Rule 5: TRNL Boys

For Veterans Day, I thought I would post my own dishonest, delectable diversion. See,I blog with some really hawt fellas, and I thought it was high time to show the world their beauty. Wish I knew how to make all the pics big. Oh, well, let’s get started…..

Our first little boy is a cutie patootie newbie. They say he turns green, but I’ve yet to see it. This is Justin:

Next is my silly lib boy from Louisiana, CCF, and his personality reminds me of a boy from Tennessee.

Drug boy is my favorite psychedelic thinker:

What would the RNL be without its very own professor, SBJ?

Let’s mop up the floor with a hot conservative that can build it. No I’m not talkin about Bob the Builder; I’m talkin about this slice of deliciousness. Here is Dusty.

Not to be outdone by another Floridian, sweet FL steps up to plate (I let him dress in boy clothes for this shot)

We mustn’t leave out Daddy! He always keeps me in line. I won’t speak on the naughty e-mails he sends me…….

I very much love to talk to Sweet Wills (even though he did donate my bikini top. I think you’ll see why I hang in the hot tub….

I now understand why the girls are so fond of Texas. We have two: Texas and Ross.

Augger’s a bit abrasive at times (It’s only because he doesn’t have enough Kells in his life.)

Silly boy G. is a rebel and a pirate to boot. I’m always the one getting into trouble with his shenanigans.

Every girl needs an arch nemesis. That would be B.

Thankfully we have such an inviting host with the most, M.

Now do you understand why I frequent TRNL?

19 thoughts on “Rule 5: TRNL Boys

  1. Okay…please don’t ever do that again, but thank you for giving me a masculine character instead of a queer.

    So I’m green, eh? I assume by green you don’t mean new.

    Well excuse me for caring about rivers and streams!!! That doesn’t mean I support the Progressive Green agenda, which is all hype and way out of control. Sure, pollution has been a problem in the past. That said, I think that industry these days is doing a fine job of keeping it under control. Government needs to get off their backs. And this climate change business is utter nonsense. So there, are you happy? Drill, baby, drill!!!

    What would the founders say? Hmmm?

    • Justin,

      You should not be hanging out with these nutcases! They don’t care anything about the environment, and all they can do is throw evil insults! They are all a bunch of sorry losers! You are a very cute boy, and it would be best if you joined me at Please don’t let these RNL people brainwash you. (That is what they’re trying to do, you know?) Conservatives just don’t realize that they have swallowed the stupid pill. Trust me when I say they have.


  2. Well, Annola, that sounds nice and all. I just don’t think they would like me very much over at Mother Jones. I am a Flat Earther, Annola. Crazytown is my true home. Just, do me a favor, when they start rounding up the wackos and herding us into camps, just have them make it quick and painless for me, okay? Will you do that for me?

    • Sweet Justin, I knew you were joking! I promise you that you wil pay the price just for talking to me here! It’s really just painfully sad. I mean, seriously, do you want to be in a place that refers to a woman’s privates as her vagina? HELLO!! Everyone knows it is referred to as your cootchie cup!

        • O on the M and the G, J.! Why do I always feel like a beautiful bonzai in a forest of dense sequoias? Now I’m going to make that link go viral! Why you feel that you must hang out with raw-milk hating freaks who don’t care if we get bombed on an airplane, I’ll just never know! See their logic? No, I didn’t think so. ~ Annola

          • “make that link go viral!”

            Thanks, Bonzai. See, we are nice people!

            “raw-milk hating freaks”

            My guess is the dense sequoyas around here would be in favor of loosening up the raw milk restrictions, as well as home gardening restrictions.

            “who don’t care if we get bombed on an airplane”

            Eh, it beats just giving in, but don’t worry, the Pres is too meeky to do anything like that.

    • I tell you, pal Joey, sometimes this silly girl with a completely different ideology than I steps up to bat; it’s the craziest thing…..then again, you haven’t been to one of our rehearsals…..

  3. Thanks, Kells–I can live with the comparison. I’d have never seen it, though, if you hadn’t mentioned it elsewhere. Sorry, I tend to simply skip over things that have “Rule 5” in the title.

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