My Case Against Public Education and Journalism: Made in 1 Story

Here is exhibit A:

6th Grade Class Given Assignment to Write Stories Against Conservative Organization

Frankly, I have a hard time getting my mind around this story. A teacher in a 6th Grade “journalism” class at a public school in Southern California distributed the materials below to students. The materials are highly critical of ALEC, The American Legislative Exchange Council, a membership organization of conservative state legislators. The students were assigned to use the materials to write news articles critical of the organization. Did I mention this was for 6th graders?

If you do not see the irony in exhibit A, as much as I regret having to say this (because it’s probably not your fault), YOU are exhibit B. 😦

12 thoughts on “My Case Against Public Education and Journalism: Made in 1 Story

  1. oh my. OF course taxpayer dollars going to teach that the loch ness monster is real (and hence- evolution is false” is just fine and dandy:

    Or the Texas GOP official platform decring the teaching of “Critical thinking” in schools:

    Or the countless states that insist on teaching “intelligent design” as science. Or removing mention of the civil rights struggles. who…Oh never effing mind.

    • Orange, Massachusetts where it is apparently an elementary school child is not allowed to draw a U.S. flag to honor his siblings in the army because… wait for it… a U.S. flag might offend another student.

      How about you for once, Drugs, talk to us about liberal lunacy in schools. Or hell, maybe you can explain to how Guam is going to tip over, or how Holder’s argument that we must brainwash kids in schools about gun rights?

      Oh wait, you can’t do that. There is no liberal talking point for that.

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