flippant commentary of my own:

      “It’s not like conservatives are being kept out of either field; they simply tend to choose to go where they can make more money with the same (or less) education.”

      Maybe you, and your liberal buddies should teach that to your students. It’s sage advise for anyone not wanting to be a part of your free shit army.

    • James – Which was exactly my next point. Many of the posters and contributors on this blog have college degrees. As has been said here many times, this is a decidedly right-leaning site. Just as not all of us have been “indoctrinated”, neither will all of the young folks coming through the system be indoctrinated. Many on this site profess to have switched parties or are going to switch parties. I started voting Republican in my early 30s.

      As for the “Free Sh*t Army”, I was under the impression the majority of this group (as discussed here) are the poor, unemployed, uneducated minorities who can’t seem to get off the government teat.

        • I’ with Kells on this one.

          I also offer this comment: those who go through college and come out “conservative” are incessantly called “stupid, racist, hating bigots” by the very professors who taught them. That should be an indication that their professors consider them to be a “failure,” which would then beg the question: if they are failures, what was the original intent?

          • Kells is correct, but offers no solution (nor can I), just a statement. Many of the poor in this country are “home-schooled” on apathy and hate. The children are taught that because of their circumstance or race, they are “entitled” to the support of the US taxpayer. That’s why we now have 4th and 5th generation welfare recipients.
            The great hope of Pell grants, Head Start, free breakfast and lunches, and other government “free” education funds was to give this group of people an opportunity they would have otherwise never been able to afford, and many have taken advantage of them. Problem is these programs take up government tax funds, just like other entitlement programs, and require the support of the employed taxpayer. So . . . the conundrum is; what do you do? Eliminate the free education programs and increase welfare, or continue to support government funding of education and attempt to reduce the welfare rolls?
            Unfortunately, as with any free money, whether from the govenment, a bank, or investors, when you reach out your hand to take it, there are conditions that come with it. Some of these conditions in taking feder funds is curriculum manipulation. Education belongs in the hands of the state.

            • FC,

              I honestly have no desire to start a fight — especially with you (I generally hold no quarrels with you). But I think you might want to do some serious research into American education since the 1880’s. Didi you know forced public education had to be started at the end of national guard barrels? Are you aware that the people running our schools have openly said the purpose of public education is to KEEP our children from accepting their parents’ values and adopt those of the State?

              Needless to say, I believe you have things backward from the way they actually are. In fact, because of what I have discovered in actually doing my own research, I think you have accepted the story that has been created for public consumption by the very schools and educators you are defending.

              But I am trying hard to go my usual route and tell you you’re wrong. I’d rather you just looked into the issue yourself. As long as you give equal consideration to the arguments and evidence presented by the most credible people on both sides, I won;t argue with what you decide, but, given what I know of you, I’m reasonably confident you would come away from your search closer to my position than where you stand now.

            • Here’s my solution, pal Joey: Some serious austerity measures. Think of it this way: You’re mowing lawns every weekend so you can buy the school lunches and not eat mom’s leftovers (Yuck!). Now, there’s a bully who is stealing your lunch money everyday and giving it to the kids he likes so he will attain and keep his friends. Do you beat up the bully? Do you decide to quit working? Or do you decide to bring your mom’s leftovers for him to steal? (Paybacks are hell!)

              • “Some serious austerity measures” – I’ll play along. Which program would you cut, kells? By the way, I would have ALWAYS rather have eaten my mother’s leftovers than those really appetizing school lunches.

                • So does my son. Actually, I have to pack food for this one child because he hates the school lunches! Okay, so that was a bad story…..then again, there’s my mom’s cooking. Her idea of fried food is frozen fish sticks! 😯

                  FL, as to the programs, I would cut them all. That sounds incredibly cruel, but if you think about it, where would people turn? The church? The family? The job? Yes, I think so. Self-reliance would become a stronghold. I realise that our culture has become so seeped in socialism that this cannot be done overnight. However; reforms to these programs would be a nice start. Problem is, folks aren’t dumb; they will figure out how to get what they want……cause it’s being offered.

