This Will Probably Be Funny As Soon As I Stop Crying, But It Ends Well

A prophecy from France (via Insty):

Hear ye, hear ye, Great American Tribe: thou hast lost thy ways and hast forged thyself chains of iron. Hear the Revelations of the prophet Frogman, he who wandered through the barren wasteland of Europa under a wooden yoke and witnessed the terrible plight and dreadful blight that will now descend upon thee:

TO THE GLOATERS crowing over the comments sections of every conservative and Republican websites: burn through every gallons of that sweet euphoria as quickly and fully as you can, for it will very soon become stale and leave only the putrid taste of rot in your mouth. I know you, for I’ve seen your peers and walk among them in the Land of the Frenchmen. Tomorrow, the effects of your plebiscite will pierce through the exhilaration of your victory, and they will crush you as much as they afflict those you mock today.

Just as they did in France, the policies you champion will affect everyone’s standards of living, directly and indirectly. If you are wealthy today, your wealth will dwindle tomorrow. If you are already poor or believe yourself so, you will never rise and prosper.

Soon, just as the French did, you will realize that you’ve elected yourself servants of an unaccountable oligarchy courted by a small intelligentsia to which you will never belong, from which you will never profit and of which you can never get rid. Then, you will join the legions of what the French call les déçus de la Gauche, or “the Left’s disappointed”—Indeed, even in Left wing France, the Left never fails to disappoint its followers for it is made of and thrives on fallacy and deceit.

Just as the French, when you realize that the effects of the political model you tout today cascade and accumulate to the point where you have effectively handed that oligarchy a permanent majority that begins to feed on its pawns—you—it will be too late and your loss will be complete.

Understand this: I am not a US citizen nor a resident in the USA, so this is not the bitter retort of a sore looser. This is a prophecy from a foreigner who has seen your future because he lives in it: you, my friend, who laugh today will cry twice as much tomorrow.

The various flavors of Social Democrats who run Europe (into the ground, admittedly), and share so many features and aspirations with Obama have learned the mistakes of the less subtle autocrats who preceded them. If France can teach you one thing, it’s that Obama will never bleed you dry or push you beyond the threshold of revolt, only to the nearest edge of it: you are now more likely to bleed from a thousand cuts over a thousand years than to get a quick, if violent, resolution to the relentless assaults against your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness—snarky Libertarians who opted to let Obama squat in the Oval Office unopposed on the deluded notion that “it doesn’t matter” and will bring the fall of Leviathan sooner, may want to take notice.

Even the French have not yet managed to completely plunder and ruin their comparatively much weaker economy, and the good Lord knows they’ve been trying for the best of the last 80 years or so.

Tragically, the Frogman is right, and he has more here.

Have a look at what I bolded and see how it compares to these:

First about that whole “shared misery” thing:.

As with every Marxist/communist state, there comes a time when the misery must be borne by the majority of the population as they run out of “rich” people to tax. Before that happens, the lower 75% of the taxpayers had better be calculating the cost of their “free ride” because the bill is going to come due.

Now for the chain gang:

Free men can and often do forge their own chains of oppression. Jefferson made the point that a pressing duty of men vested with the public trust is to prevent the forging of such “public debt” chains for the general public, rich and poor alike, out of the metal intended for coins. Our representatives in government are today piling debt upon debt in order to keep living a lifestyle that cannot be paid for even of all the wealth of the upper 10% of income earners was confiscated. It is folly and is only supported by the ignorance of the people who vote for such foolishness.

And now for a little TJ:

… private fortunes are destroyed by public as well as by private extravagance. And this is the tendency of all human governments. A departure from principle in one instance becomes a precedent for a second; that second for a third; and so on, till the bulk of the society is reduced to be mere automatons of misery, and to have no sensibilities left but for sinning and suffering.

We want just enough of your capitalism to pay for our Marxism…

Do the liberals in America truly believe in America? If you ask them, they are offended. “How dare you insinuate that I’m not an American, that I’m not patriotic”, comes the response, “of course I love this country.” Call one a socialist, and you will no doubt get a lengthy dissertation on how they support freedom and free enterprise. Yeah, the left in America makes a lot of noise that sounds like “democracy”.

America – big fan, they say. I believe, they say.

Well, they aren’t and they don’t.

When push comes to shove, they continually prove that they are entirely incapable of true democratic thought.

Their true heritage is rooted in a fusion of 18th century European autocracy and the collectivist ideals of Karl Marx. Their definition of “freedom” is that which the government allows you to have once it corrects your behavior via legislation and/or bureaucratic fiat in a quest to fulfill their social engineering goals. Free enterprise? Capitalism? Well, they want just enough capitalism to pay for their Marxist policies, no more than that – can’t have too much of that economic freedom running around, can we? People might get the idea that they were free to do what they want – can’t have that.

Sure, they will argue that their statements aren’t Marxist and perhaps they actually believe themselves – but theirs is a conviction based on ignorance of history. Their beliefs are firmly rooted in Marx’s Communist Manifesto and proof is on the pages of every newspaper. “Spread the wealth”, “the rich don’t pay their fair share”, “evil corporations” and “government has to take care of the poor, the elderly and the children” are common idioms. Challenge the idea that government should confiscate wealth and we get “the Tea Party wants the elderly to starve” and conservative Republicans are “terrorists”.

What was “Hope and Change” really about? As the embodiment of policy, it has failed in military, foreign policy, governance and, most spectacularly, economic terms. What success it has achieved has been in attempting to transform the country of the Founding Fathers, one defined by liberty and freedom, into the liberal vision of America, one of collectivism and Marxism.

Back to Frogman for the big finish:

Try and tell that to those Americans who found themselves outnumbered and outgunned by far more disadvantageous enemy ratios, whether in a forest in the Ardennes, a hill in Korea, a valley in Vietnam or a mountain in Afghanistan. Try and tell them you’re considering giving up and burning the flag in despair.

Even though I am just a French, I am quite certain I can predict their reaction.

Once again, you don’t need a lecture from this Frenchman, but it seems to me that some of you, in the emotion of that unexpected electoral defeat, forgot this simple fact: America is always outnumbered.

This unique nation, founded not on feudal or religious fault lines but on a radical philosophy of individual freedom isn’t the norm in this world: it is an anomaly. If you needed a quick and simple reminder on the basis for American exceptionalism, there you go.

America is always outnumbered and, until the rest of the world sees the guiding light and builds shining cities on America’s model—if that day ever comes—America will always be outnumbered.

Yet it doesn’t matter: America’s strength isn’t in numbers, it’s in her soul.

Hear this final prophecy America: only one man can kill the Republic, and it isn’t Barack Obama. The one man who will kill your Republic is the one man who will last give up and renounce it.

Don’t you dare be that man.

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