Why Was Axlerod so Sure Romney Couldn’t Win without Stealing Election?

Because he knew the Democrats had already stolen it:

What Luck! Obama Won Dozens of Cleveland Districts with 100% of the Vote

President Obama must have run a great campaign considering the tremendous numbers he put up in numerous big cities. Over in Philadelphia, he was lucky enough to get 90% percent turnout in some districts with over 99% of the vote.

In Cleveland, in some districts he did even better with an astounding 100% of the vote in dozens of locations. For example, in Cleveland’s Fifth Ward, Mr. Obama won districts E, F, and G 1,337 to Mitt Romney’s… 0. And in case you’re wondering, Gary Johnson received more votes than Mr. Romney.

Well, maybe that’s just a fluke. In the Ninth Ward, Mr. Obama won districts D-G with a paltry total of 1,740 to… 3. Hey, at least Romney got .2% of the vote! In another Ohio county, Obama won with 108% voter registration!

Okay, what if we look at an entire Ward? No way this trend continues, right? An entire ward. Why not do the First Ward? Obama won that one 12,857 to… 94. This time Romney got .7% of the vote. He’s moving up in the world!

In total, there are 21 districts in Cleveland where Mr. Romney received precisely 0 votes. In 23 districts, he received precisely 1 vote. And naturally, in one of the districts where Obama won 100% of the vote, there was 100% turnout. What a coincidence!

By the way, in case you are thinking that Romney did so poorly because maybe those districts were not very populated: Nope. In those 44 districts, Mr. Obama won 14,686 to 23. That’s .16% of the vote for Romney.

But Ohio’s not important in the electoral college, right?

I wonder if this story might be connected to those electronic machines that switch your vote from R to D and leave no paper trail to facilitate recounts?

But, hey, at least Ohio isn’t as bad as the mess in Florida, right? Yeah….err, not so much. Anyone care to guess which Party owns and runs the election process in the section of Florida that repeatedly causes so much trouble, Miami/Dade? Think there’s NOT a connection?

37 thoughts on “Why Was Axlerod so Sure Romney Couldn’t Win without Stealing Election?

      • On Stereotypes,

        (Preaching to the choir)

        The time has come for Republicans (I keep the Republican banner so long as the TEA Party caucus sticks with them) not to be afraid to speak up about ANYTHING.

        Generally, Romney was actually very good about demystifying the stereotypes, but he and the party just did not go far enough.

        A big reason (besides fraud) that Republicans lost is because Republicans let Democrats run wild with the so-called war on women, letting Democrats run with the claim that those who were in truth defending fetuses were condoning rape.

        An in-depth cross-examination on abortion would have boosted the Republicans credibility, and made the Democrats look silly.

        Same with voter fraud, shying away from the issue is worse than an admission of guilt.

        When stereotypes come along, confront the underlying issues head on, and reason will prevail in the end.

          • “Except when you try to reason with the irrational. ”

            Well, this morning I would have agreed with you, but I think you have proven that statement wrong time and again.

              • Oh, I don’t know. I learned today I am hardly one to judge what is rational or irrational. You tell me if anything constructive comes out of debating the irrational.

                I backed off from calling FC an irrational liberal. I ought to get back to his questions …

                • Justin,

                  I feel your frustrations. I share them. That’s why I understand them. But weren’t you the one who was just telling me we had to try to reach people just a few days ago? So how do you reach people who have been trying the things you suggest for several decades and have finally decided it doesn’t work any more than liberalism does?

      • Fuck-a-doodle-doo, B.! I’m still trying to figure out why my computer won’t let me “like” an article (this was one) and now you want me to “fix” the elections? I will say that contracting an American would probably be a start in the right direction……
        I’m getting the giggles now because I guess my Spanish sarasm just flew over some heads. Hmm…this may have inspired a post….