                • I got no problem with, in fact I’m all for, program reforms. Jobs? We’ve got to change our whole philosophy here in the US. Blue collar jobs are practically non-existent. We don’t manufacture anything here anymore. Manufacturing jobs have been outsourced to Mexico, China, and other foreign countries to take advantage of tax breaks. We import more than we make in the US because its cheaper to have it made overseas. What do you propose to do with the people who’s benefits are cut? Send them to the churches? The people who tithe and contribute (us) are hurting as well and can’t shoulder additional financial responsiblity. Family? Most of these people’s families are on welfare, too.
                  I don’t believe the situation is hopeless, but it certainly won’t be changed overnight. It didn’t get this messed up overnight. We can’t keep EXPANDING these programs.

                • Many of the same things we’ve talked about on here for the past several months; Yes, we have to cut back entitlement programs. Limit the length of time you can participate in welfare, stop paying on a “per child” bases, no more subsidized power bills, utility bills, Obamaphones, limit the length of time unemployment can be drawn. Bring manufacturing jobs back into this country so people will have a better opportunity to have a reasonable-paying middle class job. We’ve got to rebuild the middle class. Close up some of these tax loopholes. Everyone agrees the tax system needs to be fixed. Whether this is a flat tax or three-tier system, I don’t know, but it has to be addressed. Bring education back up to higher standards. We all know (and I think agree) that it has been dumbed down to a one-size-fits-all philosophy that puts way too much effort into insuring no child is left behind. Some children will be left behind and there is nothing that can be done to stop it. Every child deserves an equal opportunity to get the same education, but you can’t hold back a child that is excelling with children that are not. If the “opportunity” is not taken advantage of, then an alternate educational plan should be explored for that child. Get stupid shit “zero tolerance” out of the schools. Stop punishing kindergarten and elementary school children for “sex offenses” that they don’t even understand. Put common sense back into the education system.
                  In general, things that most people agree need to be fixed, need to be fixed. Do you want me to say that the liberal mind-set is the cause of most of our school-related problems? I agree that it is. I also realize that the family dynamic has changed. Single family households with a working parent is different from the two-parent family from the 50s, but the parent needs to be held responsible for the child, not the school system.
                  How to implement these changes? Ah . . . therein lies the rub. You can’t do it with Obama in office or with a ham-strung congress who will pass nothing whether it makes sense or not. Our current political system sucks and needs to be challenged as well. Term limits would help. We can’t move “FORWARD” with the current government structure in place. We’re deadlocked. We tried to change it, we weren’t successful – this time. We’ve got to keep working at it.

                  • OK, first, thanks for the civil answer. Now, let me ask a few more HONEST questions — because I want to understand you clearly and accurately:

                    Limit the length of time you can participate in welfare, stop paying on a “per child” bases, no more subsidized power bills, utility bills, Obamaphones, limit the length of time unemployment can be drawn.

                    We managed to implement a decent start in this direction under Clinton, (though it was largely due to the work Newt did). However, Obama and his Party is trumpeting the notion that you have to give people what they want to get re-elected, so they are doing just that. So, again, how do you propose we stop this trend in the opposite direction from the one you and I both agree we need to head?

                    Bring manufacturing jobs back into this country so people will have a better opportunity to have a reasonable-paying middle class job.

                    Here again, Obama and his side of this debate say we need higher taxes on business and heavy regulation. As much as lower labor costs drive business out of this nation, taxes and regulations are even more influential in driving business overseas. So how do we address the tax and regulation problem? Now, Greg likes to accuse me of being “unemployable,” but I have been living of what I made from selling a company I built and ran for 10 years, and I can tell you, manufacturing in this nation is impossible without having a very wealthy sponsor. That means govt. OR big business – which then leads to more big govt. and/or even bigger business/corporations. This is a self-defeating cycle, so how do we beat it?

                    The rest of your comments do not need to be addresses as I understand and agree with you.

