What if ? Judge Napolitano: Two wings of the same bird of prey?

Please consider this:

“True compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar; it comes to see that an edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring. ”  Martin Luther King, Jr.

What if every American could STEP BACK from their positions?

WHAT IF Americans could OPENLY and HONESTLY evaluate RESULTS and honestly look at the ACTIONS which caused those very RESULTS.

“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

— Martin Luther King, Jr.

(updated title: on 11-17-12 with Judge Napolitano’s spoken words to reflect the issues in his video)

21 thoughts on “What if ? Judge Napolitano: Two wings of the same bird of prey?

  1. Texas,

    I understand why you keep quoting this:

    “True compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar; it comes to see that an edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring. ” Martin Luther King, Jr.

    I’m just not sure if you understand this can be taken as an argument for socialism???

  2. If some believe this quote = an argument for socialism, then they do not know the Definitions of WORDS, so:
    edifice [ˈɛdɪfɪs]
    1. a building, esp a large or imposing one
    2. a complex or elaborate institution or organization
    [from Old French, from Latin aedificium, from aedificāre to build; see edify]
    edificial [ˌɛdɪˈfɪʃəl] adj

    beg·gar (bgr)
    1. One who solicits alms for a living.
    2. An impoverished person; a pauper.
    3. Informal A man or a boy.
    tr.v. beg·gared, beg·gar·ing, beg·gars
    1. To make a beggar of; impoverish.
    2. To exceed the limits, resources, or capabilities of: beauty that beggars description.
    [Middle English, from Old French begart, ultimately from Middle Dutch beggaert, one who rattles off prayers.]


    MORE THAN 75 people went on FOOD STAMPS for every 1 job that was obtained over the last 4 years. THE GOVERNMENT has structured the ENVIRONMENT to throwing coins at the poor, and making more poor, rather than restructuring the framework so ALL have a chance at prosperity.

    75 BEGGARS are being PRODUCED for every 1 job . THAT is NOT prosperity. !

    IF PEOPLE CAN’T SEE THIS TRUTH, THEN their actions exemplify:
    “sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity ”

  3. IF the MARXISTS want to argue FOOD STAMPS = PROSPERITY, THEN lets have that “conversation” and lets do it NOW.!

    The LIES of RECOVERY by Obama and his sycophants means they think FOOD STAMPS = PROSPERITY. NO ONE explained this during this past election. Well I am going to tell everyone I meet and ask REALLY? WHAT IF . . .

    • Texas,

      With respect, your opponents is going to read MLK’s words and see that food stamps are necessary because “the system” (i.e. capitalism) produces poverty. Therefore, MLK’s words CAN and HAVE BEEN taken as an argument for socialism.

      It is not enough to understand what the person who spoke the words meant by them: you must understand how his opposition will hear them. We all see the world through the prism of our own lens, but, if we can learn to at least see through the lens of others — even just partially — it makes vision through ours a little clearer.

      You get my drift?

      • Respectfully, I understand your argument.
        Allow me to elaborate.
        See if you read my updated/edited explanations above.

        What I am trying to explain is this: TRUE CAPITALISM allows equal opportunity for EVERYONE to PROSPER. We did not have true CAPITALISM because GOVERNMENT LAWS PREVENTED MLK,Jr.’s followers from prospering, sharing in the American Dream. IT WASN”t Capitalism that PREVENTED BLACKS ! It was GOVERNMENT LAWS WHICH RESTRICTED blacks FREEDOMS and prevented them from competing on a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD.


        ala’ GE paying NO INCOME TAX while the rest of us DO! ! !

        The GOVERNMENT is DECIDING who will be BEGGARS and who will be PROSPEROUS !!!! THAT IS NOT capitalism. That is MARXISM . . .


    If the Marxists want to argue MLK’s words didn’t mean what he said . . . Then I’m ready to have that conversation too, Right now…
    I am going to take Martin Luther King, Jr.’s words at their TRUE DICTIONARY MEANINGS. IF the MARXISTS want to call MLK a LIAR, they can have at it. Lets have that conversation too. To INTERPRET the language of Dr. KING, would mean he was purposely misleading his followers and all America, which would make him a LIAR. I do not believe Dr. King was a Liar.

