Ken Salazar Threat – Full Time Interior Secretary/Full Time Bully

Ken Salazar, Obama’s Interior Secretary get’s a little bit testy with reporter Dave Philipps …

“You know what, you can never do that. This is the Obama… you know what, if you do that again, I’m going to punch you out,” Salazar is heard telling reporter Dave Philipps in an audio recording released by the Gazette Tuesday.

Interior Secretary Salazar to reporter: I’m gonna punch you out

It would seem that muscle bound tough guy Mr. Salazar has some anger management issues to go along with telling the truth issues (remember those falsified quoted reports on oil?).  So could this be the position of this administration moving “Forward”?

The problem with a bully is that one day they will pick on, or threaten the wrong person.  And let’s just face it, ole Ken over there doesn’t much look like a Mike Tyson, or even Ken Shamrock.  It would be wise for him to keep his threats to himself until he finishes a couple of rounds of P90x or something.  But that just isn’t the way of the benevolent liberals who call for compromise on one hand, and threaten to punch folks out on the other, now is it?

4 thoughts on “Ken Salazar Threat – Full Time Interior Secretary/Full Time Bully

  1. Found this site via iOwntheWorld, gotta say, loving this place. Oh, and I would love for Ken Salazar to talk to me like that for just one moment.

  2. I think Salazar had a moment of confusion. My sources tell me he’s quite fond of the “Obama” (the blow-up sex doll which sells for roughly $29.99) I’ve heard it said that Salazar is loaded — or would you say packed?—- when he’s carryin his Obama.

  3. Ah yes. The “liberal” salazar. The one who environmental groups overwhelmingly opposed. Who, as Senator, presented, and backed AG nominee Alberto Gonzales. Was part of the gang of 14″ who forced an end to Democrat fillibusters of bush judicial appointees. Vote against increasing fuel efficiency standards. Voted to end protections blocking offshore oil drilling off florida. opposed gay adoptions. Voted against requiring the Army Corp of Engineers to consider global warming in their projects.

    Yes, Salazar- the flaming liberal.

    And why don’t you tell people what this was actually over? A reporter who covers issues around wild horses- calling Salazar out on his personal relationship with (Yom Davis), and his role in government, dealing with the sale of wild horses from public land for slaughter for meat.

    Was his response appropriate or defenisble? No. But to brandhim a liberal, and brand liberals by association, is disingenuous at best. Salazar is a self described “moderate”, whose history and voting record would put him to the right of center.

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