No Wonder Democrat Turnout Was So High


Evidence of massive Obama voter fraud in Colorado! Ten counties show 104% to 140% turnout! 

Philly Polling Stations Where GOP Inspectors Were Kicked Out Had 90% Voter Turnout, 99% Voted For Obama…

More here.

I’m sure that the “progressives” have a solid explanation for how vote totals can exceed the number of registered voters and this is why we don’t need voter ID laws.

Stacy McCain notes the bizarre statistical probabilities.

Sure it must be a coincidence that this occurred in states that 1) don’t have ID laws and 2) went for Obama since he lost every state with an ID law.

12 thoughts on “No Wonder Democrat Turnout Was So High

  1. “The true foundation of republican government is the equal right of every citizen, in his person and property, and in their management.” Thomas Jefferson

    Stolen election. Stolen country. Stolen lives. Stole futures.

  2. I’ve been so mad at this Administration, for so long, for so many reasons, ….I’m weary.
    And I have to think that was part of the strategy all along, quite honestly (not just for me, obviously, but you know what I mean…).

    Between this, and Benghazi, and F’n’F, plus a hundred more scandals and acts of treachery that we each could list almost off the top of our head, I don’t know how someone who matters doesn’t start using the “i” word fairly soon.

    • Yeah, I think Romney conceded a bit too soon. This itshay eepskay omingcay touay. Thus the need for igpay atinlay. Aren’t you boys happy you have someone fluent in the ousehay?

      You could have just said:

      Romney should have held his pos; the Charlie Foxtrot keeps repeating.

      That way, you could have transmitted in the clear (Augger, she’ll need you to translate 😉 )

  3. No wonder the liberals around here at the RNL, and across the nation where going out of their mind about voter suppression.
    They had to protect a 141% voter turn out in St Lucie. Maybe the all knowing McPherson can explain to us about how we arrive at a 141% voter turn out.”

    I’m all ears.

    • The “claims” are coming from the individual county records.

      I suppose you will be supporting investigations into this since this is apparently counter to your claims that voter fraud doesn’t exist.

    • “wow. Care to provide one single piece of evidence to back up these claims? Because I sure as hell can’t find anything- other then “claims” on the usual suspect of right wing sites.”

      Utah, please forgive me this one slight tonight. This statement is just so um …. liberal (stupid), that I cannot help myself. I’m just utterly sick of these type of flippant and blatantly intellectually dishonest answers.

      drugsandotherthings – In all honesty, have you EVER been right about anything in your life?

      Here’s your (censored) evidence:

      Click to access GEMS%20SOVC%20REPORT.pdf

      You see that cute little column to the far right? Yeah, that one that says “% Turnout”? Those little numbers that look similar to “145.84%”, well, those are a voter turn out of more than 100% (145.84 is a larger number than 100, just so you know), and they are arrived at from calculating the number from the column called “Reg. Voters” (ie Registered Voters), and the column called “Cards Cast”. So in this example (line 4) the Registered Voters was 2694, yet the voting cards cast was 3929.

      Now you and McPherson can spin, bitch, piss, and moan all you want too. McPherson can offer us flippant responses, and all that nonsense is all good, but the one thing you cannot obviously explain is …

      How the hell do you explain that?

      Eat (censored). Both of you.

      • WITH your example of 145.84 % A secret ballot VOTE is INVALID ! You cannot determine from the sign in sheet, who voted which way !

        You CANNOT determine “which” 45.84 % (as 100 % did not vote, someone was sick, had to work, etc.) of the vote should be subtracted. So an ENTIRELY new VOTE MUST be held for all voters to be represented equally under our Constitution.

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