Republican Leaders DO – NOT – GET – IT!

This is an example of why I am leaving the Republican Party:

Boehner: ‘We Don’t Have a Tea Party Caucus’

SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE JOHN BOEHNER: Oh, listen. I think this has been the most mis-reported story of my 2 years as tenure. We don’t have a Tea Party Caucus to speak of in the House – all of us who were elected 2010 were supported by the Tea Party. These are ordinary Americans who’ve taken a more active role in our government, they want solutions – but we’ve all come a long way over the last 2 years, and I think we all understand each other a lot better.

The TEA Party supported “all of us???”  Excuse me, Mr. Speaker, but the only way you can say that and believe it is if you are living in the same alternate universe as the Democrats.
For those who do not remember, the TEA Party opposed and even defeated some of Boehner’s “us,” leading to an animosity between the TEA Party and the Republican establishment that caused Boehner to declare “The TEA Party is DOA when they get to Washington.”  It also ignores the fact that the TEA Party asked Boehner to step down last year.

OH! And one more thing, for all those “conservatives” who still believe Limbaugh is helping “conservatives:” if you listen to him often and you have an honest memory, you should recall that Limbaugh initially opposed the TEA Party movement — vigorously.  But today, he claims he was a founding member.  Hardly.  Limbaugh was defending Bush when the TEA Party revolted against TARP and the auto bailouts.  I know this because that was the event that set the light bulb off in my head.  Limbaugh cares more for supporting and preserving the Republican Party than he does for advancing the principles and ideals of “conservatism.”  That’s why he tries as hard to keep “conservatives” on the Republican Party reservation as Democrats try to keep minorities on theirs.


Dang it, one more “last thing.”  After the election, Boehner initially said “we” need to raise taxes and — apparently — he got shot down on that because he’s singing a different tune today.  Now there’s this:

House Speaker: Time To Solve Comprehensive Immigration Reform

This issue has been around far too long. A comprehensive approach is long overdue, and I’m confident that the president, myself, others can find the common ground to take care of this issue once and for all.

Now, given their recent history (all the way back to Reagan in the case of this issue), what — exactly — has the Republican Party done to give us any confidence that this “reform” is not going to include more amnesty, which will then give us even more welfare recipients who will be Democrat voters?

And this is why I am as done with the Republicans as I am the Democrats: BECAUSE THEY ARE THE SAME PARTY!


11 thoughts on “Republican Leaders DO – NOT – GET – IT!

  1. It’s too early, B. See how it plays out in two years. We’re all very aware that Boehner is a butt-hurt, lying, Rino crapweasel,(sorry, Polipundit is a bad influence) but that doesn’t mean they can take the party.

  2. “And this is why I am as done with the Republicans as I am the Democrats: BECAUSE THEY ARE THE SAME PARTY!”

    I agree with that. We all said all along that Romney was Obama Lite, but I was willing to go along with him because I saw him as bringing the country back from heading toward the far left.

    • Count it as five. Solution? Yes, there is a solution. Fall on your own sword (proverbially speaking of course).

      Continue to live your life. Work hard. Pay your “fair share” of taxes, and tow the wagon for the Free Shit Army. Once the money runs out, then, and only then will these that follow the disingenuous progressives will understand that money is a finite substance.

      Then, the sheep will face down the herder, and we will say simply; “Sorry folks, but we tried to warn you.”

  3. “After the election, Boehner initially said “we” need to raise taxes and — apparently — he got shot down on that because he’s singing a different tune today.”

    More evidence that the TEA Party holds plenty of sway in the GOP, without losing any of its integrity.

    I know I’m late to the game and all, but third party just makes no sense whatsoever to me.

      • I can see I am outnumbered, 5 to 1.

        I think Augger mapped it out. Breaking from the GOP will result in heavy losses in the beginning, letting Progressives have unchecked control of the House, the Senate, the Presidency, the Courts.

        Then we wait for the Free Shit Party to come to an end. How long does that take? Weren’t the wheels were supposed to have come off by now?

        What kind of dastardly deeds will the Progressives commit with their uncontested rule? We shall see.

          • LOL, beats me, it feels like we just started really hauling down a this steep and bumpy decline.

            I want to get excited about breaking from Republicans, but as I scan the headlines on Boehner, I see him doing a pretty good job holding the line right now.

            But hey, I say, let’s make a break for it. We will know in a year whether the clean break has any real traction.

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