Feds Find Cases In Arizona Where Profiling Is Just Peachy

Can’t do it in Arizona if you suspect someone is here in this country illegally but if you think that they may be a gun owner and because they are, maybe the left some shell casings on the ground, searching their vehicle for evidence is just peachy keen.

I’m no fan of Alex Jones or his site but this does seem more than a little like jackbooted federal thugs subjecting legal citizens to searches that are prohibited if you are an illegal:

Drivers were quizzed about their shooting habits and had their vehicles searched by Forest and National Park rangers at a checkpoint in Redington Pass, Arizona this past weekend.

Citing the problem of firearms enthusiasts shooting their guns near the main road and leaving empty bullet casings, the feds stopped and searched vehicles to check if the empty rounds had been picked up.

“A driver admitted shooting, but did not have the empty casings. A Game and Fish officer turned him around and told him to pick up his empty rounds,” reports KVOA.

The officials also searched vehicles for other illegal items, including marijuana, alcohol and in one case an illegally killed deer. Four people were arrested on outstanding warrants and officers issued 11 citations, including one for underage drinking.

News reports failed to raise concern about the fact that law enforcement officials used the Fourth Amendment-busting checkpoint to quiz shooters about their gun habits, claiming that, “Many who went through the checkpoint appreciated the enforcement.”

Although the checkpoint was ostensibly justified in the name of combating littering, the fact that gun owners are being pulled over and identified by the feds is certain to stoke apprehension amongst many in the second amendment community.

3 thoughts on “Feds Find Cases In Arizona Where Profiling Is Just Peachy

    • You obviously 1) weren’t leaving your spent shells from your automatic weapon or tactical shotgun laying about or 2) were wearing a halter top.

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