Thin Lizzie – The Reason Diane Fienstein And Barbara Boxer Are Cheering Today

DiFi and Babs are cheering because they are officially no longer the dumbest members of the US Senate. The people of Massachusetts dumped the moderate Republican, Scott Brown, for a liberal dunce and Native American impersonator, Liz Warren. Professor Jacobson notes that the Boston Globe is already experiencing buyer’s remorse:

For the sake of Massachusetts, let’s hope that Elizabeth Warren gets better than this.
She was always a mildly underwhelming candidate, clutching her talking points like they were a satchel of gold — millionaires and ­billionaires, a level playing field, big oil. As deft as she was at slogans, she was never so good at answering questions, which was odd for a person of such experience and substance….

But none of this could have prepared anyone for the scene that unfolded Thursday afternoon in the governor’s suite of the State House. Warren met with Deval ­Patrick in his private office, and then the pair came into an adjacent conference room, where a battery of cameras and ­reporters were waiting….

“I’m glad,” she said curtly to a question about the high turnout of women voters that undoubtedly propelled her to victory.

“I’m delighted,” she said abruptly when asked her feelings on the number of women voted to high office this week.

“Of course,” she said shortly, when asked if she would seek diversity on her staff.

To the important question of what committee assignments she’d like, she replied, “I will continue to talk to the leader about it.”

After less than 12 minutes of these ­comically clipped answers, a gubernatorial aide called, “Last question,” prompting Warren to flee the room as if the podium was on fire. She made Scott Brown look like Cicero.

It only hurt, not helped, to learn that Warren later told a few reporters by way of explanation, “All I can say is I was a lot more discreet as a candidate than I was in real life.” She turned to an aide as she said this and asked, “Can I say that? Maybe it’s indiscreet to talk about discretion.”

Well, Boston Globe, you got her elected by covering her ass, so why don’t you own it…you didn’t seriously expect her to be a leading light…you only wanted another “D” vote, and you saw to that.

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4 thoughts on “Thin Lizzie – The Reason Diane Fienstein And Barbara Boxer Are Cheering Today

  1. What was Thomas Jefferson’s description? “automatons”

    “…the bulk of the society is reduced to be mere automatons of misery, and to have no sensibilities left but for sinning and suffering.”

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