U.S. Media Follows Obama’s Lead: Turns on Israel

It started with Obama saying Israel needs to return to the 1967 borders, then the Obama Administration refusing to call Jerusalem by its proper name and instead using the Arabic name, Al Qudz. Now, the media has followed Obama’s lead in turning against Israel:


In its pro-Palestinian coverage of the escalated violence in the Middle East, CNN used faked video footage showing Palestinian “victims” of Israel’s rockets being dragged off the streets.

CNN did this AFTER this incident had been exposed as a fraud by the BBC, Breitbart and The Blaze. What’s more, the rest of the U.S. media is reporting the current violence in the Middle East as Israel’s fault, starting with the targeted assassination of a Hamas terrorist leader. In reporting their stories, the U.S. media never bothers to mention all the rockets that had been fired into Israel . Apparently, Obama and the U.S. media no longer believe Israel has a right to self-defense.

I wrote about the true significance of what we are seeing happen both in the Middle East and in U.S.-Israeli relations here:

A Warning to ALL Christians

This is NOT good, people. We are on the wrong side in this mess.

34 thoughts on “U.S. Media Follows Obama’s Lead: Turns on Israel

  1. Agreed! However, Christians need to know that the U.S. need not interfere in Israel’s conflicts at this time or perhaps ever, not because we do not care, but because Israel is the most well-defended country in the world in its own right. Israel has the Arrow Missile Defense System and the Iron Dome. It can defend against every type of weaponry down to a machine shop made rocket, the type of rockets ordinarily used in the Gaza Strip, and Israel boasts every nuke known to man. The Iron Dome takes out all larger rockets by using a GPS System to ascertain the probable hit on a “soft” target. All rockets or scud missiles that will hit in an unpopulated area are allowed through the net as Israel’s Anti-Missiles are expensive to deploy. That of course is the reason that Israel started cleaning out the terrorist installations in the Gaza Strip in the last few days. Hamas upgraded from machine shop made rockets to larger rockets, and the Anti-Missiles are too expensive for continued use; therefore, the Israelis took out the large-type rocket installations. It also appears, but this is unconfirmed, that the Israeli’s may use stored computer information to identify public buildings that are unoccupied during an attack. In many cases, it may be much less expensive to allow a building to be damaged than it is to pay for the anti-missile to knock out the rocket. A rocket hit at least one public area, a school playground, when there were no children in school on that particular day.

    The U.S. needs a similarly sophisticated Iron Dome Defense System. Gerald Celente, the foremost trends analyst, recently predicted World War III. In the case of a land invasion by Russia and China through Mexico or Canada, we cannot nuke our neighbors. All of the wars that have been fought since World War II have been land invasions, and Americans are unprepared for a land invasion. Most of our bases are on foreign soil, and unlike Israel we have no defense against scud missiles, rockets, and mortars. If World War III does occur, the U.S. mainland, and its outlying states will be prime targets, and we will suffer very heavy losses, if we do not erect an expert defense system, and bring bases back home to defend our homeland. The Chinese are flooding into Mexico, and in some months there are more Chinese illegals coming over the Mexican border than there are Mexicans. We are sitting ducks.

    Iran has China as an ally. Are we really smart to attack Iran? We are fighting in the Middle East, in order to maintain the Petro Dollar (U.S. Dollar) as the World’s Reserve Currency. Contrary to popular opinion, our war with the Middle East is about money. Now, think for a minute how China and Russia must view our insistence on maintaining the U.S. Dollar as the World’s Reserve Currency when they stand to lose more money from that, in addition to what we already owe them. Secondly, we are devaluing the U.S. Dollar to get by without paying Russia and China back as much money as we owe them. We are doing everything we can to get out of paying China and Russia back. We just normalized trade relations with Russia, in order to stave off our debtor problem with Russia. What happens when Russia experiences the fact that our market is already saturated with Chinese goods? Is Putin going to go into a tailspin when he discovers that we cannot buy a lot of Russian goods? What will the Russians and Chinese do when we increase inflation to 100% for a couple of years with Bernanke’s money printing scheme, which is what some of the foremost economists predict? Obama just left on a trip to the Pacific Rim to drum up allies because when we do not maintain a stable currency, we really need allies – more than we can ever find on our planet.

