What! Jobless Claims Up In OH, and Pa.

Now how could this be…. I mean President Obama told us that things are getting better and the Nation is in a “state of recovery” and the jobless numbers are going down.http://dryerreport.com/what-jobless-claims-up-in-oh-and-pa/

What! Jobless Claims Up In OH, and Pa.

Well that’s what the Obama Mega Campaign told us before election day. Now that Barack has achieved his coveted second term the U.S. Labor Department is reporting that in ONE week after the election, jobless claims have gone up 78,000 and have reached a seasonally adjusted total of 439,000. This after during the election season the Department was reporting that jobless claims were on a downward trajectory to the tune of around 339,000.

What did the Obama administration’s Labor Department release poorly analyzed data? How can this be? If this is true then the job market is not getting better and the Nation’s unemployed will continue to try in vain to find gainful employment. From the Labor Department’s morning press release;

The largest increases in initial claims for the week ending November 3 were in Pennsylvania (+7,766), Ohio (+6,450), New Jersey (+5,675)

The New Jersey numbers are due to the Super Mega Storm Sandy hitting the region just prior to the election.

But President Obama campaigned heavily in Ohio touting how “HE” saved the auto industry and how “HIS” policies were reducing the unemployment numbers and the job market was “coming around” and that if the nation did not keep his policies in place we would go “back” into a recession and the end of the world as we know it will occur.  Well that last part was me,  just seeing if you’re paying attention.

So once again the American people will get the facts, but only after the facts are deemed to be beneficial to Barack Obama.  Or as the administration likes to call them “seasonally adjusted”.  Oh and you folks in Pennsylvania and Ohio, why yes….you did vote for that.

Otherwise the American people are treated like mushrooms…. kept in the dark and fed crap.

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