Glenn Beck STILL Wrong About Secession, AND He’s a Fatty Fat Fat Fatso! ;-)

This will be the second time in two days those here on the RNL who accuse me of drinking at the Kool-Aid fountain of Glenn Beck will have to belly up to their giant heaping of crow pie.


Yes, I am saying that, not only is Beck wrong about what he is saying in this story, but that HE has said he’s wrong in the past:

Here’s Why Glenn Beck Says to Stop All Those Secession Petitions: ‘Are You Out of Your Mind?’

“Now how do you think that’s going to work out?” Beck asked on his radio show. “I mean, how dumb do you have to be?  Really?  You’re putting your name on a list that goes directly to the White House, and you’re putting your name on a list and saying, ‘yeah I think we should secede, I think there should be a Civil War.’”

Let’s handle the easy part first: seceding does NOT mean civil war unless the federal government decides to try and prevent it.  If 30 States try to secede, how likely are the remaining 20 States to actually try to oppose this – especially when the majority of those States are small and internally divided themselves divided – at best?  Then there is the matter of the condition of the nation today as opposed to the 1850’s.  Today, the red States are in a better strategic position to fight than the South was in the War of Northern Aggression.  So, what Beck is really saying is that he either does not have the fortitude to do the tough things necessary to secede which – given his stance on many other issues—I sincerely doubt, or he doesn’t really want liberty as our founders believed in it.

Now, if you know Beck, you may object to this last claim: that Beck doesn’t really want liberty.  But let me explain why I say this before you decide.  Now, this is only for those who have actually listened to Glenn Beck.  Those of you who do not know him, or only know him from the Huffington Post or Daily Kos, you won’t be able to evaluate what follows because you do not know the man well enough to know whether or not I am correct in my own assertions.  But for those who do know Beck:

How many times have you heard Glenn tell you the Federal government is tracking us through our social media, web searches, and other electronic tracking and mapping means?  Well, if you have listened long enough, Beck has warned us about the extent of FaceBook and Google tracking of their customers, as well as data mining of email providers and how other web sites track ALL of our online activities.  He has even bragged about a program he uses that tracks us all while we use his various web sites.

Add all of this to the stories Beck has brought to us about how all of these private companies are in bed with the federal government, and about the new facility that has been built to store All electronic records.  Add it all up and you get the inevitable conclusion that the federal government already knows who we and our individual political persuasions are.  In other words, beck knows that signing that petition won’t tell the government anything they don’t already know.

Now, let me make the case that Beck says Beck is wrong.  I’ll just share these and let you connect the dots to what I just said:

Are Websites Collecting Info on Kids Without Parental Consent?

Here are Some Lesser-Known Privacy Intrusions — and What You Can Do About Them

What’s That in the Sky? Avengers, Superman, or Just Google and Apple Spy Planes?

Are Google and Apple’s New 3-D Aerial Maps a Privacy Invasion?

Your Phone, Yourself — When Is Tracking Too Much?

‘Credibility is dissipating’: Do you trust Google or Facebook?

I took all of those from the first pages of 2 searches on Glenn Beck’s News Blog, The Blaze.  There are many more and some of them even more specific to the issue at hand.  I didn’t bother digging them all up because, if you see my point, I don’t need to: you see the connection.  But then, you can go to the comments in the original story I linked to where Glenn said not to sign and you will see where his own “followers” tell him that anyone who has bought a gun or ammo, survival food, joined Beck’s 9-12 group, gone to a TEA Party meeting, subscribed to GBTV or The Blaze, or any other activity that identifies us politically is already on the government hit list.

Now, rather than telling Americans NOT to sign those petitions, were I beck, I would have urged every American to sign them.  Why?  Not because I believe they will actually lead to secession, but for two more practical reasons.  First, it may send a message to the thick skulls in Washington.  If 50 MILLION sign the petitions, it may shock them.  But more importantly, if 50 Million sign, when they come to get you, there will be enough of us to stand up and say:





5 thoughts on “Glenn Beck STILL Wrong About Secession, AND He’s a Fatty Fat Fat Fatso! ;-)

  1. I am Michelleicas, and I will NOT tolerate you calling anyone a fatty fat fat fatso! (I mean, c’mon! The F-word used four times?!)

    You’re right, you know (about Beck.) The govt. already knows who and where we are, just as the FBI and the CIA knew exactly of the indescretions of Patraeus and Allen…….well before these elections. But it’s a distraction, and your boy Beck has bought it; hook, line, and sinker.

    That said, the paranoia had set in for me as well…………..until Mr. Kells informed me of the ease to dig into a person’s life…..unless you’re Obama…..

  2. My guess is someone with as much clout as Beck does not want to take the lead, because maybe he sees it as a little too controversial. He feels compelled to pooh pooh it without discussing the merits. It doesn’t deter me. Personally I believe a level of intellectual honesty is achieved at RNL that cannot be found anywhere else. We need to be thinking outside of the box, and we can’t depend on talk show personalities to chart the path.

  3. “This will be the second time in two days those here on the RNL who accuse me of drinking at the Kool-Aid fountain of Glenn Beck will have to belly up to their giant heaping of crow pie.”

    They should, but they won’t. Wanna bet? 🙂

  4. Ah yes- 30 states try to secede. Care to show me one state- one measly little state, that has seen even 1% support for this? (let alone anything approaching 50%)

    Anyone? Anyone?….Bueller?

    And you still have yet to answer my question (unless I’ve misse it- been a little busy with actual wor lately) why the **** people are “petitioning” the white house rather then their state governments?

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