“Sustained Development and Agenda 21:” Echoes of Logan’s Run

Have you seen this?

Do you understand what is implied by the old needing to say “I have lived a good life?” Here, I’ll show you:

It is all connected to the Global Depopulation Movement:

Kissinger, Eugenics And Depopulation

Turner’s Depopulation Plan: “We’re Too Many People; That’s Why we Have Global Warming”

Depopulation of the World

I have told you before: these people openly tell the world what they believe, what they want to do and how they intend to do it.  All you need to know is where to find it and how to understand the way they use the language.  The reason so few people are aware of this and that even fewer believe it is because they control the public discourse.  that is the essence of these quotes: the purposeful control of what can be discussed and how it is perceived:

At any given moment there is an orthodoxy, a body of ideas which it is assumed all right-thinking people will accept without question. It is not exactly forbidden to state this or that or the other, but it is “not done”… Anyone who challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds himself silenced with surprising effectiveness. A genuinely unfashionable opinion is almost never given a fair hearing, either in the popular press or in the highbrow periodicals.

–George Orwell

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the [public] is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.’

–Edward Bernays

It is the absolute right of the state to supervise the formation of public opinion.

–Joseph Goebbels

These plans to depopulate the world are not fiction: they have been finalized and set in active motion. They manifest themselves in many ways, most often connected to the environmental movement.  They are connected to the attack on fossil fuels, “The Green Movement,” “Global Warming” and “Gaeism” (worship of the earth as god).  You’ll also find that it is connected to China’s one child policy (a program George Bush Sr appears to have had a hand in establishing) and the ban on DDT (without which, millions who now die every year due to malaria would still be alive).  it’s even connected, through the eugenics movement — to the push for abundant abortions and the advancement of the homosexual lifestyle and even Obamacare.

You might want to start looking into this.  These are a couple good stories to help you with that:

Get the EXCLUSIVE report on Agenda 21 from The Blaze Magazine

Beck Urges More Local Action Against UN’s Agenda 21


ALL of the stuff I post about is so interconnected as to weave a tapestry so large, it is easier to dismiss me as being a nut than to see the big picture — but see the big picture you must.  It would help if you would look for the connections that help you see this bigger picture rather than for excuses that help you ignore the tapestry because that tapestry is real and it is right before all of us.

13 thoughts on ““Sustained Development and Agenda 21:” Echoes of Logan’s Run

  1. 24.3 (d) Programmes to promote the reduction of the heavy workload of women and girl children at home and outside through the establishment of more and affordable nurseries and kindergartens by Governments, local authorities, employers and other relevant organizations and the sharing of household tasks by men and women on an equal basis, and to promote the provision of environmentally sound technologies which have been designed, developed and improved in consultation with women, accessible and clean water, an efficient fuel supply and adequate sanitation facilities;

    (e) Programmes to establish and strengthen preventive and curative health facilities, which include women-centred, women-managed, safe and effective reproductive health care and affordable, accessible, responsible planning of family size and services, as appropriate, in keeping with freedom, dignity and personally held values. Programmes should focus on providing comprehensive health care, including pre-natal care, education and information on health and responsible parenthood, and should provide the opportunity for all women to fully breastfeed at least during the first four months post-partum. Programmes should fully support women’s productive and reproductive roles and well-being and should pay special attention to the need to provide equal and improved health care for all children and to reduce the risk of maternal and child mortality and sickness;

    Abortion in so many words…
    25.14(b) Ratify the Convention on the Rights of the Child (General Assembly resolution 44/25 of 20 November 1989, annex), at the earliest moment and implement it by addressing the basic needs of youth and children;

    (c) Promote primary environmental care activities that address the basic needs of communities, improve the environment for children at the household and community level and encourage the participation and empowerment of local populations, including women, youth, children and indigenous people, towards the objective of integrated community management of resources, especially in developing countries;

    Destruction of the family unit perhaps….
    29.1. Efforts to implement sustainable development will involve adjustments and opportunities at the national and enterprise levels, with workers foremost among those concerned. As their representatives, trade unions are vital actors in facilitating the achievement of sustainable development in view of their experience in addressing industrial change, the extremely high priority they give to protection of the working environment and the related natural environment, and their promotion of socially responsible and economic development. The existing network of collaboration among trade unions and their extensive membership provide important channels through which the concepts and practices of sustainable development can be supported. The established principles of tripartism provide a basis for strengthened collaboration between workers and their representatives, Governments and employers in the implementation of sustainable development.

    Not communism?!? (gasp)

    This agenda is a way to implement communism under the guise of environmentalism. Yes it is all voluntarily joined into. That is why we must educate and stop participation in it. Some of the ideas are sound, such as stewardship on an individual level and an overall care for the well being of our planet; but if ratifying the UN rights of the child, and ensuring more women are in leadership positions, and promoting worker’s unions have anything to do with environmentalism than I must not know what environmentalism means.

    • Some of the ideas are sound, such as stewardship on an individual level and an overall care for the well being of our planet;


      That is also commanded of every individual by Biblical scripture — in Genesis, no less.

      • I totally concur, you hit it on the head. The fellow I have been debating with just cannot seem to get his head around the fact that the right does not hate the environment, just the government. The previous posts were to show that Agenda 21 falsely claims to be about environmentalism, yet demands all of these social and economic programs and changes (and that they suspiciously sound a lot like communism)?

  2. I only saw the first Logan’s Run. My husband loves the second one; so much so that he bought it. He’s watched it so many times. He tells me I should watch it. Does it follow this, then?

    I’ve never heard of this Agenda 21 business. I’ll have to go to your BFF’s link.

      • I understood perfectly well what you were alluding to. I can’t remember the show; it’s been a long time.

        But can we please talk about important stuff? I’m to have 23 -27 folks over here on Thanksgiving, and this is all due to the fact that my family will invite everbody and their brother so long as it’s not at their house! Admittedly, I do enjoy people. It’s just that our house is just so very Brady. Why do I have the feeling I shall be cast as Alice this year? What are you silly boys doing for Thanksgiving?

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  5. I read the postings on the ping-back here. It would seem that those who look at what is really happening and question the government’s explanation are “Glenn Beck Kool-Aid drinkers.” LOL, I have to tell you, this guy is funny to me. First, if you read me regularly, then you know I am NOT a Beck sycophant. First, I am often ahead of Beck. Second, I follow behind him to confirm for myself what he says to his audience. Third, I disagree with Beck quite often and I say so loudly and clearly. So our ping-back reader missed the mark on that point. But the point I like best is that he is buying the lies given to him by the people pushing Agenda 21. This clearly identifies him as one who is not questioning enough to think for himself or, worse, an actually pusher of the agenda. Case in point: our ping-back reader scoffs at those who believe in black helicopters when the unit that flies them has openly admitted tot heir existence. How can ping-back be a reasonable person when he/she won’t even admit to that which has been acknowledged by the government?

    Look, if you think I am sporting the latest if tin-foil head attire, that’s fine. But don’t be so quick to accept the false reassurance of people like “ping-back” that you ignore what is actually in the public record. And, in this case, Agenda 21 is NOT what we are publicly told it is, and it IS connected with population control. I do not say that because I think so, I say that because many of the people connected to it has publicly said so. You just have to dig for it because peeps like “ping-back” hide and obfuscate it. This is how evil works.

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