    • “Okay, let’s recap: We’re supposed to believe that the election is being stolen by a Sores-connected company run by a shady Democrat CEO, right? Well, aside from the fact that the company has no ties to Soros and the CEO has no record of ever contributing money to President Obama (as the emails claim), why not?

      Bottom Line: The Soros-Obama vote-counting rumor is factually inaccurate on every count and there is literally (as Vice President Joe Biden would say) nothing to back up this claim.

      We understand Soros’ influence with the Democrat Party runs extraordinarily deep. We get that. But before we start accusing people of rigging elections, we need to have at least a shred of evidence.”


        • You know why I posted that, B. I mean, enough of the excuses. The election is over and we can sit around and continue to cry and whine and blame whatever or we can “pull ourselves up from our bootstraps” and do something. If that phrase applied then, surely it does now.

          93 million eligible voters didn’t vote. Maybe that would have made a difference. There are a million different excuses out there that would just be reversed had Romney won. It is what it is. It’s done. It’s a wrap. Fade to black.

          Myself, I don’t have time to whine. I have to go to work. I have to be there for my daughter and continue to plan for my retirement. I can’t let what happened in this election or any other cloud my focus because what’s done is done. If Obama’s policies make me have to work harder, or postpone my retirement, then I have to play with the cards that I’m dealt. Nothing in life is guaranteed and I can depend on no one but myself. Not Mitt not Obama.

          I voted for Gary Johnson. People can say that’s a vote for Obama all they want, but I don’t agree. What I do agree with is when Ron Paul said he wouldn’t endorse either Obama or Romney because he didn’t see any difference in them. I’ve said that all along. The main problem is in Congress. Putting Boehner on blast is the best thing that can happen. Put him in the Progressive group where he belongs. But it does no good for conservative republicans to support progressive ones. You guys have done that way too long.

          Look to guys like Rand Paul, or Marco Rubio if he can get his shit together.

          As for Soros or Koch…their lifestyles won’t change one bit regardless of who’s in office. Ours may though. Personally, I’ve had a good run for the last 8 years. Invested in some of the right stuff and got nice returns on them. I know many have it bad. I hope it gets better for them. Truly I do. For those that just want to profit off of my hard work? Well, you know what I wish for them.

          • WM,

            You know why I posted that, B. I mean, enough of the excuses. The election is over and we can sit around and continue to cry and whine and blame whatever or we can “pull ourselves up from our bootstraps” and do something. If that phrase applied then, surely it does now.

            Yes, I know why you posted that and what you meant by it, I just disagree with the trivial manner in which real threats to this nation are routinely and casually dismissed. It is one thing to allow ourselves to move past “the birther” issue, even though there are some technical legalities that actually do warrant serious investigation into Obama’s eligibility, we all know that doing anything about it would likely rip this nation apart. HOWEVER, Soros has — with his own mouth and with his own pen — threatened the survival of this nation. So have many of the Islamic organizations whose leaders are now operating from inside our White House, Homeland Security, Defense Department and the Intelligence Community. Yet, these very real and openly stated threats are dismissed as routinely and casually as the birther issue and many other issues that warrant serious consideration.

            What we are seeing is the fruition of Alinsky’s work. Fast & Furious should have resulted in impeachments and jail time. With Obama’s victory, Holder is just going to resign and that will end. Benghazi should result in impeachments and jail time, but now, the hearings have been moved behind closed doors and the scapegoating and cover ups will mean nothing will come from what is clearly — based on information already in the public record — high treason. What’s more, neither the complicit media nor an apathetic public give a damn! They just want their power in the case of the govt. and media and their “bread and circuses” in the case of the public.

            Meanwhile, back in the real world, where none of the serious threats are viewed as “excuses,” Rome is burning…

            • I think you misunderstood. Threats are not excuses. Voter fraud, the black vote, and most thinks that are routinely accused as being racist are. When is it enough?

