The FBI Investigates All The Hate Mail I Get

Hmmmm. Wonder how a simple complaint about email “harassment” wound up being investigated by the FBI?

The F.B.I. investigation that led to the resignation of David H. Petraeus as C.I.A. director on Friday began with a complaint several months ago about “harassing” e-mails sent by Paula Broadwell, Mr. Petraeus’s biographer, to an unidentified third person, a government official briefed on the case said Saturday.

When F.B.I. agents following up on the complaint began to examine Ms. Broadwell’s e-mails, they discovered exchanges between her and Mr. Petraeus that revealed that they were having an affair, said the official, who spoke of the investigation on the condition of anonymity.

The person who complained about harassing messages from Ms. Broadwell, according to the official, was not a family member or a government official. One Congressional official who was briefed on the matter on Friday said senior intelligence officials had explained that the F.B.I. investigation “started with two women.”

I’m pretty sure that they are not investigating the hate mail that I get…

9 thoughts on “The FBI Investigates All The Hate Mail I Get

  1. Pardon me while I call “Bullsh*t” !

    Truly, I’m surprised the General wasn’t more careful. He should have known they’d be reading ALL of his emails.

    • Please allow me to also point out the 4th amendment issue.
      OOPS, nevermind, that Constitution thingy? Oh, that doesn’t apply. We have no need for THAT !; since we are now living in the “modern age.”

  2. This could have waited. Petraeus was refusing to allow the CIA take the blame for the stand down. What do you want to bet the CIA accepts the blame for the stand down?

  3. have you filed a complaint with your local police? Had it investigated and kicked up to the state police? Investigated and sent to the FBI? Because that is the general process- something I happen to know a little about. And I will add- as a general rule- it must constiute “hate speech”, threats of violence, blackmail, wire fraud/mail fraud,(illegal) pornography (in particular child), something related to endangerment of a minor… (there ARE a number of other serious state felonies where the interstate manner may bring in the feds- but to the best of knowledge and experience I’ve hit the main ones)

    • And in the end the FBI concluded “there was no evidence of criminal activity”.

      Imagine that. How convenient. Interestingly enough, I do notice that in your response drugs, you chose to leave out the parts of having to obtain a warrant for wire tapping. Generally a warrant for that sort of thing would require a bit more evidence than let’s say hear-say. After all, there is this little thing called The Fourth Amendment we are supposed to be protecting with the law, right?

      • Ah yes- and rereading the news stories on this- the threatening letters were sent to another woman close to Petraus. In the age of the patriot act and national security reigning supreme I could easily see the feds doing what they have been doing for well over a decade- warrant- we don’t ne no effing warrant- it’s “national security”. Not to mention apparently Petraue was stupid enough to use G-Mail- which means all the feds had to do was ask politely…

  4. I do believe we are seeing Plan B. in action. Mr. Kells said that even the NH could’ve tracked this info down in 2 days and not 6-9 months (being that I am computeristically challenged, I must take his his word for it.) This causes me to smell a rat. Was Petraeus supposed to be the fall guy for Benghazi, and decided to handle the the situation on his own terms? Is Hillary next?
    Am I being too much of an international super spy?

    It is credible. If you don’t believe me, please know that I have (accidentally) gotten on to top secret websites as well as gotten the numbers for locked down top-secret locales. Ah, the beauty of being an idiot savant………..

    • “Am I being too much of an international super spy?”

      No, but in their minds (God bless their little souls), you are nothing more than a right-wingnut hyperbolic racist.

      Welcome to the club.

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