  2. AW,

    With respect: if we keep looking at world events through the lens of man, we’ll get deeper and deeper into trouble. As much as some may dislike it, we need to start looking at this through the third lens of scripture — specifically Biblical prophecy. (Heck, even Islamic prophecy can help here as their Mahdi is the Bible’s Anti-Christ). This is why the U.S. MUST stand with Israel — because of what not standing with her means in Biblical terms.

    As for the rest: again, the answer lies in scripture. Revelation speaks of a 200 million man army — yellow hord — which will come from the East through the dried bed of the Euphrates river. have you seen these?

    As Iraq runs dry, a plague of snakes is unleashed

    An unprecedented fall in the water levels of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers has left the rural population at the mercy of heat, drought – and displaced wildlife. Patrick Cockburn reports

    China’s biggest problem? Too many men

    A long history of son preference, particularly among the Han majority, has led to female infanticide and the neglect of daughters in some parts of China. But in recent decades, the spread of cheap ultrasound (enabling sex-determination in early-mid pregnancy) and easy access to abortion courtesy of the government’s one-child policy, has led to the widespread abortion of female fetuses.

    As a result, approximately 30 million more men than women will reach adulthood and enter China’s mating market by 2020.

    There are many more specific prophetic predictions coming to pass right now. We need to be paying attention becomes prophecy is starting to converge at an alarming pace. Then again, there have been and always will be skeptics who will dismiss the convergences. If we listen to their council, we will pay the price. But guess what prophecy says about which voice we end up listening to?

    • Very Good! I agree with your stance for the most part; however, Israel is fine as long as they do not have to confront China. They have all of the weapons the “Big” boys have and the defensive systems the “Big” boys do not have. I also do not believe we should be attacking Iran because we cannot justify killing another million people over nukes, especially nukes that are not there. The Bible may say 200 million yellow hordes will come through the East to the dried bed of the Euphrates River; however, we have a slight problem when our country is behaving in a predatory manner. Are you sure the Bible wasn’t talking about the Rio Grande? I mean that with levity of course, but the U.S. is going to be a target. When an angel appeared to George Washington, she outlined 3 wars on U.S. soil, the third and final bringing total devastation before a win. To put this in historical context, Great Britain was gutted, then Germany, and now Americans are facing a concentrated. well-planned effort to bring us down after our banks and wealth have been gutted. Our government is not cooperating with Conservatives to stop the negative perception of the U.S. by the rest of the world. There is no effort to stop our predatory spending. Unless, that is stopped. and we give our debtor countries respect, we are in a very bad position.

      I did not know that the Anti-Christ necessarily had to be Muslim, but I knew he was supposed to be from Lebanon. The Muslims refer to a Mahdi, but I’m not sure that person is one and the same as the Anti-Christ, although my suspect took the name of Adhi, and one of his given names is Abu. I also do not know Adhi Ram’s original religion, prior to following Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. http://www.inter-islam.org/faith/mahdi1.htm
      I believe that I can identify the Anti-Christ from the Biblical description. Here is my information:

      The Anti-Christ has to be a man who is an evil sorcerer. Maharishi’s successor, the new leader of the Transcendental Meditation Movement, Dr. Tony Abu Nader, alias Adhi Ram, is from Lebanon. Does his country of origin ring a bell for anyone? Tony Nader has more malevolent Black Arts weapons and technology in his arsenal than any other sorcerer has ever had in the history of the world. The TM sorcerers can cause disease symptoms then miraculously cure them, actually put a chain of symptoms on a pull tab on the subtle level, in order to cure them at a later date. Does this say Anti-Christ to anyone? The Transcendental Meditation Movement is guilty of more perversion of truth and dirty spirituality than any other group in America. Even as early as the 1970s, Maharishi was heavily invested in use of the Black Arts. Now, over a thousand pundits in Fairfield, Iowa are armed with Black Yagyas, and the TM Sidhi Administrators are armed with Black Arts Vedic Mantra Weapons. Countless people have been harmed. Numerous others have been murdered outright or died by induced suicide. The same TM Sidhi Administrators are guilty of extortion by torture, using Black Arts Vedic Mantra Weapons. The TM Movement is the group that gets all of the government grants for seemingly nicey nice wonderful research on TM, but performs other malevolent research that is 1,000 worse than any Nazi ever thought up. The former guru of the TM Movement, Maharishi, called in all of the Vedic knowledge in India. Practitioners of TM thought all of this wonderful knowledge would help to change medicine, since it contained the knowledge of Indian natural medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine. The real reason for calling in all of the Vedic knowledge was for “Power”, knowledge of the Black Arts to gain control over the world. When Maharishi called in all of the Vedic knowledge, he received every malevolent mantra weapon known to man because unlike in the West after Hippocrates, Ayurvedic Physicians are not only the healers, they also do the curses.

