Judge Judy Delivers Smack-Down to Progressive Mentality

OMG! Just watch. I’ll send someone to help you pick up your jaw when the clip is over.


Thank you, John Dewey (et.al. IDIOT TYRANTS)

10 thoughts on “Judge Judy Delivers Smack-Down to Progressive Mentality

  1. This is what you get when you create freeloaders. However the young man admitted in a court of law that he had spent the money sent to him for rent on something other than rent, that testimony is admission of guilt to Fraud. He fraudulent claimed he needed money for rent then took the money and spent it on other things, that is fraud. Further the young woman shirked her responsibilities to pay her rent, which she is now 4 in arrears on.

    This young man is going to school obviously to learn how to be a criminal because that is what his actions represent. The young woman is not much different. Marxist-Leninist government created these people and their attitude by using the Dialectic to present the case that people are owed something because they were born into a specific ethnic group. This can be traced all the way back to the original document written by the Communist Mr. Pepper in 1928. All they have done is disgrace their own ethnic group by engaging in criminal acts of fraud. Both of these folks should be punished for their admitted acts of fraud. The actions of these two disgust me.

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