Today I was trolling around the web and came upon an article on Fox News regarding Sandy. What surprised me was the sheer adoration for failure on this administration’s behalf.  Here’s the deal: This couple (Tarek Moustafa and MaryLou Wong ) had their house flooded and destroyed by Sandy. What’s amusing to me is — let me interrupt myself……

I’m a Floridian and have dealt with the damages of hurricanes for as long as I can remember. FEMA is not a regular in FL, so you better have some kick-ass insurance. To save yourself money, you better be real handy at being a DIY’er. It also helps if you’ve got a great support group (friends, family, church, insurance policy, &c.)  to help you get through the tough times.

Well, according to Moustafa and Wang , the response to this disaster isn’t Obama’s fault (they still voted for him.) It’s all FEMA’s fault!  Wang lamented on FEMA:

“Our house is completely damaged, destroyed and they say ‘insufficient damage?’” Wang, a postal worker, said incredulously. “I still like Obama, so I’m not going to say he’s not doing good for us. He’s working on it.”

Read more:

I’d love to know what the hello he’s been workin on besides his golf game and his campaign.

This article made me think on another Sandy. In the Broadway musical, Annie, lil orphan Annie rescues a pooch which she calls Sandy. The irony is that she is in no better of a predicament than the dog, yet she has compassion. I suppose what I’m trying to get across is that human compassion will always trump govt. compassion because it is fair, it is of one’s own free will, and it is friendship as opposed to dictatorship.

If you fast forward to 6:00, you’ll meet Sandy.

4 thoughts on “Sandy

  1. Who the hell do you think runs FEMA ” Obama the Clown”. You voted for the idiot now go repair your own house and shut the hell up.

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