Another Glenn Beck Prediction Coming to Pass

Oh, I’m sure this post will fuel the notion that I am bowing at the alter of Glenn Beck with those out there who have demonstrated the inability to individually evaluate a story independent and/or apart from the person or source detailing the facts of that story (in other words, those who think I worship Beck do not understand the fallacy of “against the man”). Were Beck a financial adviser who had proven to be this on target for the past 10 years, somehow, I suspect he wouldn’t have any detractors outside his direct competitors (which might lend a further clue to understanding those who object to him now). The only defense I’ll offer on my behalf is this: when a person has proven themselves correct as often and as accurately as this man, I tend to listen.

Now, to the point of this story. I had previously posted this story with the commentary that I saw it as being among Beck’s weaker claims to “prediction:”

Beck Revisits His Prediction that Petraeus Would Take Fall for Libya: ‘This Is What the Mob Does, Gang’

But then I heard an anchor on a morning TV news tabloid mention that this scandal is surviving to undermine the credibility and public trust of the military. She was referring to how Petraeus had been considered to be among the truly great American generals in history, and that now, the sex scandal seems to be spreading to another very well respected general:

New Shock: Top U.S. General Investigated for ‘Inappropriate’ Emails to Petraeus Friend

That is when I remembered a Beck prediction that is strong: that this Administration and the revolutionary forces behind Obama would eventually need to find a way to undermine public trust in the military. That prediction was made back when Beck was still on FOX News, so it was made quite a while back. At that time, Beck admitted he did not have any idea how this could be accomplished, but, when I heard this TV news tabloid anchor mention that she was loosing faith in our military, I made the connection. Score yet another one in the “Glenn Beck ACCURATELY Predicts the Future” column.

The next part starts when we look at the unbelievable “facts” surrounding the Petraeus scandal:

Watch Today’s BlazeCast Rewind: Do You Buy Any of the Timeline on the Petraeus Case?

Glenn Beck Breaks Down Petraeus Scandal: ‘What Are the Odds?’

And then note: all of this has served to take the nation’s eyes off the Benghazi scandal, and the willing accomplices in Pravda West are perfectly happy to let the Administration off the hook. Heck, why wouldn’t they be: Obama gave them a sex scandal that doesn’t involve a Democrat (those get ignored and excused).

And speaking of sex scandals: when did the Secret Service, FBI and Military turn into a bunch of drunken, sex-craven idiots?  And since the Administration keeps telling us “We didn’t know. Nobody told us,” then we must ask when the people tasked with keeping the nation safe and President informed became woefully incompetent?  HOWEVER, the most important questions are: given that he is the President and ultimately responsible for making sure none of these things happen, why and how did Obama get re-elected?  And, if the people who re-elected him did so without any concern for what all this means for the union, why would the grown ups left in this nation want to remain in a nation full of spoiled children who are throwing a giant “Give me candy!” temper tantrum?

Sooner or later, the grown ups in this nation need to come to the realization that there are grown up children in office and they are throwing a rebellious temper tantrum. In the real world, grown ups call these adult children REVOLUTIONARIES!

10 thoughts on “Another Glenn Beck Prediction Coming to Pass

  1. Reblogged this on Orange Clouds and commented:
    Glenn Beck may be called a fear monger, overly dramatic, a crybaby and many other things, but he is almost always right…and that’s not a good thing. Unfortunately he’s usually right about how corrupt politics will unfold and it’s eerie how his predictions keep coming true. I pray that Patraeus will do the right thing even if it means sacrificing himself. In the words of Beck, “his only option is to go nuclear.”

  2. Mr. Kells thinks that they tried to blackmail Patraeus, because Holder has known of the affairs. If Holder knew of the affairs, Obama did as well.

    When you have over 100% turnout, you get re-elected.

  3. At what point, do people awaken and realize that actually EVERYTHING that comes from this administration is a lie ?

    Yes, literally.

    Can anyone give me an example of A single event where the “storyline” was COMPLETELY accurate?

    Everytime, I wonder aloud, “that doesn’t make sense. That can’t be true. (check, am I awake or dreaming, awake, check). Ok I don’t believe them.

    So when you realize NOTHING is as portrayed by O’s people; what will YOU do ?

    • Justin,

      I think a great deal of the mud is sticking. It’s just that the people involved have become so good at ignoring reality, those of us left in the real world simply do not know how to deal with them — they’re honestly crazy.

  4. These people are predictable…I tell you. They will slaughter who they need to. First they went after the education system…the young and defenseless. Now that their Messiah is pres…they’ll try to destroy the military to advance their agenda.

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