  3. AW,

    I think you may want to look to both Revelation AND the OT for signs of the Anti-Christ. I believe you will find the Bible says he will come out of Antioch (which is in modern Turkey) and that he will be seated in Jerusalem. It may well be he is going to be of Lebanese birth, I’m not sure. But I know the Muslim Brotherhood has said that, as soon as the Caliphate is resurrected (the fatal head wound that that comes back to life), they will name a new Caliph from Turkey and they will make their capital in Al Qudz — Jerusalem.

    As for the Mahdi, you may want to look into the work Walid Shoebat (“God’s War on Terror”) and Joel Richardson (“Mideast Beast”) have done. When you go step-by-step through the Bible and Islamic scripture, the Mahdi and Anti-Christ line up perfectly. What’s more, scripture names dozens of ancient peoples and lands that will come against Israel in the last days by name, and today, they are ALL Muslim nations/peoples. In fact, when you study Islam, you will find it is an Anti-Christ religion in that it denies the Trinity and the Divinity of Christ.

    This is an interesting conversation and I’m happy to run with is as far as you’d like — honest 🙂 But the point I am trying to make here is that we need to start looking at current events in this light. Otherwise, we will not see what is coming. that goes for Christian, Jew and skeptics alike 🙂

    • Are you sure we are not lost in time or space over prophecy? Maybe Biblical prophecy missed the U.S. because in my opinion, it is the U.S. that badly needs protection right now. What concerns me is that it appears Republicans are being steered in the incorrect direction, and we are not protecting our own country. If a large war develops in the Middle East then we need to again concern ourselves about Israel, but until then I believe we need to protect our own country. We actually have a joint defense system with Israel. One of our nuke ships is part of the Israeli Defense System, and in turn Israel protects our bases. I do not know if that means that all 45 of our Middle Eastern bases are protected by the Iron Dome, or if the protection provided by Israel has to do with the Israeli Arrow Defense System, which is nuclear.

      • AW,

        I would respectfully submit two thoughts:

        1 — You are over estimating Israel’s defensive strength and capability, as well as he ability to make good on combat losses.

        2 — I do not believe we find the U.S. in prophecy — at least, not as a major player. this may be one of those times where our arrogance blinds us to reality. That said, there is no way I see that prophecy can unfold unless the U.S. turns on Israel or is removed from the world scene. Now, with that in mind, I would ask you to re-think your invasion of the U.S. thinking. Why would anyone capable of invading us do so when all they need to do is hit us with an EMP and wait 6 months to occupy what will then essentially be a barren land???

        • I respectfully submit these answers to your response:

          1) I know it must be very difficult for everyone to accept that Israel is the most well-defended nation in the world when we are lied to all of the time about protecting Israel. I began to suspect that there was a disinformation campaign happening when they found no nukes in Iraq. When Republicans began wanting to attack Iran, I began researching information on the Israeli Defense System. My information is from internet research of published articles and accounts.

          Manufacturer of Israel’s Iron Dome details the specifications for that particular defense system.

          Specifications for Israel’s Arrow Missile Defense System.

          Israel also uses U.S. Patriot Missile Defense and will implement the rest of Arrow 3 in 2014.

          Israel’s Nukes

          Currently, while it must be uncomfortable to have a war going on overhead, it will have no devastating effect on Israel. From what I heard, only 3 people were killed in an apartment building, so losses are minimal. Israel is a showcase for the world about what a defense system should be. The war goes on with minimal public involvement in most cases. People in Tel Aviv keep having to go to air raid shelters, but they are not sustaining damage.

          2) People to whom you owe money invade to recover their losses – pillage. They would not accomplish that with an EMP. And, they would likely receive an EMP blast in return from one of our allies – Israel for example. This is why only land invasions are being mounted. Nations cannot afford to nuke each other because they would be nuked off the planet in return. We must have nuclear capability and defense, but it is only a deterrent and not particularly useful weaponry. It is probable that nation one will ever be nuked again. If the U.S. was as well-armed as the Israelis, I would be delighted, but we do not even come close.