  5. This thread has given me SO MUCH to think and write about. I am thinking, literally EVERY SINGLE Govt. agency can be exemplified by this ( except the miltary which the Dems want to PUNISH).

    WHAT IF . . .

  6. Texas….you are absolutely right in your analysis.

    So is Joe.

    The problem is the recipient audience….they are NOT educated, and have been taught the reinterpretation of King’s words…..Joe is right MLK has been co-opted for the Socialist cause.

    So….what the Liberty Movement ( Constitutionalists et al) need to do is to adopt short phrases that grab folks with the essence of our ideas…..the essence of liberty. Because The populace has broadcasted very clearly they will not tolerate anything that makes their eyes Glaze over. Somehow we need to compete in this arena effectively while not capitulating to leftist goals like our “leadership” is doing right now.

    • Don,
      This video was uploaded to youtube in February 2012.
      Some people say THIS video is the reason why Napolitano is no longer on Fox.
      What if? Napolitano spoke TRUTH here, and had to be silenced?

  7. Greetings, DonAmeche,

    My two smart-arse cents.

    “adopt short phrases that grab folks with the essence of our ideas”

    This sounds kind of like recruiting an army of graphic artists to crank out those funny little visuals with Obama misquotes to post on facebook. We would be outmatched, continue to get plowed by the progressive long-game. Anyways, when we use their tactics, well, it’s just embarrassing. Have you ever listened to conservative rap music?

    Whatever happened to just slapping people upside the head? It usually worked on me.

    Here’s an idea. How about WE go on strike. Close up all business, see how long progressives can sustain themselves on clever phrases.

  8. What I was trying to say and didn’t say it clearly is that the margins in this race were razor thin….a win by the Obama Marxists of only about 1,86%…!!… with a HUGE decrease in Obama voters from 2008.

    So there IS dissatisfaction within the Left ranks as evidenced in these numbers……..I don’t think this talk of…”we’ll just take our marbles away go home and see how long they (Socialists) can survive without us” works.

    What history shows, EVERY TIME, is that the economy fails, the Socialists-Statists-Union backed Communists ( what have you) just blame the ever increasing problem on the “Extremist Liberty Folks” and then gain complete control……look at Venezuela. In Russia it wasn’t until 1989 that ANY hope shone since the 1917 takeover after the White Army was defeated in the 1920s.

    The fight MUST continue. I was just saying that the pop culture venue has tenticles very deep within the electorate and some appeals to Liberty have to be directed with that in mind………….my intention is not to cheapen our message but rather how to get some of those 7 million disaffected Obama voters who didn’t even show up to Listen….to grab their attention long enough to be able to expand our position.

    • You may be on to something, Don.

      From The Lonely Conservative:

      “Have a look on Twitter and you’ll see thousands upon thousands of drones who fervently aped the pop-culture memes. Romney was “pro-rape.” Romney was “pro-bully.” Romney was going to put black people into chains. Romney was a Nazi. Conservatives laughed at these memes as if they were barely worth addressing, and were destroyed by them.”


      • You boys are correct. Trust me when I say it’s not fun to wade in the shit that is the FSA, but somebody’s gotta do it. If conservatives would take the time to travel to progressive sites and debunk outrageous myths, it would be a great start. In articles from this site, I have copy/pasted several fabulous links for them to read. Now, there’s the rub……..you can lead a horse to water…..

        • “wade in the shit that is the FSA”

          I was doing quite a bit of that, just after Paul Ryan got nominated, up until I discovered RNL. That’s when I really discovered how insane the FSA really is, especially the ‘educated’ members.

          On longer threads, the FSA often neglects to read the thread before leaving a comment, so you have to make the same point over and over again. Then, if a member of the FSA gets discredited in one place, you can find that same person making the same point in another place. Hey, haven’t we been over this? Yep, makes it really hard to remain civil. I guess that’s why some people just break nasty on them right from the start, call them libtards, etc.

          Anyone have ties to the GOP? Think they would flip us some campaign funds to just go around discrediting libs?

  9. Thanks Kells and Justin…..I too have been *Shit-wading* On Liberal sites heavily for the past two years since the Huge TP win in 2010. What you described Justin fits it to a TEE !!

    Unbelievable Hatre and Hostility on the left…….Long Deep and Wide as the Blues song goes…. :- (( .

    I actually feel quite drained emotionally after these 2 years.

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