How Would Secession Work?

Utah commented that he did not know how secession could or would actually work.  I have given this a bit of thought and, while I readily admit it needs a great deal more thought, here is what I have thought of just today:


First, as far as I can see, this only works if the red States secede together.  The net effect would be like kicking the blue States out of the union.  Now, before anyone objects to vigorously, the reason I propose/assume this is because that seems to be the ideological divide between us.  This way, by dividing according to State color, the Left will be freed to pursue their ideas without the Right standing in their way and the Right will be able to demonstrate whether or not their ideas will work as they claim.

So, step 1 is to look and see whether or not the red States possess the necessary resources to be self-sustaining.  In the interest of brevity, I will not go into the detail.  I will simply post these pictures and leave the reader to draw their own conclusions.

What States will secede?

(This map would actually be significantly larger due to voting irregularities and the likely splitting of NW Florida and other re-arranging within individual States when this move becomes a reality.  I suspect as many red Counties as possible will attempt to join the seceding States — even to the point of partial State dissolutions.)

Will they have enough food and/or farm land with which to feed their population?

US Farm Data Maps  farm land:

Active farms in 2007

Can the seceding States meet their energy needs?

US Fossil Fuel Resources

Will the seceding States have a manufacturing base to sustain them?

Maps US Manufacturing

What Federal lands will be in the new seceded States that will then be available for sale to the citizens of the seceding States for economic development?


Will the seceding States have adequate mining and mineral resources?

And what military assets will be available to the seceding States?

I think these pictures will help us answer the first and most important question: would the seceding States possess the lands and resources necessary to sustain a new (remnant) nation?  I think the first answer is yes.  While it will require a lot of hard work, the assets would be available.  Furthermore, without the blue States preventing the use of these resources, the seceding States will likely have sufficient production and agriculture to actually export.

I’ll keep working on this as I have time, but I am done listening to why it can’t work.  That is a behavior opposed to the beliefs the red States are supposed to embrace.  Instead, I will look to how it can be done.  Feel free to contribute your thoughts on the issue.



37 thoughts on “How Would Secession Work?

    • Yes, we need a capital, and I suspect we’d have to place it in Texas. Because this whole plan rests on the leadership of Texas, Texas is the natural choice – to me – for the new capital.

      How about we put it next to the Alamo?

      • I think next to the Alamo is a great idea, historical and maybe we could purchase Menger Hotel for additional offices/living quarters for reps when they r in session.

        • Justin,

          I didn’t say Texas would rule the new union, only that we would need Texan leadership to make it happen. In case you aren’t aware of it, Texas is among the most fiercely independent of the States — always has been. Given the opportunity, I can’t help but believe they would grab the flag and lead the way.

    • One thing I think u fail to consider, people like my husband and I would move to the newly formed country. We would bring our resources and in some cases businesses with us. I think highly productive people trapped in blue states would literally flock to this new country and we always vote.

      • Don’t know where ya are in cali but thats ok, my guess– there would only be three big blue splotches in Cal –Bay Area and some to the north about as big ; Sacto , and a big swatch from Malibu to the Colorado River. (AZ border)
        Don’t pull up stakes yet.:-)

        • Well, we own 4 houses here from LA to wine country, although we only live in the 2 northern ones. Had planned to start the sell off in April of 2014,but now are hoping to start next summer. Thank God we don’t own the biz we started in SF anymore or we could really be stuck. Husband wants out of country, he is 1st generation American on his Mom’s side and eager to go, My family came in 1628 and leaving is unthinkable for me so I’m hoping to relocate to TX, SC or somewhere in the south Can’t imagine one reason why we would want to stay in CA. My husband lived in Middle East and So America as a young man so he has been exposed to life in 3rd world country and CA is well on the way to fiscal disaster not to mention the cultural breakdowns here. I long to live in my own country and own culture again although I’m unsure if that is available in any state anymore. We should rename our country–The Late, Once Great United States!

