Sign ‘O The Times

At Drudge via Fox:


McDonald’s Corp. says a key sales figure fell in October, marking the first monthly drop in nearly a decade for the world’s biggest hamburger chain.

The company, based in Oak Brook, Ill., says global sales at restaurants open at least a year fell 1.8 percent for the month. The last time the figure dropped was in 2003. The figure is a key metric because it strips out the impact of newly opened and closed locations.

The fast-food chain says the figure fell 2.2 percent in both the U.S. and Europe. In the region encompassing Asia, the Middle East and Africa, it dropped 2.4 percent.

Hope and Change – Round 2.

7 thoughts on “Sign ‘O The Times

  1. Well, considerring you seem to be implying this has something to do with Obama…care to explain….what?

    Historically speaking, purveyors of cheap, crappy food tend to do exceptionally well during economic downturns (as to cigarettes, alcohol, movies, and sex).

    So this would seem to imply the opposite of what you are trying to imply. That the economy is improving. Or maybe americans are starting to get the message about healthier food? Or that as provisions of Obamacare are rolled out people are getting a reality check when they actually see their cholesterol?

    Yawn. I have no idea what point you are trying to make with this- but regardless, I’d wager you are failing.

    • Let me dumb it down for you. 4 years of an Obama led economy have driven down the sales of the cheapest, most available prepared food in America.

      This from a company that survived economic downturns after 9/11, two wars and the housing bubble.

      It also indicates a shift from a cash based food economy to a government issues food stamp economy as people have to shift from buying low cost food with their own money to using food stamps, which McDonald’s does not accept.

      Obamacare has nothing to do with it because it isn’t “rolled out” only the taxes are and as far as I know, there is no cholesterol tax designed to change behavior unless it is on page 2675 and Nancy Pelosi missed it.

      By the way, there are free cholesterol screenings everywhere at health fairs, etc., have been for years and it never changed Big Mac sales before.

      Now, is that dumb enough for you, or do I need to try again to make it even more stupid?

      • Hmmm….. Mr Prez. Just wanted to remind you that some don’t care or want to know the truth…so why bother. Now if your response is intended to those who are still actively involved in life’s wondrous mysteries then I like your attempt to give it to us easy. 🙂

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