              Why won’t Obama be impeached? Because he’s part of the in crowd. The cool kids. He’ll never get convicted in the Senate. The republicans don’t want that anyway because they want to keep the same “flexibility” that he has now for when they get back in the white house. Just like W had.

              The threats may very well be there. Will they be acted upon? Nope. Why? Because the people capable of doing anything will come up with “excuses”. Ask a republican why haven’t they done anything about these “entitlement programs” that they bitch about so much and what will you get? I’ll tell you one I heard right here on the RNL. “Well, once you start those program it’s too hard to stop it”. Why aren’t you doing anything about it? Well, we have to take baby steps. Excuses. To the democrats: Why haven’t you done anything about the deficit? “Well, we inherited this big mess.” What are you going to do about it? Well if the do nothing congress……” More excuses.

              I said the election is over. Nothing about legitimate threats.

            • “I just disagree with the trivial manner in which real threats to this nation are routinely and casually dismissed.”

              I think you are meaning by those in power?

        • I just remember seeing that headline about SOE and SCYTL back when the merger happened and there were questions then. It’s just one example of something that looks improper on the surface and would raise questions by any ‘right’ thinking person, which ever political persuasion. Can you imagine the hysteria from the left if the Koch brothers had their good name associated with this company and a merger of this type? We’d never hear the end of it. Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow would have daily hissy fits about it.

          And James, when have you ever seen me go along with or even endorse the Birther bullshit. I know a guy named Dusty. He’s an eighty-two year old Veteran whom I eat breakfast with quite frequently, but he’s not the Dusty you seek. 😉

      • We can fix the problem with electronic voting machines overnight. Get rid of the damn things and rely on paper ballots. I think most people distrust the machines. http://www.zerohedge.com/contributed/2012-11-06/evidence-electronic-vote-fraud-pours-both-liberal-and-conservative-sources

        It’s disturbing that we should even be having this conversation about voter fraud and whether a foreign company is counting our votes or not. Just the appearance of impropriety is what sets people off and gives rise to the conspiracy theories.

    • Not to worry, Gents,

      Melfamy assures us that Soros is a swell guy with a big heart and who only has our best interest at heart and — if only we would give him a chance — he would give the world a coke, teach us to sing in harmony and even produce those unicorn farts Utah was blogging about.


  1. Spanish Company Associated With George Soros Will “Count” America’s Votes Overseas In November
    The Daily Paul ^ | April 25, 2012
    Posted on April 27, 2012 8:38:18 CDT by Fennie

    From The Western Center for Journalism in a piece entitled, “Spanish Company Will ‘Count’ American Votes Overseas In November,’ they state the following in this excerpt:

    “When the Spanish online voting company SCYTL bought the largest vote processing corporation in the United States, it also acquired the means of manufacturing the outcome of the 2012 election. For SOE, the Tampa based corporation purchased by SCYTL in January, supplies the election software which records, counts, and reports the votes of Americans in 26 states-900 total jurisdictions-across the nation.

    And if that doensn’t make you squirm, George Soros is closely associated with one of Obama’s biggest contributors who, himself, is involved with SCYTL, the company that is going to count the votes!!

    (Excerpt) Read more at dailypaul.com …

    • This is all of you need to know, to understand what just happened.

      Actually, I am relieved to know a majority of Americans still inhabit our homeland.

      Ironic ? It is illegal for foriegn influence to donate or run ads, but it’s ok for a foriegn national to count our votes.

    • I asked a poll judge this week in Texas, how does one audit the voting computer. Long silence. Then , pause, well, I don’t know, I guess we just trust it.

      When there were paper ballots in 2004, there wasn’t a problem. You could question the count, pull out the ballots, and read them. Now ? Nope. A bunch of 1’s and 0’s.
      Computers, data, experts OPINION manipulation heyday.

      When 108% of an area votes for one side, something is systemically wrong.

      Or you can suspend reason and commin sense and believe; Lotteries occur to the same people and lightening does strike the same place twice, every 4 years as needed.

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