Criminal Enterprise?

Is it just me or has this administration spent more time investigating the people who could give damaging testimony about events like Fast and Furious and the Benghazi debacle than the events themselves?

Even the Democrats and the left have to be looking at this and shaking their heads. The sheer amount of unanswered questions and the suspicious timing of too many events in the days AFTER the election look almost too convenient for the President.

Then add the 100% + turnout in critical election precincts – even if you are a liberal and are the least bit intellectually honest, you want answers. If you don’t, you really need to look in a mirror.

Impeachment may be coming if the House has the stones:

6 thoughts on “Criminal Enterprise?

  1. The House will be too worried about making more people not like them and losing seats as a result. They won’t do their jobs, on this or anything else. As a result, they WILL lose more seats.

    My friend, the Republicans no more understand the mood of the electorate than the Democrats. Both sides now think they have to pander to get elected, which is the exact opposite of what is required to run a self-governing republic and why we were designed to be a republic instead of a democracy in the first place.

    I know it’s “theory” stuff and not the “real world,” but we’d best start getting back to the founders’ theories of good governance and social morality before the world is plunged into the darkest period it has ever seen — a period from which mere men will not be able to extricate themselves — ever.

    • “the Republicans no more understand the mood of the electorate than the Democrats. Both sides now think they have to pander to get elected”

      Sad but true.

      “I know it’s ‘theory’ stuff and not the ‘real world,’” …

      So Utah won’t buy it, sorry–esp. since none of those Founding Fathers were oil men. 😉

    • So by your logic, Clinton the Clitoris betrayed us as well.

      Meh, it happens. Right?

      No, neither Clinton or Petreaus betrayed us. They betrayed their spouses, and in all honesty … that is their business. When it comes to the country, both held their post as they understood it. Petraeus will be remembered for the amazing general he was … and rightfully so … no matter how much you try to tear the man down.

      Now here’s an interesting twist …

      Officials Say F.B.I. Knew of Petraeus Affair in the Summer

      If this is true, then why the delay in reporting it? Election season, maybe? So much for transparency as promised.

      • I never tried to tear him down, just made a little quip hailing back to the days of yore when people were toying with his name during the Bush administration. People have their failings. It is a little silly for the head of the CIA to be brought down by a Gmail account over a random affair when he led such an illustrious career, and it is sad that in truth he may mostly be remembered by his transgressions, more than his accomplishements, but then as you so eloquently pointed out, such is Clinton’s lot as well. We are a stuffy society obsessed with other people’s sexual misdeeds. Despite their failings, i will still remember Clinton as a remarkable President and Petreaus as an exemplary commander and general, and relagate the other details as footnotes in as much as their led to the destruction of their legacy in the eyes of many.

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