Papa John’s, The Next Proto-Marxist Target

Listen to all the little proto-Marxists scream, as Papa John refuses to play along with their scheme to tax him. Obamacare is destroying jobs, as we knew it would. As SCOTUS Chief Justice John Marshall so famously said: “The power to tax is the power to destroy.”

What exactly did the politicians think would happen?

Libs call for boycott of Papa John’s as CEO anticipates cut in workers’ hours

‘Papa John’ says he’s cutting job hours because Obama won

I’m ordering my Papa John’s for tonight’s football game.  Get yours here.

Tell em Augger sent ya. 🙂

18 thoughts on “Papa John’s, The Next Proto-Marxist Target

    • “Bet that Papa Johns tastes like sour grapes instead of pizza, Augger. ;)”

      That’s mighty Christian of you there, Ms. Warrioress. Benevolence runs deep in your understanding of our faith, does it? Careful now, you might tread over that line towards hypocrisy. 🙂

    • “The “paybacks” will begin soon. It’s the fascist way.”

      They always need something to hyperventilate about (I keep saying this I know, but it’s so prolific), and if we listen to Valerie Jarrett, then I am sure you are right. After all, Obama has more leeway now that he has been re-elected (by his own words).

      The Free Sh*t Army will not be denied.

  1. Typically, I make my own pies, but my son insists on Papa John’s. I like their peppers.

    Here’s the thing: My pies are done with red sauce, 4-5 cloves of garlic (minced), 3-4 roma tomatoes (sliced), mozzarella (cheesy, baby), and topped with prosciutto. (If you set the oven to broil at the end for a few minutes, it’s beyond divine.) Why the hello am I talkin about pizza? B. always does this to me!

  2. By the way, I called some friends over for football. I’ve ordered a half dozen pizzas

    – John’s Favorite
    – The Works
    – 2x The Meats
    – Spicy Italian
    – Double Bacon Cheese.

    Not surprising, but none of them taste like sour grapes. Maybe it’s that succulent garlic butter and banana pepper hiding the true taste, right Ms Warrioress?

    You are all invited. 🙂

    • I have no idea. But then again, I am a severe 1 percenter … just ask the liberals. I get to see their jealousy here all too often. 😦

      • So YOU are the 1 percent. If you gave as much money to the poor folk as you did to the Romney campaign, we wouldn’t be in this predicament?! 😉 By the way, I am looking for a nice tax shelter. Can you help?

        • Half-time! 4 turnovers Bears, really?

          Justin, I’m not sure which thread it is in, but I wrote a response talking about my charitable contributions. You should find it.

  3. Ah yes. Papa Johns. With well over a billion a year in revenues. Who owns (or did they recently sell” the Peyton Manning franchise? Whose CEO is as wealthy as Romeny (or at leastthe Romeny admitted he had in the US).

    Who pays drivers an avg of a little over $6 an hour- before tax withholding.

    Yes- I’m sure we’ll see more a******* like this. It the republican way after all. After all- the employees are loosers who don;t deserve better- and g****** I need a bigger jet. And another multimillion dollar vacation home I see a few weeks a year.

    Ah yes- but of course you actually believe selfishness in the highest of ideals a human can aspire to.

    • Wow drugsandotherthings, did someone pull the pacifier from you too early as a child? Is that your excuse for your lack of this level of success financially in your life, rendering you a jealous little joey?

      Take a good look at yourself man. No one at Papa John’s, or any other business for that matter, forced a single person to fill out a job application with them, nor did they force someone in to laboring for them. In fact, someone applied, was offered a wage, and accepted that wage … of their own free will.

      Just because your situation in life hasn’t panned out to this level does not mean you should envy them with spite. In fact, if your grey matter functioned correctly, maybe you would look inward and try to figure out how to make yourself a bit more successful … but then again, it’s just really all about the hate, now isn’t it?

  4. Destructocrats! I will not spend another hard earned dollar on any products made by anyone or any company from the destructocratic party! I urge everyone else to do the same. Two can play this game but everyone knows that conservitives have more wealth because we EARNED IT and we will play it better! Be a patriot and buy AMERICAN! Don’t waste your hard earned money supporting people who are hell bent on DESTROYING your Rights and your freedom, our american way of life! BTW, I like Papa John’s.

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