          • From my mothers side we are an old family also. From Salem and other points in Mass. Actually had 4 ancestors answer the minute man alarm when the redcoats marched from Boston to Lexington and Concord to confiscate colonists stores of arms. A few more in the Continental Line as well.
            Anyroad you’ll find a good place. JDF

    • Yes Jimmy everyone is a moron but your self. (Looked into that self important wordpress site of yours) You call your self a “Patriotic progressive”. Let’s see, “progressive” is another term to cover up the barbs on the word “socialist”. Further “patriot” indicates someone that wouldn’t care to see the U.S. turned into another third world country. That is exactly what your “messiah” Obama is about. So Jimmy boy, your terms to desribed your self are mutually exclusive.
      You have, however, spent a great deal of time in the lecture halls including Poli. Sci. and of course journalism, so I have no doubt that you are an accomplished propagandist. Lie, steal, cheat, kill, any means justifys the end eh comrade?
      Expell people that sign these little petitions at blogs? – you would have to expell more than 50% of the populus and the Constitutional Millitary. Need I remind you that “they” are more than near ready to tell OBadma to piss up a rope. Hey, were it possible to expell us, we’d be back – better armed – more steadfast in resolve. Guess what border we would cross? Oh gawd I just gotta laugh… along now and tell all your little marxist friends……..

      • ““patriot” indicates someone that wouldn’t care to see the U.S. turned into another third world country”

        Interesting take, JD. You might share it with these folks:

        “That is exactly what your “messiah” Obama is about.”

        As any regular here–or anyone who has actually read the “self important wordpress site” that you mention–should know by now, I didn’t even vote for Obama. let alone worship him.

        “Lie, steal, cheat, kill, any means justifys the end eh comrade?”

        Ah, more of those conservative “nuggets-o-tolerance” that Utah likes to go on about here on the RNL.

        “Expell people that sign these little petitions at blogs?”

        I don’t believe anyone would seriously propose that, though I know that some partisans are seriously humor-impaired. It’s the conservatives who keep talking about leaving, not the libs who want to “expel” people based on their views (however cowardly they may be in hiding behind pseudonyms as they express those views or sign those petitions).

        “Oh gawd I just gotta laugh”

        Perhaps Augger could prescribe something for you. By the way, I’d have thought that a successful mystery writer like yourself would be better with grammar and spelling. Thank God for editors, huh, Jessica?

        • Oh golly. I’ve been scolded by the late, great Jimmy MacPherson. You don’t like my grammar or spelling? Don’t read it.
          You don’t like my intolerance toward socialism? Too effing bad sweetheart. It’s not going to become any more tender.
          You even had to bad mouth Augger and Utah. Yup, everybody is a moron but you Jimmy boy. How’s your tolerance for those that are not of your ilk? Nice try on the re-direct.

          • What “Jimmy” would not care to admit in his flippant post that he just vomited forth from his keyboard, is the fact that Mr. Perfect over there makes some typos of his own, yet he just loves to police other’s grammar from time to time … when it suits his fancy, that is.

            Tolerance JD? With McPherson, as you said … only when you agree with him. Otherwise, his sensitivities are damaged, and he rambles off on tirades all butt-hurt like that.

            And yes Professor, there is medications for that. You send me your pysch eval, and I will be happy to prescribe something for you.

  1. Some things to consider…assuming we can remove our citizens portion of the SS, Medicare, Medicaid funds to continue to provide for those who depend on them (elderly, retired, etc.) (which I doubt we could as it would most likely “break the bank” of what is left of the USA) would we set up something similar to replace them? I’m not worried about military, most would move immediately to the red states, don’t you think?

    • Pat,

      I think I will address this and other related issues in my next post on this subject. Lord willing, I might even get to it tonight, but I have work to do first — to make up for my writing during my normal work day today. 🙂

  2. Ummm- considering that the “left” won the election- don’t you think it’s a bit…hyperbolic to be polite- to say secession would be kicking the liberals out of the union?? Get real- and have fun. And don’t expect be to be welcomed back…

    • Don’t worry lefty, there won’t be anything desireable to come BACK to. Look up pictures of East Germany circa 1960s or the Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics. Hey that’s right isn’t it, they just called themselves socialists too. Sounds pretty doesn’t it socialist , all social and warm and fuzzy like. Lottsa luck when you discover who your uncle Joe is.

