Time to Leave the Republican Party?

Have you seen this story?

Next-Gen GOP Leaders Slam Romney for ‘Gift’ Remarks

The new spiritual leaders of the Republican Party have come out swinging against Mitt Romney for his controversial remarks on a donor conference call about why Barack Obama won reelection.

These Republican “leaders” are reacting to this story:

Leaked: Audio of Mitt Romney Explaining to Donors Why He Lost Election — And Guess What Bill Clinton Told Him

Business Insider provides transcripts for the clips:

[Bill Clinton reportedly said to Romney] “It’s a proven political strategy, which is give a bunch of money to a group and, guess what, they’ll vote for you. What I would do if I were a Democrat running four years from now — I’d say dental care ought to be included in Obamacare.”

Now, here’s why I ask whether or not it is time for you to leave the Republican Party:

If we are to hold to “conservative” ideals, then we need to be honest with what we are facing. Romney was doing nothing more than telling his supporters what Bill Clinton told him about that issue. So, when Jindal and Rubio and others attack Romney for being honest about this challenge, they are actually signalling that they want to move the Republican Party toward pandering to the electorate, too. At that point — the point where Republicans try to get elected with handouts — then they have essentially become Democrats.

So why would you stay with the Party? Do you REALLY think you can take over the Democrat Party from within as a conservative? If not, then LOGIC dictates that you MUST leave the Republican Party because — if it is going to join the Democrats — you can’t change that Party from within, either. Face it: the Party leaders are signalling that they are going to play the same game as the Democrats in the future, and there is no way for a Republican to out-pander a Democrat.

So what future does a “conservative” have in EITHER of these parties? It’s too bad the Libertarians do not see the problem with their philosophy: we’d all make natural allies if they did.

24 thoughts on “Time to Leave the Republican Party?

    • Utah,

      In all seriousness, this is a disturbing twist, isn’t? Or am I reading this wrong? I mean, if I take them at their word, aren’t they saying they are just going to “join ’em” so they can get elected?

      Personally, I feel lost — and betrayed. 😦

      • Wouldn’t have thought that Romney would be to the right of Jindal but I guess he learned something about America in the election.

        If this is true and I’m sure that they will try to walk it back, I’m done. I will retract everything I’ve ever said about them being capable of change or a vehicle for classical liberalism.

        Maybe we are the anachronisms after all, the last minority to believe in God, in liberty, freedom and natural law.

        If so, God help us all – even those who don’t believe in Him.

        • Gentlemen,
          I submit, a large (now growing) minority exists which the Marxists abandoned decades ago. Just now, we understand the Republicans gave “lip service to”, but in reality, abandoned us too. Jeffersonian Classical Liberalism is America.

          The government BORG has ALWAYS been successful controlling us. Now the BORG is actually destroying ALL individuals.

          Civil disobedience is going to occur. This NEW movement is based upon more than “mere morality” it is required for SURVIVAL.

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  2. Could the owner of this blog please:

    1) Increase the font size on the comments to equal that of the main article text? It’s driving me crazy to try to read this with my 65 year-old eyes!!

    2) Change the font color to true black rather than charcoal gray?


  3. I agree with Kells that we must stay optimistic.
    I also agree there is great Hand-wringing within the GOP. The fact that so many like Rubio and Jindal seem to succum to the same Media driven Leftist Rhetoric as Boehner and the sycophant RINOs is depressing beyond belief. I remember Levin and Rush saying if this election was lost…..there would be GREAT division within the GOP…..with the Blue-Blood Establishment blaming the “Conservatives” ie TP and others for the defeat…..

    Seems that has played out……….But the fact that TP folks and other suppossed Conservative Leaders are parroting all this too is unbelievable. The “moderate” approach is what lost this election….the fact that “conservative” ideals were NOT hammered home at each opportunity.

    But one sub-meme I see emerging in all this needs to be highlighted and refuted………”We are outnumbered by the Takers and their supporters”.
    There is no doubt the ‘FSA’ has grown and that its members may have even gotten stupider ( if that’s even possible)….but lets review the election #s as they are on 11/16/2012:

    In 2008 Obama got 69,456, 897…..McCain/Palin got 59,934,814 .
    In 2012 Obama got 62,610,717 ……Romney got ……..59,136,717……Gary Johnson got 1,191,420. so Romney only got 798,097 less than McCain/Palin. But there is this common phrase of Romney getting 2 million or 3 million less than McC/Palin and it just isn’t so………Obama’s count is a staggering 6,846,180 LESS than his first run……Clearly a significant amount of people who voted for him the first time DID NOT WANT him a second time.

    Obama…6,800,000 less versus Romney 798,000 less. If you add in the Libertarians vote to the Romney totals….60,328,137. Compared with 62,610,717. That is a difference of only 2,282,580 !! I would hardly call this an overwhelming majority…..BUT it is in the interest of the Progressives to run this Psyops against the (Conservative/GOP/Libertarian….Classical Jeffersonian Liberal) camp in order to continue to keep us psychologically defeated.

    So yes I agree with Kells….Optimism and PLANNING is KEY…..Short term we should be planning for 2014 now NOT 2016 yet. And unfortunately we prolly STILL need the GOP as vehicle for that…..Tho they left me a long time ago…..I want to win the Midterm with another 2010-like election and go from there into 2016 !!

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