          • AW,

            1 — I understand all the numbers on Israel’s OB, but I also understand the real-world capabilities of those systems, the depth of their inventory and the realities of modern warfare. They can stop the first wave, maybe the second, but not the third. trust me, I know — I’ve been over there and it taught me one thing: modern warfare does NOT allow for resupply — not anymore. You have to win with what’s on hand because there will be no time to build or buy more. Look into how close an affair the tank battles were for Israel in the 1967 war and why and what saved them.

            The real reason Israel will be safe is because they do not stand alone — even if the entire world turns against them, they are not alone.

            2 — A land invasion of the U.S. is a very, VERY difficult task. You would need a MASSIVE army, and that would require a larger logistical support base than South America can provide. That means a naval supply chain. Do you have ANY idea of the calamity that would have to befall the U.S. to totally destroy the U.S. Navy’s ability to lay waste to that naval supply line?

            Also, we no longer owe China enough money to warrant such an action. It would be easier to just seize something like…oh, IDK — our base in the Azores 😀

            • Respectfully submitted:
              1) This isn’t 1967. The last reference gives a history of Israel’s nuclear defense capability, and it gives a birds eye view into the evolution. It isn’t that no one cares or should care, it is that we do not need to be concerned at this point. To the Israelis, this is life much as usual. I can remember a National Geographic article when I was young that pictured an Israeli farmer on his John Deere tractor with a machine gun slung over his shoulder. He farmed on the frontier. It is unfortunate that no peace can be established, but until it can be the Israelis are very competent militarily. In my opionion, Obama needs to be fought on freedom and his Socialist policies. I’m a Libertarian-Republican, and I stand behind Ron Paul’s foreign policy because I did my research. I never spent time in Israel, but have had several Jewish friends who have, one to become a Rabbi.

              2) Invading armies starve the people of the countries they invade. Think of how we handled the Nazis in World II. The Jews died in the concentration camps of staration and lack of medical supplies. More Jews died at Bergen Belsen after the British took over than died under the Nazis. We bombed all of the pharmaceutical manufacturing plants to keep injured Germans from recovering; we bombed all of the supply trains. (My father said he would never eat another rutabaga. I asked why and was told, “That was all the Germans had to eat.” He also would not eat Spam. His parents, my grandparents, loved ham salad sandwiches made from Spam, but soldiers had to eat so much Spam that they hated it afterward. One of my uncles hated tuna in mushroom soup on toast. He called it s–t on a shingle because his group had to eat that so often. It was the only time I ever heard him use any foul language. My father also complained about the sulfa drugs.) Somehow we put enough soldiers into Europe to win a war. Granted, as I just told you, times are different, but I still believe we could be invaded, especially under cover of drug wars and with the help of drug cartels. The drug cartels are cooperating with Hezbollah now in South America.

              There is so much unrest in Mexico that I figure the Chinese already have scud missiles stored there. That is just a hunch, no evidence, but too many Chinese coming into Mexico and now Hezbollah ties – too much unrest.

              • AW,

                I think you might misunderstand me regarding Israel. I am not suggesting we send troops to help them, but they will need our support industrially. They do not manufacture the majority of their larger weapons systems, mostly just their Merkava and their munitions and a few specialized AFVs. Otherwise, I understand what you are saying, but the nature of logistics has changed due tot he ability of modern weapons to decimate an entire battlefield in a matter of minutes. No matter how good the IDF is, or how effective their weapons, if they are forced to fire enough expensive Iron Dome missiles that they run out or even experience supply interruptions, then the dumb and cheap rockets get through. If they loose enough tanks and cannot make good on the losses, then the trucks with MG’s and RPGs get through. Study how Russia beat Germany on the Eastern front. Same situation.

                As for Ron Paul’s stance on defense: I can’t say I disagree too much. We should pull the military home from all foreign bases save Guam and Diego Garcia. You simply MUST have forward Naval and Air Force bases.

                HOWEVER, Paul has one glaring blind spot in his national defense thinking (I read his book Defining Liberty). He simply does not see the threat that Islam presents not only to us but to the world. If you are blind to it, you cannot defend against it because you will not defend against something you deny exists. That is the sole reason I couldn’t vote for Paul in the primaries.

