I spend a great deal of time on the RNL trying to show people how seemingly unrelated stories are not connected. If I have managed to do any good in all my time here, then I shouldn’t need to connect the dots for you on these two stories:

Argentina ship in Ghana seized over loans default

An Argentine naval ship has been seized in Ghana at the request of investors who lost out when Argentina defaulted on its loans in 2001.

Red Flag Over the Atlantic

China is angling to take over a U.S. airbase in the Azores.

Now, would anyone like to talk about how China might be thinking we could pay off all that money we owe them?


  1. Ever land on Boardwalk with a hotel and have to start selling off your property just to make the payment? Yeah.

    Maybe this is why Romney wanted to do more business with South America.

    • Justin,

      I think you missed the point. It isn’t that Argentina WANTED to sell off their NAVAL vessel, it was STOLEN! According to international law, that is piracy. But it may be that they will be allowed to get away with this. If the precedent is set and allowed to stand, then any nation we owe money to could impound a carrier and keep its entire air wing — nukes and all!

      • @Joe:
        Ah, I was referring to the US air base going to China. With the Suez/Mediterranean going to Egypt/Iran, and now the possibility of the Azores going to China, it appears that US/Great Britain might have to go around the Cape of Good Hope to trade with Asia.

        But how do you impound a carrier? Wouldn’t it … nuke you?

        • The bases seldom actually belong to the U.S. — they are generally on long-term lease. Yes, the installations hold value, but the U.S. cannot “sell” a base it does not own. So, the only way to get assets in return for our debt is to take something of value we actually own. Now, certain territories would fall under that heading — like Guam!

  2. Did you put that Luminosity “remember things” ad up for me? Sorry….. what were y’all talkin about? Oh, China! Here’s another problem: (at least in my mind) Their currency. I do believe Bernanke gave them a crash course.

  3. I had seen that about the Azores becoming a “China Shop”…..hadn’t seen the Argie update….thanks for that.

    What is it the Chinee say….”May you live in interesting times!”…..it appears they are doing all they can to INSURE that these are “interesting times”…….or maybe it’s the O-man who is working hard at it.

    UPDATE…..I did a quick Tally and as of Now the total for Secession Petitions is now up to 894,769 !! And Texas is over 110,000. Wouldn’t it be great if the tally total would get to or break the 1,000,000 mark !!

    • Don,

      Do you know the second half of that saying?

      “May you live in interesting times, and may you always get what you want.”

      That is NOT the recipe for nirvana many folks would think it to be. It is actually a curse.

  4. Yes Joe I knowed it. But it is good to state it for those who don’t.

    Think we’ll get to the ‘Million Man Mark’ on the Secession Petitions ?

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