To All Those on the Left: Obama is in Mortal Peril!

I want to speak directly to those of you who support Obama.  This is a last ditch attempt to reason with you: to show you that we on the Right are not opposed to government, are not racist and do not oppose Obama for personal reasons.


Why do I say that, because — if I believe Obama — the people around him are trying to take over his Presidency while leaving him in physical peril of his life.

Obama claims he did not know what was happening in Fast & Furious.  That means Holder has gone rogue and is a threat to Obama’s Presidency.

Obama claimed he did not know about Benghazi.  That means Paneta AND Hillary Clinton have gone rogue and are a threat to Obama’s Presidency (Paneta AND Clinton are legally obligated to tell Obama when a U.S, ambassador comes under attack).

Obama says he ordered people to help the 4 Americans who died in Benghazi.  Again, that means Paneta has gone rogue and is a threat to Obama’s Presidency (this would mean Obama ordered the Defense Department to send help and it did not, which lays blame at Paneta’s feet again).

Obama says he was told that video caused the Benghazi attack.  That means BOTH Hillary Clinotn and the U.S. Intelligence Community have gone rogue (this would mean Clinton and the intelligence community had to have withheld or knowingly provided false information).

Obama says he did not know about the Petraeus affair.  That means the FBI has gone rogue (it would have detected this affair when Petraeus was being vetted for head of the CIA — before he was appointed tot hat position).

Obama also says there are no terrorists in his Administration, yet it has been proven that Muslim Brotherhood operatives directly connected to known and even unpredicted terrorist groups have been routinely visiting the White House and have been placed inside the DoD, DHS and other high level parts of our govt.  This represents a direct threat to Obama’s Presidency and his life.

Finally, with all these people after Obama’s Presidency and the many threats on Obama’s life that have been reported as coming from the Right, the Secret Service has been allowed to decay into a bunch of sex, alcohol and drug-crazed criminals.  These are the people who are charged with protecting the life of the President, yet, under Obama, they have become nothing more than groupies in dark suits.  This is a threat to the President’s life.

So, to all of you on the Left, I ask:

“Why aren’t you concerned about the apparent threats to Obama’s Presidency and life coming from the people surrounding him?”


As for the rest of us, we can’t help but notice that OBAMA placed and keeps all these people around him, which suggests the real truth lies closer to a fault with Obama than with the people around him.  But then, “That is not the truth the Left is looking for…”

4 thoughts on “To All Those on the Left: Obama is in Mortal Peril!

  1. Hard to decide whether to let the wovles kill and devour him or support an effort for sanctity and unity of operations and save his lying carcass. The truth…does it matter with the total moral degradation that has been forced upon us by the corrupt political machine and through the MSM. If DC would only implode and save us the worries and concerns?

  2. If Obama is in mortal danger, I praise God in heaven. This usurper has asked for it! He is a foreign, muslim, illegal non-citizen of the USA, come to kill the american way. I pray that GOD gives him everything that is coming to him for all of Obamas treasonous acts!!!!!!!!

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