Prep Yourself For Obamacare

Forbes lists 5 things to do now to prevent problems later:

  1. Get a good primary care doctor, if you haven’t already done so.
  2. Use a Health Savings Account (HSA).
  3. Consider a concierge or “direct pay” physician.
  4. Consider medical tourism, when appropriate.
  5. Help your doctor work on your behalf.

I heard on the radio last night (iHeart internet radio is great, I can listen to American radio from Scotland) that you need to be careful with HSAs because the law has changed what is eligible to pay for with an HSA – all over-the-counter drugs are now excluded, for example.

I received this in my email from Katie Hooks at today:

We’re often told the free market won’t work in health care, but a new Reason TV report finds Oklahoma City Surgery Center’s free market approach—they publicly post the prices of all procedures and skip insurance companies by working directly with patients and employers—allows them to deliver first-rate medical care at a fraction of what traditional hospitals in the city charge. For example, Reason TV talks to a doctor who performed a “complex bilateral sinus procedure” at Oklahoma City’s Integris Baptist Medical Center where the bill totaled $33,505. When the very same doctor performs the very same procedure at the Surgery Center the all-inclusive price is just $5,885.

Watch Reason TV’s “Oklahoma Doctors vs. Obamacare” here:

or here, to see how competition and transparency are reducing Oklahoma’s health care costs in ways that Obamacare can only dream of.

9 thoughts on “Prep Yourself For Obamacare

    • “Back to the good ole days, nothing will lower costs more than no insurance and no lawsuits!”

      Unfortunately, until a Tort Reform occurs (obviously a point ignored in Obamacare), there will always be open ended lawsuits, and thus … defensive medicine.

      • I should have been more clear with this comment; in govt healthcare; the lines will be so long & resources in such short supply, people will get seen to far out, or just given a “pill” as Obama admitted.

  1. Augger,
    Will Obamacare prohibit the surgery center from continuing in business?

    What happens when the vast majority of doctors say ” I’m going to work for self pay ONLY “?

  2. I thought the state of Wyoming was going to put up a fight. Not so much. Looks like we are going with the federally-run exchange, which, if I understand right, means a lot of businesses will be forced to give up their current plans. I cannot believe a man with the middle name ‘Hussein’ is making our healthcare decisions. Perhaps the RFID chip could spur a nationwide refusal.

  3. I wish every single reporter would ask Obama and all the other politicians “If Obamacare is so great, then how come all you politicians, your staff and all your family members are EXEMPTED from having to participate in it?”

    I wish every single physician (myself included) could go to direct pay by patients. Unfortunately as an inpatient intensive care doctor it is highly unlikely that I can ever do so.

    Perhaps doctors all should go on strike…manifesting as refusal to provide any medical care services whatsoever to politicians and their staff and family members who voted to support Obamacare. All ambulance chasing lawyers and their family members should be included in that medical boycott.

    This attempt at making us all slaves to marxist politicians makes me sick.

    • If I were president, the first executive order that I would issue is to remove any exemption from being subject to any law passed from any government agency.

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