What voting machines ?

CNN story folks:

I don’t know what brand of “electronic voting machines are used across America today.  But Smartmatic was generally “the one” in 2006.

Uploaded in 2006: Lou Dobbs on “Smartmatic” …..American company purchased by Venezuelan “company” in 2004 and believed to be the perpetrator of VOTING FRAUD in 2004 in Venezuela.

Closed system:  “No one can review the source code, or the ballot programming, not even the election officials, the Secretary of State, that’s all kept secret from the voters.”

“The problem that we are in right now, is that we are using equipment to elect our President, our Congress and our local officials that cannot be audited, that are  potentially  under the control of foreign entities, that are almost an ideal platform for rigging an election.”

7 thoughts on “What voting machines ?

  1. Actually, this makes sense. If the monetary system is run by a closed system (i.e. the fed), and the executive by a closed system (i.e. the most transparent Administration in history), then why shouldn’t the voting system?

    What’s the problem? 🙂

    • Interesting coincidences.
      Story shows Chicago uses the machines in 2006.
      Venezuela election.
      Exit polling showed 41-59% against Chavez.
      Chavez announced he won by same margin.

      Coincidentally? No exit polling this time.

      Sorry folks; there are no coincidences.

    • Only in Chicago Illinois could a Secretary of State be allowed to CERTIFY election results with NO way to AUDIT, re-create, and re-count the election results.

      Perfect. Juuuuust Perfect.
      (we are a bunch of rubes)

  2. welcome to the party- you’re only about a decade late. Many on the left- and groups like EFF and EPIC have been on this for years.

    oh wait. Nevermind. You’re still grasping at straws trying to understand how the right could have been so repudiated.

    And of course- despite numerous investigations in the US, Venezuela, and elsewhere no evidence of impropriety was ever found. Yes- the venezuelan government owns (or did) a minority share (25% i memory serves). So what? They are a socialist government that invests heavily in it’s nations industries.

    And of course you choose to pick a evil venezualean company- that is not even widely used (if at all) in America anymore- while of course ignoring the major players- such as Diebold and others, who are all major republican donors and supporters and have both personal and financial interests in election outcomes.

    Or the simple fact that many machines can be easily hacked by any voter with te resiquite skills. Or provided with something as simple as a USB drive provided by someone who does. ( http://bit.ly/S6yU3K )

    So yes. We need legislation to provide a veriable paper trail to these voting machines- something that the republicans have blocked time and again in congress btw.)

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