Open Letter to Citizens who were legally eligible to vote, and VOTED in 6 November 2012 election

From numerous and various news agencies and legal voting jurisdictions across the ENTIRE country, it appears from reported VOTING RESULTS, an IMPOSSIBILITY, has OCCURRED across the country.


The voting RESULTS are an IMPOSSIBILITY in those jurisdictions.

IF a Government Bureaucrat, whose DUTY is to CERTIFY the ACCURACY of the voting RESULTS, certifies that an IMPOSSIBILITY is TRUE and ACCURATE:


THEN, those individual bureaucrats should be SUED in the appropriate Jurisdiction and made to produce the EVIDENCE which supports a TRUE and ACCURATE vote has OCCURRED.  They will be unable to do so, as an impossibility has occurred.

Additionally, every Government Bureaucrat whose duty is to certify accurate results, and does certify an IMPOSSIBLE result, should be sued as part of a criminal enterprise.

Think: RICO ACT, and the various State’s laws remedies for voting results, and the DUTIES REQUIRED of the Bureaucrats in each jurisdiction and their Secretary of States.  They CANNOT certify their results in GOOD FAITH if they are an IMPOSSIBILITY, and the appropriate legal actions should be taken in EVERY jurisdiction applicable.  Additionally, the various State and Local jurisdictions, the various Prosecutorial Entities, that are CHARGED with the DUTY to UPHOLD AND ENFORCE our NATIONS LAWS and CONSTITUTIONS, have a moral, legal, and ethical DUTY to do so.

Yes folks I know, most of the RICO sanctions are in the Federal Arena, HOWEVER, many States have RICO acts also.

There are civil as well as criminal avenues contained in the various RICO Acts across this nation.

TO those of you who will continue to support and defend the results of 6 November 2012 election, as TRUE and ACCURATE?  You are supporting an IMPOSSIBILITY which you CANNOT point to and PROVE is accurate and LEGITIMATE.

Any “Group of people” which attempts to Govern ILLEGITIMATELY, will NEVER have legitimacy with at least half of this continent.

THE U.N., ALL OTHER NATIONS, AND THEIR LEADERS, ALSO UNDERSTAND any Government that seizes power as a result of an ILLEGITIMACY, will have no legitimacy with them either.

Question:  What will be the RESULTS of ANY actions taken by an ILLEGITIMATE government ?

Sincerely and Respectfully.


“Augger” linked & stated this: ”

You see that cute little column to the far right? Yeah, that one that says “% Turnout”? Those little numbers that look similar to “145.84%”, well, those are a voter turn out of more than 100% (145.84 is a larger number than 100, just so you know), and they are arrived at from calculating the number from the column called “Reg. Voters” (ie Registered Voters), and the column called “Cards Cast”. So in this example (line 4) the Registered Voters was 2694, yet the voting cards cast was 3929.”

ALLOW me to explain further, this is quite simple, actually:

WITH the example of 145.84 % A secret ballot VOTE is INVALID !

You cannot determine from the sign in sheet, who voted which way !

You CANNOT determine “which” 45.84 %, or more (as 100 % did not vote, someone was sick, had to work, etc.) of the vote should be subtracted. So an ENTIRELY new VOTE MUST be held for all voters to be represented equally under our Constitution.

16 thoughts on “Open Letter to Citizens who were legally eligible to vote, and VOTED in 6 November 2012 election

    • I just got back from that site. It’s weird that they say lady liberty is rising. When I viewed the pic, it appeared as if she had been drowned and frozen.

      Texas, you know and I know that nothing will come of these voting indescretions. We are now in a brave new world.

  1. I’m sure our “progressive” friends will be clamoring for an investigation in light of these statistical impossibilities…

    Hahahahahahahah! Sometimes I kill myself.

    • No, you’ll just get tumbleweeds from them ….much as I did after I posted the St Lucie voter results in the other thread after drugs’ incredibly retarded post.

  2. ALL of you are correct. The brave new world is CHAOS. They will ACT as tho they are legitimate. ALL the while, the majority will see “the emperor has no clothes”. Other world leaders will inherently understand “the emperor has no clothes” and therefore his words and actions will have NO MEANING or AUTHORITY.

    Our nation of (now infinite) laws, will collapse upon itself. The Jury System will become just as relevant today as it was in pre-revolutionary times. Where the jury will just say “NO” because THE LAW will not have LEGITIMACY.

    • We need to revive not only the knowledge and practice of jury nullification AND the the “citizen grand jury”. It exists in a few states already, OK being one.

  3. Care to provide some evidence of these claims? Any evidence? Because since you started with this yesterday I have been looking into the “claims” on various conservative sites. And then researching the evidence. And the twain shall meet.

    So- please provide some actual examples.

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