                • “Obama and his Party is trumpeting the notion that you have to give people what they want to get re-elected, so they are doing just that.” Exactly. Remember my “Free Ice Cream” comment. It’s also why Utah said (mea culpa) that he thought this election was about the economy. I never believed that it was about the economy. This election was about, “Don’t take my Free Sh*t” and Obama was less likely to do it. Do I have a “fix” for it? No, but I do have my ideas. REDUCE entitlement payouts in the beginning. If you simply END entitlements, there will be rioting in the streets just as there was in Greece. Then we will be forced to defend our shit. This is also linked to jobs and education as I have said in all of my posts this morning. Education programs (aid) is not a bad thing if people use it properly. You don’t finish school? The government takes your tax credit benefit until they get their money back, but if you can educate people, they will be more successful.

                  Jobs – Hey, I understand exactly what you’re saying. Taxes, labor costs, and environmental concerns are the primary reasons manufacturing moved overseas, but along with that came lower tariffs on foreign countries exporting to the US. Level the playing field. In the 80s (I think) the Japanese were dumping Honda, Suzuki, and Kawasaki motorcycles on the US market at price below manufacturing cost. Damn near put Harley out of business (along with a crap product being manufactured by AMF Harley). Harley was given a tax break and the Japanese import tariffs were increased which leveled the playing field. If we allow imported goods into our country at a lower cost than US manufactures can make them, sure the Americans will take off overseas. The unions priced themselves to near non-existence. I was living in Birmingham, AL in the 80s and watched the steel unions shut that business almost completely down. The US manufacturers (auto industry) also became complacent and started manufacturing JUNK. People bought imported Datsuns and Toyotas by the millions. The auto industry faltered and almost went down then.

                  In our free society, we can make the choice to buy what we please, but most people I know will buy American at a slightly higher price or if the quality is far better, at a much higher price. I agree with the old saying, “I’ve never gotten a job from a poor man.”, but US manufacturers need to be competitive. If not, EVERYTHING we buy will soon say, “Made in China”, or Korea, or ???? and no American will be working.

                  • The only point of contention between us is the assertion that “education” is connected to financial/economic success. This nations history would demonstrate against this assertion. Our parents/grandparents were – relatively – much better off while being less educated. Today, our population is better “educated,” but we’re much worse off economically/financially. This is just one more reason I see a connection 😉

                • I don’t think we are better educated, I believe we just hold more college degrees (most of them worthless). A steel fitter who can work the high iron, or a wielder who can seal a high-pressure oil pipe, or a HVAC installer/tech who can install a complete system in the new World Trade Center is just as educated, only in a different way. That’s the jobs we need.

                • Floridacracker — I read everything you wrote. I do not disagree. However, I feel that what you wish for is never going to happen … particularly as long as we have a world full of those like we battle here to contend with.

                  With that being said: You can lead a horse to the water, but in no way can you make him drink it.

                  These kids, I hate it for them, I really do. But they are in fact indoctrinated, and their numbers are growing at such a rate that you, me, or anyone else … or even a collective of us are going to have the financial resources to save, or protect them from themselves.

                  Darwinistic as it sounds … we are going to have to concentrate on ours, and leave them to their own life’s lessons. Time is really on our side you know. The money won’t last forever.

          • “those who go through college and come out “conservative” are incessantly called “stupid, racist, hating bigots” by the very professors who taught them”

            Another false blanket statement–isn’t there a fallacy in there, Joe? I’ve mentioned repeatedly that many of my favorite former students–including the one who killed a bear on the day of her prom, the one who is finishing up law school at Emory, and the one for whom I just wrote letters of recommendation helping her get into the Air Force, among many others–are conservatives.

            Some conservatives, including too many who comment on blogs, are “stupid, racist, hating bigots.” So are some liberals. And some on both sides are smart enough to realize that overly broad depictions of either side are simply a sign of either ignorance or lazy thinking.

        • “There are many in the Free Sh*t Army who know exactly what they are doing and are actually training their children. Yes, home-schooling has taken on a whole new meaning.”

