Mea Culpa. Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa.

I have many things to take responsibility for, but possibly the most grievous sin that I committed against you all (I really wanted to say “y’all”) was my assertion that we must factor electability into the selection of our candidate. I bent my own philosophical leanings to allow me to come out in support of a liberal leaning, northeastern corridor Republican, Mitt Romney, because I thought that most people would see the innate goodness of this man through his family, in the way that he treats his friends, his long and ethical business career and his documented service to his fellow man and most of all, his devotion to God and his church.

In the desire to have a truly good man in the Oval Office, I was ready to allow a slightly “progressive” bent because, after all, there was the true conservatism of Paul Ryan on the ticket to quell Mitt’s “progressive” flirtations. For me to really get behind the ticket, I needed that last push, to see the light. Ryan was the “light” for me.

And yet, after a couple weeks of enthusiasm, Romney put the light under a bushel.

Ryan went easy on Slow Joe in the debate and then sort of faded from view. That worried me. I and some of my conservative friends took that as a sign that maybe Romney had picked Ryan as a little window dressing to calm the conservative worries – that might help explain some of the lower than expected white male turnout, who knows? The election data will be sliced and diced and we will fuss and discuss this until the mid-terms in 2014 and probably won’t have a definitive answer even then.

But we do have a definitive answer on one thing. The character of the person supported by Democrats doesn’t matter. In choosing Obama, they preferred a proven liar, a duplicitous and subservient man whose rhetoric caused a man to go to prison for a year for exercising his First Amendment rights so he could appease the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamists in America (yeah, right – it was a parole violation – but we all know that there are people walking the streets today that have done far more and received far less in punishment), a man who was callous enough to celebrate and take credit for killing Osama bin Laden and then obfuscate and shirk responsibility when four American government employees, including our Ambassador, were brutally murdered during a desperate seven hour battle in Benghazi, Libya – that according to reports, was watched in real time in Washington, D.C.

They preferred a man who filled his cabinet with tax cheats and Marxist radicals and supports the most politicized and corrupt Attorney General in the history of the American Republic, one so corrupt as to be charged with contempt of Congress for refusing to cooperate in the investigation of a program owned by this Administration, Fast and Furious, that to date tallied a dead US ICE agent, Brian Terry, and over 300 (and counting) Mexican citizens. Of course, Holder was “cleared” by his own investigator but the White House also asserted executive privilege over information related to the issue, even as they maintained that they knew nothing about it. A question: how can executive privilege be claimed if there is no information shared between the President and one of his advisors?

There was a majority of the Obama electorate who said that Obama’s leadership in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy was “important to their decision” when the man did nothing but a romantic beach walk with Chris Christie (another mistake of mine was to defend this quisling, Christie’s aspirations in the Republican Party are over as far as I am concerned) and stopped by for a photo op. Three weeks on, people are still suffering without power, food and fuel in one of the most accessible areas in the country.

And yet America not only elected – we re-elected – this man, this charlatan, this vehicle of Marxist evil, over a truly good and honorable man.

Dennis Miller said it clearly:

I want to say that I have met Romney. Folks, I know a lot of you have been convinced out there that this guy is the problem with America. He’s not. He’s a very good man; he cares greatly about this country. … He’s a great patriot. I know that that side is going to paint him as the trouble with America. If he’s the trouble with America – if he’s the trouble with America, folks, this country does have a lot, a lot of problems.

I once told my good friend, Black3, that I had faith in the American people. November 6, 2012 may well have been the beginning of the end for that faith, at least in the people who made up the Obama electorate. When honor, honesty and virtue are overcome by dishonor, prevarication and immorality just so we can each have thirty pieces of silver, there just may not be enough individual integrity left in the majority for America to survive.

So my deepest apologies to all who heeded my call to Romney’s side, to those who listened to my analysis that we had a chance to win, that we had an opportunity to set right the course toward economic, political and spiritual revival.

I was wrong. I trusted the American people. It saddens me to admit that I was wrong but I was. America has inhaled the first drag of the gateway drug of socialism and now craves the hard stuff. There is a demographic out there who wants Marxism because they are ignorant of the history of oppression and death it eventually brings. They think it is scholarships to art school, free Che t-shirts for life and a guaranteed job.

Via Legal Insurrection:

One man said to me, “government is not the problem, government is the help.” And another, “All those arts problems, I know I still have a future–I’m an art student….We need just a little bit on taxes and it manages to even out for everyone…really they’re not going to miss $25,000 a year, which could help pay for a whole family for a year. Like, let’s be serious.”

A nation of asexual drones. Is that our future?