                • Just found this rather comprehensive update on the Israeli military situation. Hamas is always so outclassed militarily that it is easy to understand suicide bombers (Jihadists). I have friends who are Ahmadiyya Muslims, the sect that is being persecuted and killed by both Shiites and Sunnis in Pakistan. America, Canada, U.K., and Australia give them asylum. If we want to end the Sharia problem where new immigrants are concerned, we need to modify our immigration questions to reflect a tougher stance. Immigration officers are fairly good at qualifying immigrants for American life, but they only go as far as they are asked, and they need to be instructed to end the Sharia Law problem. The Ahmadiyyas are not a problem where Sharia is concerned. I just wish they would adopt Western dress. This Sharia problem revolves around our foolish politically correct society. We need State’s Rights to regain our freedoms – elimination of everything that isn’t Constitutional on the Federal level. Gotta say goodnight. I haven’t done my prayers for the day.


                    • Was offline for 10 days, but remembered this immediately after our chat:

                      More information on the Israeli situation and the URL for a very informative article in the American Thinker:


                      It is important that Republicans start to understand Israeli politics and defense before we get drawn into a conflict with China over this game. China is building oil refineries in Iran, and after everything else we have done to China, destroying those refineries looks like it would be the last straw. Netanyahu was engaged in violent saber rattling prior to the election. Next, Obama was re-elected and Hamas thought they had a wonderful opportunity – just what Israel wanted: ISRAEL NEEDED TO DRAW LIVE FIRE TO TEST THE NEW HALF OF ITS ARROW 5 DEFENSE SYSTEM, DUE IN TOTAL IN 2014. Israel always saber rattles to attract live fire for testing their defense systems. At the end of 2010, Israel loudly announced they were going to engage in a test of their new Iron Dome defense system, but when they actually announced the test in advance, they got very little live fire. This time Israel did not announce a test, so they drew a lot of rocket and artillery fire from Hamas, just what Israel wanted. However, there is still a problem with complete testing because they only drew one missile, and it fell short – fell into the ocean. Now Israel has to come up with enough saber rattling to attract actual missile fire, not just rockets and mortars. If not before, at the end of 2014, look for a lot of saber rattling again from Israel because they will be testing their complete Arrow 5 Defense System at that time. At that point the Israelis will have overlap in their systems to compensate for a former small margin of error – about 3%. The Israeli Defense Systems are on GPS, and they allow rockets, mortars, and missiles to fall in unpopulated areas because they do not want the expense of deploying anti-missiles at all incoming fire. The new Arrow 5 Defense System will target all incoming fire very close to launch. In other words, if Pakistan launches a nuke at Israel, Pakistan is likely to get the fallout from their own nuke.

                      Israel is becoming close to invulnerable. I wish I could say the same about the U.S. We do not have any of these Defense Systems – only ones against nukes, and all of the wars since the World War II A-Bombs have been land invasions. No country can afford to nuke another. Again, watch for another Israeli Defense System test at the end of 2014, if not before, you will be rewarded with another manufactured war.

                      Keep the U.S. out of this conflict. Israel has everything very well in hand. Hamas has to be dumb as a rock to ever respond to Israel’s challenges as would Iran or even Pakistan. As Americans, we need to stop being dumb as rocks about Israel’s game. Israel is shortly to be a world power, and I predict it will get really aggressive.

                    • AW,

                      I mean this respectfully. I think you have something against Israel that, if this nation were to follow your advice, would put us on the wrong side of right with God. That is NOT a position we need to be in any more than we already are.

                      Now, about the idea that Israel is invulnerable. Again, respectfully, I disagree with nearly your entire take on what is happening over there. You almost seem to be taking the Arab view. Israel could test its system much better and more easily by live fire tests it conducts using its own targets. There is no need to expose citizens to harm just to test something so easily done in a safe manner.

                      Second, if you think their missile defense system is going to be “fool-proof,” then — again, respectfully — I suggest you do not understand the limitations of these systems. The Soviets already know how to defeat them, and guess who the primary arms provider and allies are of the Arab nations? Yep, good old Russia. Trust me, the Israeli missile shield CAN be penetrated, and rather cheaply at that.

