Safe At Home

Wow, so much new information is coming out now that you would almost think that the media was embargoing any bad news that might hurt Obama in the election.

Nah. Benghazi isn’t a scandal, either (read some of the comments to this article).

This is from the Washington Post:

In other words, you’re not imagining it: This economic recovery has been a big disappointment relative to what the United States has usually experienced after a recession. Growth has been 9 percent below what was seen in past recoveries on average in its first three years. The CBO report tries to disentangle where that underperformance is coming from and its answer is deeply unsettling: The U.S. economy just isn’t as good at growing as it used to be.

The new CBO report claims that two-thirds of the underperformance of the economy over the past three years compared to a typical recovery is due to a slower rate of growth in potential GDP. Only one-third, in this analysis, is due to factors related to this recession.

It’s OK, Obama is safe now. He has been re-elected.

5 thoughts on “Safe At Home

  1. I’ve always had a dream to open some kind of corner pub in the PC area, leave medicine, and just spend the rest of my days running that … gabbing with folks over drinks, cigars, and comfort food.

    Invested all the time and energy in activites such as market research, writting the business model, choosing a suitable location, and even covering the finances of opening one. Think I will do it now with the new burdens added on by this administration?

    I’ll give you one guess.

  2. “Just isn’t as good at growing” FDR’s “great society” all over again. STUPID is as Stupid does.

    More regulations, higher taxes, highest corporate tax rate in the world….
    Lets see, the investors can now go to another country and get a higher return on their investment, AND pay lower taxes !
    And they’ll be saying how UNFAIR and UNPATRIOTIC FREEDOM is.

    Nonsense ! And the DEMS are gonna keep milking and starving the Cow until there is NO MORE MILK.
    Then they’ll blame the cow for DIEING on them, even though they are the ones that STARVED the cow.

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