Possible Solutions to the Problems of Secession

So grab your secessionist defibrillators and come on!

Here are a few more thoughts on how secession might work. These are still off the cuff, but they start to deal with some of the practical concerns that would have to be addressed should the States actually try to go this route.

First, we need to deal with the people in blue areas that would be “trapped” inside red States that secede. What is easily missed by just looking at this map is that red and blue do NOT equal people! The colors just show the territory occupied by those people. We must keep in mind that those small blue dots can equal thousands, hundreds of thousands – even millions of people. Still, they will have to be dealt with if secession is to succeed. So here’s a modest proposal:

Tell the people in the blue areas the new nation will NOT have welfare or Medicare or Medicaid or food stamps – not as they understand it, anyway. Then make a 1-time offer to pay the cost of moving them to any blue region of their choice. I believe you will find a great many will “self-deport.” For those who choose to remain behind, they will simply have to make their way in the new nation.

You will also have to deal with people rushing to join this new nation. This problem is a little easier. If they do not bring a marketable skill and/or significant resources with them, they will not be admitted into the new union. It’s just that simple. This new nation will defend its borders, but it will also have a realistic immigration and an economically sound worker’s VISA policy, as well.

Next, when the States secede, they will nationalize all property within their boundaries. The States will not keep this property. If your mortgage is now held by Fannie or Freddy, you will own your home outright. Those federal lands that fall within the seceding States will be sold to private interests to help raise revenues for the States. If those federal lands contain mineral resources, the States will still retain power to govern mining and drilling operations, but in a manner more in keeping with the way Alaska handles this. Charter Companies will be permitted to operate for fixed periods of time and a portion of all resources that are harvested will be paid to the States to be used to support the government of the States.

This brings us to the issue of corporations. The new nation will have to address the disconnect represented by artificial entities such as corporations and the governing allegiance to natural law. In short, corporations will not be allowed. The States can authorize Charter Companies with fixed time limits for their existence (say, no more than 10 years). Otherwise, people will have to return to the concept of co-ops. This will keep people and not corporations legally liable – and thus – more responsible for their actions.

Next, the issue of national taxation should be addressed. A person cannot be said to actually own anything that is subject to taxation, so I would propose there be ZERO property and/or income taxes for the national government of the seceded States. A sales tax should suffice. Furthermore, I would urge the same for the States. NOTE: as there will be no corporations, there will be no corporate taxation, either.

The new federal government of the seceded States would be bound down even tighter to only those things authorized by the AMENDED enumerated powers of the Constitution. We will be keeping but AMENDING the Constitution and the Declaration as it currently stands. The new nation should also bind the two documents back together as our founders told us they were always intended to be. That will provide an additional check on the Constitution in and of itself.

The new nation will NOT be imperialistic. It will have need ONLY for defensive military force. As such, the military needs will be greatly reduced. A great deal of those needs will come from the military forces already in the physical area of the new nation, as well as from those military forces that will “come over” to the new nation as the secession proceeds.

Foreign investment: I would propose that any foreign entity wishing to locate within the territory of the new nation be allowed to do so and NOT be taxed, but that that entity also should be allowed to operate ONLY as a Charter Company. This would limit it to 10 years before it would have to re-apply and then set up under a new Charter. The people, thus the States, retain control over ALL Charter Companies – foreign and domestic (see Jefferson and Franklin for more on this issue). This should draw a great deal of foreign investment as these companies will NOT be taxed.

Environmental concerns: Since there will be no more corporations to insulate their owners, all the States will have to do is pass prudent environmental protection laws and then prosecute those who violate them. This will also have the effect of making ALL their property subject to confiscation to pay any restitution that may arise as a result of breaking those laws. Tort reform should function along similar lines with the loser paying the full cost =20% of any suit by law. Finally, damages should go directly to the injured Party and NONE of it to the government. The principle of natural law is to make the injured party whole, not the government rich.

Currency could be set to whatever value the country decides: resources, land, etc. But it is possible and should be attempted that the nation set its currency to the gold standard. This would not be easy, but it should be possible – especially if the nation demands payment for its oil and other necessary exports in gold or other precious metals.

Social Security and other existing entitlements will present the greatest challenge. My suggestion would be to pass a law that would commit each State to contribute a set amount to diminish each year toward a fund that will be spent on basic needs for those people currently living on these entitlements. This set amount will NOT be reduced should the recipient find work or ear dividends or any other type of income. HOWEVER, the program would need to be tailored for those already on these programs or too close to drawing them to be reasonably expected to make new plans. It would also be designed from the onset to end after a set number of years – to be determined by the States of the new nation.

So there you go: a few things to think about and how we might go about doing them. Again, these are off the top of my head, and the specific details have intentionally been left for the seceding States to work out for themselves. Unlike the people we are talking about leaving, I have no need or desire to dictate to others. I simply want to live in a nation where I am allowed to live according to natural law. It just needs to be remembered that natural law dictates the equal protection of all, not just the majority interest.

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