American EXCEPTIONALISM under assault…


So, I am shamelessly copying Joe’s (videos) from his post “The Origins of Race Baiting and Political Correctness: Our Present is Driven by our Past.”  Following is my additional commentary and explanation.

These 3 youtube videos total a little over 1.5 hours.  These are dated, as far as the election issues go, since the talk occurred in 2011.

Bill Whittle EXPLAINS and DESCRIBES, more CONCISELY than anyone else I have heard, the SECRET WAR PROGRESSIVES have been waging upon OUR society.  THE most EXCEPTIONAL SOCIETY ever known to mankind.

Now I say to those of you that have, or are currently, awakening:



Those of us who always ignored or rebelled against, or have AWAKENED from the INDOCTRINATION that has been SECRETLY WAGED upon us ALL our lives.  Somehow, “we” just understood, something didn’t make sense.  What was our response?  we lived our lives…

“Joe”, “Utah” and “Augger” have taught me “WE ARE NOT ALONE”.

My thanks to “Joe” and “Utah”, they have done, and continue to do, the hard work, research, reading, writing, thought, and guidance, just as those of you who have read anonymously understand (like I did for more than a year).  I have read, studied, learned, and can now explain to those who have awakened so they truly understand, neither they, nor I, are crazy.

I don’t know what side you are on, OR, where you are in your awakening from the LIES, DECEIT, and INDOCTRINATION.  But watching these 3 videos will, FRIGHTEN, SADDEN, SURPRISE, EMBOLDEN, hopefully give you HOPE and understanding that WE ARE NOT ALONE.

Readers, it is a shocking revelation, to realize what you suspected, is in fact TRUE.  ACCEPTANCE of the CIRCUMSTANCES on the field of IDEAS and IDEALS is the first step in this CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS, or as Joe puts it “birthing pains“.   The endless regulations. Unknowable laws.

The DESTROYERS expect the majority of us to merely ‘GIVE UP’.  They have written, spoken, discussed that they expect to “re-educate” ALL OF US, or exterminate us.  “Joe” has posted and linked to these open and honest and forthright plans of “theirs”.  The statists are NOT joking.  They are serious, deadly serious.  Their OUTRIGHT, IN YOUR FACE, THEFT OF THIS NOVEMBER ELECTION, should make you understand this.  The way in which “Obamacare” was forced upon America, is an example also.

For those of you who support the PROGRESSIVES and their STATIST, destructive ways:  I AM truly PRAYING for your hearts & souls.  You keep coming around for one of 2 reasons, or maybe both.

1)  You are a destroyer and are trying to figure a way to silence and destroy us and LIBERTY.  You work for them, and will be coming for us one by one in the future, or

2)  Something inside you is nagging at your indoctrination, keeping you curious, saying “all isn’t quite right”.  Maybe, just maybe, “light” will enlighten your hearts.

Bill Whittle explains our PROGRESSIVE NIGHTMARE Part 1,  13 August 2011,  22 minutes long.

History of what Americanism is.  Where Progressives came from, their tactics, goals, and tools.

Their Sword — “Critical Theory” and Shield — “Political Correctness”

Bill Whittle explains the “Conservative” Solution Part 2, 13 August, 39 minutes long.

“What do AMERICANS believe and why”

Bill Whittle Q & A, Part 3, 13 August 2011, 33 minutes long.

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