Life After Death Strongly Suggests Obama Knew About Benghazi And Petraeus

Sec. Defense was recently asked — point blank — whether or not he knew about the alleged Petraeus affair.  He replied that “He did not know the answer to that!!!”  The only way that you cannot know if you knew is if you’re dead — physically, or mentally. So, if Peneta was telling the truth and he does not know if he knew, he is admitting he is dead.


Many parts of the body live long after the brain, lungs and heart cease to function. Bureaucracies are much the same way: they continue to function long after the head of a government ceases to function. This is the essence of what Reagan meant when he commented that a government bureaucracy is the closest thing to eternal life on earth.

So, how does this “strongly suggest” that Obama knew about Benghazi and Petraeus? Because telling the President about such things have become an institutional part of the bureaucracy surrounding the President: it’s just what the political, military and intelligence arms do. It’s reflexive for the people in these parts of government and political Parties. It strains the bounds of credibility to believe they wouldn’t tell Obama…unless….

Unless Obama actually is an empty suit: a teleprompter reader who holds the position because of the image he presents while his puppet master(s) actually run the organs of government. In all honesty, this would explain two problems with what we’re seeing right now:

First, it would explain how Obama could NOT know about Benghazi and Petraeus. The bureaucracies would still report to the person in charge, it’s just that the person in charge is not Obama.

Second, it would explain why his handlers seldom allow Obama to speak off prompter, and why he so often looks surprised by what is on that teleprompter when he reads his lines. It even explains why he seems to have so much difficulty speaking without stuttering when off prompter: he doesn’t know what he is supposed to say so he actually has to access his independent programming (and that isn’t so good).

You either have to accept that things are not what they appear and start looking for rational reasons to explain the discrepancies, or you have to face the reality we’re being told to accept. We have a drunken, sex-craved Secret Service that is continuously embroiled in scandal. We have a President who doesn’t even know when the U.S. is under military assault by hostile foreign forces. You have a Government that cannot figure out what happened in Fast & Furious, yet it knows about the sex life of the CIA Director. No, no, I was going to list all the scandals associated with this administration that strain the bounds of reason, but that would take too long – especially since it all points to a reality far from that which we’re being told to believe.

HOWEVER, if things are as they appear, then we still have a reason for secession: because – if things are as we’re told they are – then the federal government has ceased to function and the only signs of life are the involuntary actions of the bureaucracies.

10 thoughts on “Life After Death Strongly Suggests Obama Knew About Benghazi And Petraeus

  1. But Joe…it is just like with Professor McProgressive, drugboy and the Commie Crustacean and us trying to pin a socialist label on Obama – or them… Obama can’t be responsible unless he SPECIFICALLY was told in excruciating detail…and he acknowledged it in triplicate. Just a general briefing or a 3 am phone call wasn’t enough. I mean, if it was really important, he wouldn’t have gone to Vegas to that fundraiser or been playing golf when the Petraeus scandal broke, now would he, you bigot?…And if one thing was left out, that means that he couldn’t possibly have had accurate enough information to do anything, so his inaction isn’t incompetence, it is prudence.

    We can’t hold him responsible for what his administration does because, you know. Racist.

    Or something.

    Besides this isn’t a scandal because the New York Times doesn’t think it is. It doesn’t have the liberal seal of scandal approval like, well, everything that Bush did.

    But there you go,

    Like I said…

    Bush’s fault.

    • Utah,

      Like I said: grown children are running the asylum. Now, we either need to put them in the corner (a time out), or flee from this bunch of “Lord of the Flies” escapees.

  2. Chaos.

    TelePrompter? (Playbook)

    No; this all appears to be chaos from outside. They are moving at light speed following the actions of their PLAYBOOK.

    That’s why, when Sec Def said he didn’t know, he hadn’t been informed, or had forgotten the next “play” in the flow chart.

    Axel rod: they’d have to steal it. He knew the outcome B4 the event occurred. So you now know the “game” had already been manipulated for a pre-determined outcome.

    How do you know “they” knew the outcome, ZERO reactions from the O administration.

    W/N 24 hours the United Nations sets the “arms” issue on the calendar? Not planned ahead of time? Sure. Right.

    Planned appearance of Chaos. Time for for those that can, to awaken. Our very lives depend upon it.

  3. Laura Broadwell, Jill Kelley, general John Allen are all media intent maneuvers to distract from the main responsibility of frm General and frm CIA director David Petraeus in the Benghazi CIA arms smuggle operation leading to the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens, frm seals Glenn Doherty and Tyrone Woods and intell. Officer Sean Smith in which Turkish Consul General Ali Sait Akin played a complicit role as well..
    It now appears that on top of the suspicion that the Russians through their proxies forced the confiscation of the illegal CIA weapon delivery on the Libyan-flagged vessel Al Entisar, which means “The Victory”, received in the Turkish port of Iskenderun, near the Syrian border, on September 06, just five days before the attack on the US consulate…. is surpassed by the fact that these US send Manpads RPGs etc can be deployed against Israel, Turkey through the Kurds and against the Jordanian monarchy.
    Not only is the Benghazigate about treason committed by Obama in smuggling weapons to AL Qaeda but also to the endangering of several neighboring western friendly countries in the region as well …
    This brings back Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta in the political blame game …
    Benghazigate is and has been from the beginning a international scandal or betrayal to the level of the Hitler Stalin Pact

    • Theo Prinse,

      Thanks for your comment. In the event that you are new here, or may have missed them, if you do a search on the RNL, you will find I have written several detailed posts explaining how there is already enough information in the public record to support a charge of treason against Obama and several members of his Administration.

      I assure you, I am on the same page and — as a former Marine — I take the charge seriously.

        • I included you in my very hawt Rule 5. I assigned you Denzel as he is one of my favourite actors. One fine day — un bel di — I shall meet all of you silly boys.

          I’ve just been hangin at the Martin with these silly girls. My sister japped me today in traffic, and I started cursing about what a dumbass driver that was; then my son tells me, “Mom, that’s Aunt C.” Yes, my famiily is …………………… strangely fascinating.

          Oh, wait! There more! My family members keep inviting more and more people for Thanksgiving (we’re now up to 27) so silly C., who cut me off in traffic today, decides to call the pastor and see if we can eat at the church. Now C. is telling me that pastor asked if we wouldn’t mind having a few people that would be alone. “No,” says C., “our family is really cool about that.” She is right about that, but dang! I wish to hello I had a head count! If Church Lady comes, I’m sittin her ass next to C.! Uh-huh!

          That’s what’s going on in a nutshell……

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