  3. Before you kick California out of the new nation please here me out. Did you know that geographically California votes overwhelmingly conservative? It’s true! We have two large population centers of Democratic cool aid drinking lemings and illegals who control our states destiny. We have in the past tried dividing are state into two or three smaller states to better represent the largest income producing people of California. It was met with the same resistance in Sacramento as you will find with Washington if you try and leave the union. You now know after this election that this is not a California problem. Everyone has family spread around and businesses operate thru out each state geographically. It is not possible to separate us by blue and red zones. We need to unite in everyway possible way and fight them with their own system. They thrive on other peoples money so file tax extentions as long as legally possible. They have shown in the last four years they don’t give a hoot how you think or care what happens to you. They do care about your “MONEY”. So delay giving it to someone who does not represent you. We are open to any ideas. We are starting to fly our flags at upside down here because we are a country in distress. Americans don’t quit! Americans stand by each other! I was born in Idaho, lived in Washington and have spent most of my life in California. Don’t believe we are different here. We are the same patriots no matter what state we come from and we need to make life miserable for any leeches that threaten our freedom

    • Len,

      LOL, no worries. Those conservative parts of CA are adjacent to conservative parts of Nevada and New Mexico, as well. The way I see it, you sane alcoves in the “shale and bake” state can just cut yourselves off from the nut cases and tag along with the rest of us.

          • Yup Yup I know , just had to mess with your serenity for a sec ha !! 😉 You may actually realize a nice big block of red
            from the Oregone border down to saaay, well, something excluding Sacramento.

            • JDF,

              Keep me honest, I appreciate and NEED the help 😉

              Yes, I will address this issue by the end of the day. I have no plans to let up on this idea — especially since “they” think they should take citizenship away from anyone thinking we may need to secede. If that does not paint our current govt. in the same light as the 1776 Crown, I don’t know what more people want before they will wake up. 😦

    • “Did you know that geographically California votes overwhelmingly conservative?”

      So does the rest of the country, of course. Cities have more people than farms have. Fortunately, we set up governments to represent people, not livestock.

      • No more NYC; no more SF; no more Los Angeles; no more drain down a black hole? Guess we’ll just have to muddle on with out you. Darn, I hadn’t thought of that.

  4. I am New to this site….Found it through Tea Party Patriots e-mail….although I am not officially a TP member. I like this Blog and the Secession Topic. We currently live happily in Texas…..Got out of Calif 20 years ago, even tho we have family there ,some in the Bay Area and some in LA, it is the BEST choice we ever made.

    TrappedinCA and Len Ward…I feel Ur pain….but CA will never change. The Huge Red areas in the Majority of the Congressional seats is quite striking to see…and nice too.

    The Point of a Secessionist Union would NOT be to rule over other RED states…..but to join in Common Enterprise to support a newly formed Constitutional Republic….like minded folks who believe in Enterprise and supporting each others right to Chose their own path in life. Although there are demographic liabilities here….Illegals coming in and endemic Democrats in the south along with Hostile Liberals in the Cities like Austin and Houston….even with all that there is a Spirit of Freedom here !! It is real…….and I must admit it was quite nice to see how many Folks in other states started Petitions to Seceed….reflected well in a map of the Congressional Districts of the US being Overwhelmingly RED.

    The point of all these Petitions I think is the expression of Huge Common ground and the desire to Connect and express that phrase of Lincoln….”That Government of the People, By the people, and For the people….shall not Perish from the earth”. Perhaps this will lead to further TP/Conservatives Marching on Washington and written petitions to the Governors, Perhaps it can be leveraged to show the GOP leadership we want some Spin NOW , NOT capitulation to Leftist ideas …….

    As it was True at our Founding……….. United we Stand !

    • “I am New to this site….Found it through Tea Party Patriots e-mail….although I am not officially a TP member. I like this Blog and the Secession Topic”

      Thanks for coming by! Come often, and break bread with us. 🙂

      warning: we can be a rowdy bunch.

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