OK Republicans, Riddle Me This

So, some of you want to “go lib” on me for advocating the idea that “conservatives” should abandon a Party that is steadily building up a head of steam in the “give ’em free sh*t” direction and start a third Party. I mean, I’m certainly getting called all the right names and catching that “special” attitude most of the Right claim the Left uses when they have no argument against the Right’s positions, so — by the Right’s logic — the ad hominem attacks against me must mean you guys in the Republican Party know you have no more to stand on than the Democrats, yet you want to keep TEA Party types in the Republican Party??? I guess that’s just so long as we stay quiet and kiss the ring, that is.

OK, well, let’s look at this logically — you know, logic: that club you like to bash the Left with. Check it out, Republicans:

GOP Reaps Its Abandonment of Limited Government

In the wake of the GOP’s election losses, media mavens and party elders inevitably express deep concern that the party has become “too conservative” to win elections. The party, we are warned, must moderate its positions to better appeal to voters in the “middle.” Results in nine different races, however, suggest that the GOP needs to reaffirm its commitment to conservative values. In two Senate races, one Governors’ race and six House races, libertarian candidates won enough support to potentially cost Republicans victory. The votes won by libertarian candidates far exceeded the Democrats’ victory margins.

In Indiana, Dem Rep. Joe Donnelley defeated Republican Richard Mourdock by 141k votes. The libertarian candidate won 146k votes, about 6% of the total. In Montana, Sen. Jon Tester defeated Rep. Dennie Rehberg by 18k votes. The libertarian candidate won 31k votes. The same story is true for six House races:

AZ-01 Dem margin 7,914 Libertarian vote 14,450
AZ-09 Dem margin 6,967 Libertarian vote 14,361
MA-06 Dem margin 3,650 Libertarian vote 16,668
MI-11 Dem margin 7,527 Libertarian vote 11,611
NH-01 Dem margin 12,874 Libertarian vote 14,968
UT-04 Dem margin 2,646 Libertarian vote 5,703

Well lookie there, it seems that the Republicans are practicing some Obama rhetorical tricks: Run a Liberal Progressive RINO and, when he looses, tell your voters it’s because he was TOO “conservative.” Unfortunately for the “we have logic on our side” Republican Party, the numbers would seem to be against you. In fact, it would appear as though — had you run a REAL conservative candidate — your Party may have picked up far more votes than they did running the moderate RINO herd you think you need to run to pander to minorities and the great “undecideds.”

Oh, and one other thing: I have been intentionally snide in this post even though the tone is not sincere. I will now apologize: I hold no malice toward conservatives.  I just did that to illustrate a second point: that the Republican Party likes to eat its own when they get out of line. Just look at how Boehner treated the TEA Party after they gave him his position in 2010.  Republican leadership is now using the TEA Party as a scape goat: blaming them for Republican losses.  On this issue, I actually admire the Democrats: they’ll defend a bold-faced lying, child-molesting philanderer — just as long as there’s a “D” after their name. I’d love to be part of a Party that has that kind of loyalty, but it would be even better to be part of a Party that has that kind of loyalty to the founding ideals and principles of this nation and not just to the Party and next election. 😦

10 thoughts on “OK Republicans, Riddle Me This

  1. Yes! You want your country back? Then the freeloaders MUST HURT! And they must feel it from their source! They must be cut off from a COLLAPSE! And yes, WE TOO WILL HURT so get ready and SUCK IT UP!. Once they make the literal correlation then THINGS WILL CHANGE! And we will be right there ready to educate them and help them understand then STAND on their own two feet. This IS the only way to do several things at once:

    – Reverse the last 100 years of Progressiveness!
    – Possibly overturn the 17th Amendment
    – Possibly abolish the FED
    – Definitely change the tax code!

    This is when we step in and explain in SIMPLE TERMS – not Romney complexity dead-end lingo! – but simple linkage just like the Left made easy to understand (vote Dem get free SH*T).

    We say:
    “Eventually you run out of other peoples SH*T!”

  2. I am through with the GOP. They are liars and morons just like the Democrats. They cannot be trusted. I am with you 100% on finding an alternative to those parasites. I stuck with them through this election simply to get rid of that COMMUNIST PARASITE SCUMBAG HUSSEIN OBAMA. Now I am free. In fact I am aggregating some ideas, principles, laws (that should and/or should not be), suggestions and general notes on what we should do as a movement (its no longer a matter of saving ourselves as a nation, it’s gone in that respect). We cannot expect to have constitutional principles, hell, we can’t expect the constitution to even be considered let alone followed, by the filthy scum and treasonous parasites that inhabit our house in D.C. So you will not find me calling you names for wanting to leave the vermin behind.

  3. The name MUST accurately reflect, and naturally lead, others that become curious, to the TRUE and RIGHTEOUS goals of:
    LIBERTY, NATURAL LAW, EQUALITY, and Pursuit of Happiness……

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