          Ding, ding, ding! Kells scores another touchdown! Keep this up Kells, and I may have to rethink cooking for you! 🙂

          • Do you know I was online the other day searching for venison? Gah! It’d be cheaper for me to get a hunting license and shoot my own! I’ve watched videos of the skinning process, and I don’t understand why they don’t use a hatchet along with a knife. This site that I was at also sold elk. I’ve not tried elk.

            What would you cook for me, sweet Augger? I’m quite certain that if I cooked for you, you would indeed become my slave (well, if I were using a tried and true recipe…..)

      • “I was under the impression the majority of this group (as discussed here) are the poor, unemployed, uneducated minorities who can’t seem to get off the government teat.”

        A bad impression, then. Most of the poor and unemployed who collect welfare are white–as are most of the folks on Medicaid and most of those getting farm subsidies.

        • Thanks for that handy (and unnecessary) fact there, James. We are, actually, all aware that the majority of welfare recipients and medicaid recipients are white. As you know, whites still make up 72.4% percent of the population as opposed to 12.8% black, and 16.3% hispanic. If you want to talk about ratios, the figures get a lot closer, but of course, you know this.

          • So in other words, cracker, your comment about ” poor, unemployed, uneducated minorities” being “the majority of this group” was meaningless. So why bother bringing it up?

            • I didn’t bring it up, James. Augger did in his response to you. That you missed the intent of my comment in the context of your and augger’s exchange doesn’t surprise me. Sometimes I wonder if your comments are made from hubris, being a published author, former journalist, PhD, and college professor, or simply your liberal arrogance making you feel as if you have to explain every little fact to us uninformed, child-like right wingers. The thumbs up that you are getting on your education posts are coming from me because as I said upfront, I disagree, at least in part, with black and a couple of other posters on this subject, but I digress.
              If you viewed my comment as meaningless, why did you comment on it?

              • Got it, cracker: so it was Augger who meant that ”poor, unemployed, uneducated minorities” are “the majority of this group.”

                “If you viewed my comment as meaningless, why did you comment on it?”

                I didn’t view it as meaningless–I simply thought you were suggesting that it was, in your follow-up. Sorry for the confusion.

                “Sometimes I wonder if your comments are made from hubris … or simply your liberal arrogance…”

                Probably a combination of those, at times. If not for a substantial ego, why would any of us put ourselves in the line of fire (figuratively speaking)? I don’t dispute the fact that mine may get away from me at times.

    • Yeah, I’ve seen the video before. You have a 21 year old stud living with a 30 year old woman who considers his sexual favors “rent payment”. He fully understands what Judge Judy is telling him, but he is all about “me, me, me”. He knows what he’s doing is wrong, but he’s not about to admit he’s busted. You don’t get to be a 3 year college student and not understand basic economics.

  6. I have to say that I agree with the “indoctrination center” statement and would add that the average American university is a cess pool of stinking filith and degradation where the average student’s only concern is to get drunk, high, have sex, or all three. Before I went to college, I had fairly normal Christian values and beliefs. After 4 years at the university, USF for anyone who wants to know, I was exposed to so much brainwashing and lies that I actually believed it all. It took me years of independent research, fact checking, and soul searching to come back to a place where my beliefs and values were conservative once again. It’s so ironic but after four years at a major university, I graduated not knowing how to think critically or fact check or even form my own understanding of a subject. The only thing I knew how to do was listen to what the professors told me and insult those whose beliefs didn’t fit into my own twisted liberal ideologies. Thank God that I was smart enough to take a step back and start checking things for myself after graduation.

