Echoes of Collapses Past: Obama’s Coming Dickens Tale

I have written about this issue several times in the past. Today, I will let this story do it for me:

Glenn Beck Lays Out the Startling Similarities Between Present Day America and the Weimar Republic

For roughly half of the country, or at least those who strongly following both politics and history, the 2012 election serves as a harbinger of the fundamental transformation expedited by Barack Obama that will, ultimately, cause the sun to set on America and its exceptionalism. Those who recall the not-so-distant past recognize a number of similarities in present-day America and European countries that ultimately succumbed to the devices of Socialism or Fascism. During his Wednesday evening broadcast, Glenn Beck examined these similarities, particularly as it relates to the Weimar Republic.

For those unfamiliar, the term “Weimar Republic” refers to Germany between the years 1919 and 1933 when the country was a parliamentary democracy, governed by a true constitution which had been drafted in the city of Weimar. While the Weimar Constitution technically survived until 1945, its last vestiges were truly snuffed out with the installation of Adolf Hitler and his Third Reich.

Under the Weimar Republic, German citizens enjoyed rights not so dissimilar to those found in modern-day America, including the freedom to vote. Thus, Weimar was Germany’s first foray into the concept of democracy. Before World War I, Germany was relatively prosperous, with a gold-backed currency and a burgeoning manufacturing industry.

Watch the video clips in this story – especially the one about how an international precedent has just been set allowing private hedge funds to seize the military assets of sovereign nations. If you do not see the parallels and the perils, well…

15 thoughts on “Echoes of Collapses Past: Obama’s Coming Dickens Tale

  1. Gosh, maybe my son should do his history project on this. Mr. Kells was getting upset with me because I have my own ideas. My son wants to do his project on the Constitutional Convention. One word: Boring! The Weimar Republic story has drama. Plus it has that ugly duckling historical factor going for it. (You know, it’s like those “man on the street who’s-on-the-$5-bill questions” that always get a big laugh…… but this wouldn’t. It would just start a big google search for Weimar.)

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