Maybe Glenn Beck is right, conservatives have been exiled – hard to believe due to the county by county electoral maps – but from an ideological perspective, we are now serfs in thrall to the creeping blue death that has infected the upper Midwest, the northeast and the left coast. Our religious beliefs and faith in God are under attack (even as they use Islam as their surrogate), our values are considered backward, our devotion to self-determination and freedom is considered outdated and passé and our love of the Constitution and respect for First Principles are mocked.

Maybe it is time for conservatives to move out of the blue states and into the red. When an army is defeated in battle and scattered, the first thing that is done is to concentrate the remaining forces for a counterattack. I am very pleased that when I come back to the US that I likely will be in the Florida panhandle or Texas (I will eventually retire in Utah) where I can live amongst people who share and respect my values and ideals.

Mea culpa. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

34 thoughts on “Mea Culpa. Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa.

  1. My friend, the good news is that the TEA Party did better than we are being told — by either the Left or the Right. And we still have a window in which we can maneuver, albeit a very narrow window. What we need to do now is make the case for a third Party, make it strong and make it NOW! And it MUST be formed on principle, not pandering.

    P.S. Your faith in AMERICANS was not and is not misplaced. You just have to bring yourself to accept that the people you just listed are NOT “Americans:” Americans do not feed on one another, nor do they send the government to rob their neighbors. Americans are the ones you are going to have to turn to if we are to save individual rights and liberty and the rule of constitutional law on the face of this planet.

  2. Prez… you like most of us had no other choice but to support Romney as he is still better than the alternative, I don’t car what Joe 3rd party thinks. Because Joe’s reasoning was taken by quite a few in this election. As Rush said today… “you find out you have cancer, you know a procedure has a 70% chance to cure you of cancer….. what do you do? Wait for the 100% cure and end up dead”. Also there were 12 million self identified evangelicals that voted for Obama. The splitting of the vote has given us Wilson, Clinton and now Obama.

    • HD,

      OK, go your way without me, keep calling me names like some liberal lefty and watch how many more elections you win. You can keep telling me it is my fault, but it won’t be: not after the evidence is counted:

      Does the operative definition of insanity ever enter into your calculations on this? It does in mine and, as I said before the election: I gave the R’s one last chance. Dude, we aren’t 1 week past the election and your boy, Boehner, is already talking about caving on taxes and your leadership is pushing another Bush. NO MORE! I’m D-O-N-E! You peeps in the Republican Party are approaching “stuck on stupid.”

      • Joe: I’ve never said that “moderates” are more electable.

        The majority of the Republican primary voters said that. I made a mistake in thinking that this was an economic election and that was a big selling point for Romney – in truth, I don’t know what kind of election it was…it turned into a Jim Jones, cult of personality election. Obama has done nothing right, most of the time doing nothing, and yet he was treated as if he was the greatest success on the face of the planet. The mythology of Obama rivals that of the the dead North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Il:

        Legend has it that a double rainbow and a glowing new star appeared in the heavens to herald the birth of Kim Jong Il, in 1942, on North Korea’s cherished Baekdu Mountain. Soviet records, however, indicate he was born in the Siberian village of Vyatskoye, in 1941. The people of North Korea, many of whom are reportedly battling famine, are apparently told that Kim’s birthday is celebrated throughout the world.

        Obama fails- he gets praise, he does nothing – he is treated as if he did something wonderful. Hard to win against a cult leader like that.

        • Utah,

          I know you didn’t. Actually, I understand exactly where you were on this election — and why. It’s just that I can’t do it anymore — and I’m not alone. “Conservative” pundits are talking about how Obama could lead to the utter and permanent destruction of the Democrat Party 4 years from now, but these people are missing the reality here. It is the Republican Party that is crumbling — specifically because those “conservatives” are realizing the Republican Party is also liberal, just a different flavor of liberal.

          Look, we have 2 years. We can work toward a third option while we have time to make it strong enough to do some damage to BOTH the R’s and D’s, or the Republicans can sit on the sidelines and wait until they become extinct. I would suggest that nothing will get people like me to vote for the D’s, but I bet — if the R’s insist on traveling this path — then a WHOLE LOTTA peeps like myself are just going to stay home — like, say, maybe 3 MILLION of them???

          BTW: I agree with you: by all accounts, Romney is a good guy. It was the primary reason I voted for him. However, as you have also pointed out, because he is a good guy, he is not Santa (at least, not the type of Santa all the “give me crap” voters were looking for), nor is he “Bad Santa” (as in a lying traitor who will intentionally leave men to die when he can help). So, if you are going to go gansta Santa light, you are gonna get yer knee caps busted by Chicago gansta Sanata heavy — every time.