    I remember one of the courses I was forced to take to graduate dealt with all types of perversities calling itself “human sexual behavior”. I remember how I was so shocked when the 60+ woman who was teaching the class told us that she gets wet when her cat purrs in her lap and “that’s ok because I know it turns you guys on too” and how she showed us movies of mentally and physically handicapped people having sex with morbidly obese people. I don’t want to watch anyone having sex as my sex life is satisfactory in and of itself thank you. She even made students come up the front of the class and start naming off all the possible monikers for male and female sexual parts, encouraging us to use the most obscence names like “one eyed purple people squirter” and “twat”. Also I was told that Jesus Christ actually condoned homosexuality. Another one of my instructors even went so far as to say that the Da Vinci Code was a historically accurate book and that Jesus was married! I’m pretty sure that if you have a PhD you should be quite capable of easily exposing the claims of the Da Vinci Code as historically inaccurate, well, in her case, maybe not. I remember how one of my instructors taught a class on racism and went so far as to put down all the white students in the class while everyone else laughed, even the white students that she was debasing! Being biracial myself, I felt uncomfortable but laughed all the same because I was too stupid to do otherwise. Everywhere I turned and ever class I took undermined Christian and conservative values. I was told that it was either impossible or Neanderthal like to wait for marriage to have sex and the more sexual partners the better, as long as I “protected myself”. I was told that Karl Marx and Carl Jung were geniuses ahead of their times and that Hitler was the best orator the world had ever seen.

    I remember how angry the students were when the Gideon’s would come to campus giving away free Bibles and how delighted they were when the Oracle, the school newspaper, ran stories about students who stripped in seedy clubs to make money. The Oracle even featured a story written by a student who was working as a phone sex operator. She went into great detail about how she pleasured one of her clients and how “he didn’t last that long.”

    My God what has become of our education system!

    • “I actually believed it all.”

      It is sad that you were so weak, and/or that your parents were unable to instill stronger beliefs and values in you. But you’re right–USF sounds like a pretty awful place.

      • James, Florida Cracker, and anyone else,

        Look at Bronzie’s experience at USF.
        Look at my first comment on this post on UCF.

        These are big schools, with big liberal arts programs drawing thousands of students. They churn out raging liberals by the thousands. Bronzie Bee and I are the exception; most students drink the Kool-Aid with pleasure or indifference or without even realizing they are being fed Kool-Aid.

        Back up a moment:

        The likelihood of coming out of high school and going into college with a strong moral compass is diminishing. Lucky for those of you who did; try not to belittle those who did not. Students enter college, and they commit themselves, in faith that they are going to learn something valuable. They are told it will be hard, just stick with it. They have no idea that their values are about to be assaulted, that re-establishing values is in fact the primary agenda.

        If the students are lucky, they realize, not only were their high school years a complete waste, but their college years are being wasted, as well. The less fortunate go on to grab a liberal Ph.D. with the promise of an academic career, usually failing in this line because they are not radical enough. The smart ones drop out and look for a job as a bar back.

        You will not find studies on this. Bronzie’s words speak volumes. No, we did not learn critical thinking; we had to learn that on our own, after college. Yes, those of us who saw the light are angry and waving our hands saying: Look at this!!! State colleges are not the way you remember them!!!

        And as I read Florida Cracker’s reasoned comments, I am more convinced than ever that Joe is right, moderation is not the answer; a complete withdrawal from government dependence, and the Republican Party is in order. A complete, independent rethinking of our values is also in order. Political expediency is not the answer.

        Florida Cracker says home-school engenders apathy and hate. We should be looking for ways to fix that, because I am more convinced than ever that the state educational system is doomed.

    • BronzieBee


      Exactly what they wanted to make it into. People will tell you that yours was an isolated case, but it isn’t. There have been numerous studies done on this, but they were all unnecessary. All we need to do is go back to the original works by Dewey and company back in the early 1900’s and look to who has been in charge since to see that what they advocated has been implemented into our schools. the result? Exactly what they wanted — exactly what you just described (and I experienced as well).

      Case closed.

      • “Case closed.”

        Yep, Florida sounds like a horrible place to go to school. I guess that explains a lot about why you folks have so much trouble running an election, huh? 😉

        • <<>>

          James is actually correct. The election problems in Florida come from the Miami/Dade area, where there are 2 universities and where it is heavily blue. Now, if you were not indoctrinated by your professors, you should have already figured out the correlation here — and probably before you even finished reading my post.