                    • I absolutely have nothing against Israel; however, I care very much about our own country being protected, and I must respectively submit that you do not. All of the evidence that Israel is conducting live tests is on my side. Every article that I read indicates that Israel just put the first half of Arrow 5 on their defense system. The URLs I have sent to you are very explicit. And, quite frankly, I have no need to get the U.S. involved in World War III to protect a country like Israel that is already well-protected. Getting more involved in Middle Eastern conflicts does not enhance our relationship with God at all in my opinion. Killing innocent people, destroying their countries with CIA intrigues is not on God’s list of acceptable behaviors. My own relationship with God is such that I find no need whatsoever to indulge in Biblical prophecies that may or may not even apply to the Arabs or Iranians or to this time period in the first place. The Bible says, “Thou shalt not kill.” Republicans would do well to follow that advice before we become the targets.

                    • If we care about our own nation, we will NEVER neglect Israel or leave her to stand alone. History does not reflect well on ANY nation that has ever done that. That is an admonishment from God that has no time period expiration: it applies to all time, even today.

                  • BTW: when you mentioned military personnel that won’t eat certain things because of their time in service? Yeah, mine is anything cooked together — especially if it’s “cream of.” You see, in the desert, where water is a commodity at the tip of the supply line, the cooks just throw EVERYTHING in a pot and add condensed milk to cook it with. To this day, I will not eat ANYTHING like that — I’d take a Chicken-a-la-King MRE first (and if you don’t understand what that means, that is a WHOLE different brand of “puke” to tell you about).


                • “I think you might misunderstand me regarding Israel. I am not suggesting we send troops to help them,”

                  I am. If there was ever a time, or a dire need … now is the time to send as many troops as we can muster to aid our ally. Why? You said it yourself:

                  “the threat that Islam presents not only to us but to the world”

                  If the people of this religion were so benevolent, and caring, over 1700 missiles would not have been fired in to neighborhoods and schools since the start of this year.

                  • What was fired was rockets and mortars. The fire that reached a school landed in the playground when the school was not in session. The Israeli Defense System is very sophisticated: It allows fire in unpopulated areas. The Israelis do not wish to pay for anti-missiles to target incoming fire, so their system is computerized and on GPS. The Israeli’s did manufacture their defense systems and all different types of nukes. They wanted us to provide the money so they could employ Israeli’s. We put up the money, but we do not possess any of the defensive technology that was developed, so we would have to buy it from the Israeli’s. Republicans must stop feeling sorry for well-defended Israel and start being concerned about American defenses, which are paltry in the case of a land invasion.

                    • AW,

                      There is no nation in its right mind that would invade this nation by land — not unless they could first knock out a whole lot of our primary defense infrastructure. It would simply be too easy for the Navy and Air Force to knock out the supply line which, inevitably, would have to find itself traversing open ocean. Do you have ANY idea what a carrier battle group and/or Sea Wolf/Los Angelos Class wolf pack would do to those supply lines? Or how it would be next to impossible for ANYONE to stop them?

                    • Oh, and that missile defense system you think makes Israel impenetrable: if I know how to take it out with the weapons available to Hamas right now, you can bet Hamas knows how to do it, too. It is MUCH easier to do than you seem to understand, and much, MUCH cheaper to do than to resupply those defensive missile systems — IF their launchers survive, that is. I doubt the majority of them would — not if there was a coordinated attack on them.

                    • AW,

                      All they have to do is use saturation bombardment in tight area. Once the battery exhausts its initial load-out, then you mortar the launcher until it dies. Easy — and within Hamas’s ability.

                      Have you ever considered that Hamas doesn’t exactly want to destroy Israel — yet?

                    • They have more than one launcher already and want another one. Each launcher has several barrels, not just one. As I recall, either four or six. There were 2 large diameter barrels on the bottom and 2-4 smaller diameter barrels on top. It would be hard to overcome a launcher like that. When we have no capability like this, how is it that you do not want to defend our own country?

                    • You want the U.S. focused on the Middle East and on Israel instead of our own homeland defense. Don’t blame me. You keep insisting on that. You indicate this is some Christian principle of yours.

                    • Typical.

                      Aw, you read what you wanted to hear, then reacted as though it were reality. First, what I said is the U.S. must not tun its back on Israel. At the same time, I guess you just missed/ignored the part where I said I did NOT want to see us send troops.

                      but then, I suppose your view of the U.S. is of a nation so small it cannot care for itself while helping an ally. Damn, how did we ever manage to survive WW II without the homeland falling apart?

                    • Thank you! I missed that part where you said you did not want to send troops or there was some other issue that bothered me, then I forgot that part. My apologies!

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