  3. I’m not name calling…. I know you are no Left Lib and I think we want the same thing. We just think differently on how to get there…..I just think your idea is pure folly. The fact the the Republican could not beat a President with the record that Obama is making worse by the minute is more telling than anything. But to think that in less than 4 years a miraculous third party is suddenly going to bloom onto the American scene …. it ain’t happening. I know it hard to beat “The Candy Man” …. the Republican party elite got it wrong again and Moderate Mitt did his thing and America lost. Joe these people are not mine…. I don’t agree with the moderation approach. Conservatism WILL win. But I know the system is the system and you must work within that system…. kicking and screaming within it but still working them out of the system. If there were more voices like mine then they would see that they are outnumbered and begin to get out of the way. You’re not getting a 3rd party… not now not in 4 years not in 40 years. Deal with it.

    • HD,

      I just think your idea is pure folly. The fact the the Republican could not beat a President with the record that Obama is making worse by the minute is more telling than anything.

      You just made my case.

      But to think that in less than 4 years a miraculous third party is suddenly going to bloom onto the American scene …. it ain’t happening.

      You have 2 years, but the Party is already here — the TEA Party. What’s more, people forget who actually gave birth to the TEA Party. Hint: it was NOT Obama, it happened before that, in response to TARP and the GM bailouts.

      Conservatism WILL win.

      NOT if they stay inside the Republican Party. If you have not learned this after Bush Sr, Dole, Bush, Jr (he was a progressive, just like daddy), McCain and now Romney, when will you?

      But I know the system is the system and you must work within that system….

      Gee, I’m glad no one convinced Adams, Jefferson and Franklin of that…

      If there were more voices like mine then they would see that they are outnumbered and begin to get out of the way.

      So, WW II was unnecessary? I see, all FDR had to do was get more people to scream at Hitler than Hitler had screaming at us and Hitler would have “just gotten out of the way.” (Where’s my Willie Wanka picture?)

      You’re not getting a 3rd party… not now not in 4 years not in 40 years. Deal with it.

      Fair enough: you’re not getting my vote again. Not now, not in 4 years, not in 40. Deal with it.

      I hope you understand I was using playful sarcasm to make my points, HD — well, all except that last one. I Am done with this game the D’s and R’s have us playing. I’m not insane. 🙂

  4. “Maybe it is time for conservatives to move out of the blue states and into the red.”

    OK, but won’t you miss Florida? 🙂

    I might point out that Romney was getting his butt kicked in the polls when he was acting like a conservative, and then briefly caught up when he began acting like a moderate. I don’t know which is the real Romney, and fortunately we’ll never have to find out.

    Still, I certainly have no objection to Republicans thrashing each other as they flail about in a land of competing delusions. And of course I don’t believe that Joe won’t vote for the next Republican candidate–after all, he said he wouldn’t vote for this one. And I’m sure you will, too, probably even repeatedly predicting against all evidence that s/he’ll win in a landslide–and then after s/he loses, you’ll again be “surprised” while complaining that s/he just wasn’t conservative enough.

    • I am just curious James (and don’t worry, I just received a lecture on being civil):

      How would you define the competing delusions of the Republicans?

  5. Utah & B3A,

    Romney may be moderate, but he is EXACTLY the right person for the economic problems our country currently faces.

    He has the reputation, if reported honestly, that could have spoken a language both sides would understand.

    The election was NEVER in doubt. With electronic voting machines, tens of thousands of dead people, and non eligible “persons” registered, whatever number was needed, would have been provided by Democratic controlled areas to win.

    B is correct. The people who support the current Administration and it’s party ARE merely homo sapiens who inhabit America.

    They know not, care not, what the American Dream or Liberty is. I still believe they are a minority in Humanity’s homeland.

    • Texas,

      Romney may be moderate, but he is EXACTLY the right person for the economic problems our country currently faces.

      Really? OK, tell me what cuts he listed that would have stopped deficit spending. I must have missed them because, from what I heard, he was just advocated ideas that would slow the rate of deficit spending, not stop or reverse it.

      Now, stop me if I’m wrong, but, if you are heading toward a cliff at 500 mph, and a new “leader” takes over and slows the train to 250 mph, how is it that he/she is the leader you need when the train is STILL heading over the cliff?

      Tell me, Texas, have you seen any of the “Liberal Logic Willia Wanka” pictures on FaceBook lately? 😉

      • Romney was the “only” hope, of someone who could have explained to BOTH sides in a “language” they might understand, of what HAS to be done, economically, to avoid total economic collapse.