          James, Thanks for letting the rest of the brainwashed know that liberals cannot run a clean, honest election. 🙂

      • I would offer that your education at college was exactly what you made it. The thing about college is that you are free to make your own decisions. If you want to party and do drugs, that’s your choice. If you believe a 60 yearold professor sex class teacher of the caliber described here is the norm, then I would question your values and morals. Understand it’s a requirement. Sit in the class. Get an A or passing grade. Laugh when the class is over, and move on.

        • Absolutely.

          Anyone that would spend 4 years at an “average American university is a cess pool of stinking filith and degradation where the average student’s only concern is to get drunk, high, have sex, or all three” is there because they wanted to be not that they were forced to.

          BronzieBee said:

          “It’s so ironic but after four years at a major university, I graduated not knowing how to think critically or fact check or even form my own understanding of a subject”‘

          Then BronzieBee said:

          “Thank God that I was smart enough to take a step back and start checking things for myself after graduation”.

          Sound conflicting to me. College is what you make. I wouldn’t even start to speculate what kind of degree required a class like that was but generally upperclassmen and student advisors can usually tell you what to expect from each class and instructors. I would have dropped that class and I’m sure I’d been able to substitute it with another to fill that requirement.

          I’m failing to understand how that disgusted you so much but you stayed there. There are at least 6 colleges/universities with about half of the Christian ones in the Tampa/St Pete area. Why wouldn’t you transfer to one of those that fell more in line with the fairly normal Christian conservative beliefs that your grew up with?

          • WM,

            With respect, Bronzie also said that, in spite of family upbringing and solid beliefs, college DID succeed in indoctrinating him/her. It was only because Bronzie happens to be among the few in society who actually can and do think — really think for themselves that Bronzie made it back.

            I may have misread the original post, but I’m pretty sure this is the entirety of what Bronzie was trying to convey to us.

            Sadly, the majority never do make it back… 😦

            • I don’t know about that, B. I think we may be missing something there.

              I was stationed at Ellsworth AFB, SD. That’s where I first met Kells (just kidding).To me, it was a terrible place to be. My assignment was open, as most stateside ones were, meaning I was going to be there an undetermined amount of time. Guess what? An opportunity came up after 9 months that allowed me to only serve there for only 1 year. What did I do? I jumped right on it. That’s how I ended up at TAFB, FL.

              Now SD may be beautiful to some people and Sturgis was great but I’m (at least I was) a city boy who couldn’t stand that cold weather and the lifestyle there. But it was far from a cesspool even though I’m sure many there got drunk, high and had sex. I had to get out of there though.

              Check this out though, totally off topic, I drove to Sturgis, showed my military id and filled out an application. Gave them $25. In 3 weeks I had my concealed carry license! How great is that! Anyways…..

              What I’m saying is it would be hard for the average person to swim in the sewer for 4 years without at somepoint point realize those are turds floating are not Baby Ruths. It must have been something attractive amongst those sewer rats that kept BB paying tuition there for 4 years.

              Just saying……

              • WM,

                Do not dismiss the strong possibility that you are among the minority who actually directs their own destiny through a conscious and purposeful act of will.

                If you are such a person, it is as difficult (yet not impossible in the case of humans) to see the difference between you and the majority of humanity as it is for a fish to understand it is wet. BB may have just stayed at that school for the same reason most people never kick against the boards: they never imagine it can be different. That’s because they do not actively apply their will to change the world around them.

                I trust you will see what I mean.

                • True that. I actually though about that later. I broke a rule of thinking that everyone sees things as I do and would make the same decisions that I would make.

                  But at that age I swam in that cesspool called college like and loved every minute of it…..

    • B.B., I’m glad you see the forest for the trees. I went to school out west, so believe me when I say I was a Bonzai in a forest of Redwoods (In school, you can only hope to learn the difference between a woodpecker and a peckerhead….)

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