RNL Reader Connects Lenin’s Revolution to American History/Politics

An RNL reader, AWKingsley, posted a comment in one of Utah’s recent posts that I think deserves to be elevated to a post all in itself.  I strongly urge everyone on the RNL to read this and remember: what happens today is driven by what happened yesterday:


The Russian Revolution was accomplished with only 100,000 revolutionaries out of a population of 184.6 million people in Russia in 1917. By that token, it would take only 170,012 people out of a population of 313,847,465 people in the U.S. to accomplish a Bolshevik Revolution in the U.S. So folks, this is the small number of people that we are actually fighting to accomplish Constitutional Government and freedom, but the Bolsheviks have co-opted so many people and infiltrated so many organizations with their disinformation campaigns that we have a huge education problem on our hands.
The Communist Party was educating its members to infiltrate Christianity; Communist professors were documented with having urged infiltration of Christianity. Extremely well-meaning people, right now and for over 30 years, were lead to destroy Middle Class wealth, the Christian religion, and ultimately themselves. It is not that the precepts the Communists advance are incorrect; it is that they are being advanced to the exclusion of everything else, which destroys our economy and our churches. Evangelical Christians must be educated to understand that the Pro-Life campaign, begun in the 1970s, was a disinformation campaign. It is not that Pro-Life is wrong: It is that hollering at people does not solve the problem. Do you like to be hollered at? Do you like listening to people holler all of the time? Being hollered at or listening to a bunch of people hollering turns you off – Right? A confrontational approach is mean to Christianity, the Christian way of life, and to Christians themselves. The Pro-Life campaign started during the late 1970s – early 1980s Recession. Now, why would the Pro-Life campaign have started at this particular time? The issue at that time was obviously fiscal and economic. Why would anyone be asked to focus on “Right to Life” during an economic crisis? And, why after over 30 years of rants has there been no resolution to the Pro-Life issue? The Pro-Life campaign was told way back in the 1970s when it first started that it is impossible to legislate morality, so why does this group continue down the same worn path even though they experience so little success?

For a little background on the era and the most obvious issue of the times, the Recession of the 1970s-1980s happened because of the same problem we have today. Our banks were being bankrupted due to defaulting loans to Developing Countries. Texas was destroyed economically, and Dallas changed hands. Reagan needed to end the U.S. relationship with the World Bank and the IMF, but instead the effort to loan money to Developing Countries was redoubled. Banks today carry all of the defaulted Developing Country loans on their books as good assets. If a Developing Country cannot pay the interest, the bank rolls the interest into the principal and rolls the whole loan over for another term. But, our Federal Government only came up with the idea of having banks call those defaulted loans good assets after they completely gutted Texas, which was the intention in the first place when you think about it, wasn’t it? Texas was “King”! Texas was perceived to have too much power, and Texas wealth derived from a tendency toward Laissez Faire Capitalism, the anti-thesis of Socialism. For a Socialist, what was there to like about Texas? For wealth re-distributing Communists and Socialists, the answer was “nothing”. In addition to hiding the fiscal and economic crisis behind Pro-Life, fashion moguls made Texas chic the rage. Everything “Texas” was in vogue during the 1970s – early 1980s Recession. Texas was set-up and gutted. How could anyone blame the Elitist Globalist Socialists for gutting Texas when they obviously loved and revered Texas so much so that they wore boots and prairie dresses all of the time?
The fashion rage and the Right to Life issue were coined to hide and distract Evangelical Christians (Texas Middle Class) attention away from the real issue at hand – the immorality of Socialism, including the economic destruction of the Middle Class by Socialism. Destruction of Texas by the Mid 1970s – early 1980s Recession serves as a reminder and example for the destruction of the Middle Class. Some of the finest and most clever businessmen in the world were wiped out by the Socialist scheme to bankrupt Texas banks. Socialism produces immorality because it allows the Federal Government to pay for immorality, regulate it, and legislate it.

There are too many people who do not want the Pro-Life issue resolved. Too many Pro-Life organizations make millions off Christian donations, and they do not want their livelihoods threatened. Do you really think these activists want the Pro-Life issue solved? How would these activists make a living if the Pro-Life issue was resolved? The solution to the Pro-Life issue is quite simple, and if Evangelical Christians will embrace it they will keep their churches, their wealth, and avoid self-destruction. Give Libertarianism, the wisdom of Our Founding Fathers, respect. Libertarian-Republicans are not going to continue allowing the Federal Government to pay for immorality and vice or the consequences of vice. Constant hollering about Pro-Life and other Social Issues instead of talking about Constitutional Government and freedom raises tremendous opposition. Stop hollering and take action against the real problem with a method that works – a message of freedom and Constitutionalism. Evangelical Christians need to quietly move to a position that guarantees the success of their goals.

The big beautiful cathedrals in France are empty on Sunday, monuments to a by-gone era when God reigned. Christian worship in all of Europe is non-essential; the Socialist state took over, and God’s blessings are no longer necessary. However, notice the melt-down of the Euro. Without God’s blessings, no nation can be successful. There is a new reformation coming to Christianity, if Christianity is going to survive. The Christian revolution must start with action toward freedom from victimization by all of the government spending and Liberalism, not with hollering at people. It must start with a new message of freedom and Constitutionalist Government for Christians.

George Washington was an amazing man in God’s eyes: In that terrible winter at Valley Forge, angels appeared to George Washington foretelling the future of America. George Washington marshalled his little rag-tag army to victory in spite of all odds. George Washington’s philosophy, Libertarianism, is God’s political philosophy. Jesus Christ wants freedom for his flock, so they can prosper and enjoy God’s grace. Our Founding Fathers wanted prosperity and freedom from tyranny for America above all else.

Betrayal of Christians is rampant. A new game was introduced in the past few years that keeps Christians from accepting Libertarianism as the only viable solution to our nation’s problems, and that is Reaganism. NeoCons promote Ronald Reagan instead of Our Founding Fathers, even though Our Founding Fathers were so much closer to God than Ronald Reagan. The NeoCon RINOs do not want Libertarianism; they want Liberalism and Globalist Corporatism. Ronald Regan, while paying lip-service to the philosophy of Our Founding Fathers, frequently fell short when it came to actual policy. Evangelical Christians need to choose political mentors who were the closest to God, Our Founding Fathers. Ronald Reagan was an inspiring speaker, but he obviously did not embrace the philosophy that could insure survival of the Christian religion for all generations to come. Only freedom and strict adherence to our Constitution guarantees the survival of Christianity in America.


2 thoughts on “RNL Reader Connects Lenin’s Revolution to American History/Politics

  1. I loved your comment, and I’m glad that B. made it into a post. ” Betrayal of Christians is rampant.” I’ve noticed that too. Why is it that other religions can force the govt. to adhere to the separation of church and state, but not Christianity? Some articles come to mind, but we’re about to eat. I shall return!

    I say, one of these boys posted a great quote by Lenin…..or was it Stalin?…..dang! I can’t remember. It was a quote on religion, and it’s very pertinent. I guess I’ll scroll when I get back…..unless one of these boys will be my best friend forever.

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