        Americans awakened too late. The STATIST wishes for, and will do whatever it takes, to cause complete economic collapse, in hopes they will pick up the pieces and subjugate Americans. STATISTS are not stupid. The majority of their followers, may be, and it is not their fault. Statists know what they do. Always have.

          • Nope,
            I believe, if “anyone” could have explained and educated the supporters of the STATISTS, the economic reality of what is coming, Romney, was the man. A “political”moderate who knows and understands “their” language. Romney also understood our current reality, as “the missing 2 minutes” show.

            The current Administration is looking forward to the coming CHAOS they have ensured is coming.

  6. “The people who support the current Administration and it’s party … They know not, care not, what the American Dream or Liberty is. I still believe they are a minority in Humanity’s homeland.”

    And “belief” like that, my friend, is why Republicans have lost the popular vote in five of the last six presidential elections. But hey, don’t stop believing; I don’t want to see a Republican elected in 2016, either. 😉

  7. Funny that in states that required a photo ID to vote Obama lost overwhelmingly. States that didn’t require any ID to vote…well, entire cemeteries voted for Obama.

    • Mr. G,

      Like I keep telling people: observed reality simply does not match what our political leaders and media tell us. In this case, post election polls show that minorities actually want voter ID laws, so the only rational conclusion to the opposition of requiring voter IDs (and the push for electronic, paperless balloting, as well) is that someone needs these to facilitate voter fraud on a large-scale, systematic level.

    • “Funny that in states that required a photo ID to vote Obama lost overwhelmingly.”

      Huh? Where’d you get that? Gee, I missed Obama’s big wins in Texas and Alabama, and his big losses in Michigan and Hawaii.

      States that require photo ID, and which Obama won: Florida, Hawaii, Michigan, New Hampshire. States that require it and where he lost: Louisiana, Idaho, Kansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Indiana and South Dakota, none of which were going to vote Democratic regardless.

      Obama also won and lost states that require no ID, of course. In short, though the cemeteries comment was funny, your comment doesn’t add up:

      • James…read my lips; Every state that requires a photo ID went to Romney overwhelmingly.
        Florida requests, but doesn’t require a photo ID. And in Michigan, you can vote without a photo ID, but you have to sign an affidavit. (Do you really believe those affidavits will be checked out?) Out of the six states that request, but don’t require photo ID which includes Fl and MI, three went to Obama and three went to Romney.

        • I can’t see your lips. 🙂 But according to the link provided, in Florida, “The clerk or inspector shall require each elector, upon entering the polling place, to present a current and valid picture identification as provided in s. 97.0535(3)(a). If the picture identification does not contain the signature of the voter, an additional identification that provides the voter’s signature shall be required.” Whether that has been enforced, I don’t know.

          And as I noted, those states that Obama lost where ID was required were virtual locks for the GOP, anyway.

          By the way, Ohio, Virginia and others states won by Obama also require valid identification, though not a photo ID. Not that a photo ID is the be-all-end-all, anyway: In Arizona, for example, I believe they now use your first driver’s license photo for all future licenses. And people’s looks change–does this mean every woman who cuts off her long hair, gets hair extensions, or dyes her hair must get a new ID? How about someone who goes to the gym or gets cancer and loses 50 pounds?

  8. Guys – Romney wasn’t Mr. Right, he was Mr. Right Now. He was the best economic choice but the voters apparently didn’t give a damn about a job as long as they could get free condoms and have sex with Sandra Fluke.

    • Ding, ding, ding, ding! We have a winner (Utah). He nailed it. Sadly, half the nation subscribe to the socialist agenda. The Free Shit Army like everyone from Axelrod to McPherson set up has finally gotten their way.

      They get the government the deserve.

  9. “everyone from Axelrod to McPherson”

    I didn’t vote for Obama. But then you knew that and are just playing games.

    “They get the government the deserve.”

    True indeed. And since less than 60 percent of eligible voters show up to vote, the other 40+ percent get what the deserve, too.

    • Who knows how you voted, and frankly … it does not matter, now does it? But you are just playing games.

      What we do know are your positions, and those are supportive if the liberal and progressive missive. But then again, you are just playing games, right?

      I’ll see you in front of the wagon, Mr. McPherson.

  10. “Who knows how you voted”

    No one, of course. On the other hand, anyone can find plenty of evidence of me saying how I’d vote, and how I recommended that others vote.

    “I’ll see you in front of the wagon”

    Sorry, Augger, I don’t get the reference.

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