21st Century Relationships

I AM expecting my boyfriend’s baby but I have been having sex with his dad and I have fallen in love with him.

14 thoughts on “21st Century Relationships

  1. What the heck? I’m aghast at what passes for a relationship these days. The justifications are pathetic. The throwing around of the word “decent” to describe a father stepping in on his son’s girlfriend and the girlfriend willing to turn to the closest sympathetic ear. Holy Cow. Why are we discussing this?

    • Which brings up a pertinent question that I was duking it out this morning on: Should govt. have its hand in social issues? I say no, but the boy I was debating with feels that it is our moral fiber; a basis for our laws, so to speak. My argument is that I understand, but you are still handing over the reins.

      I’m probably not making a lick of sense,

  2. 21st century eh? Shall we perhaps, maybe, look at…the old testament?

    And ah- this is “The Sun”. Another Murdoch UK tabloid. About as much reality there as penthouse letters….

    The Sun- with what- 9 journalists arrested in the past year? With many more- including those at the very top still under investigation for the infamous phone hacking scandal that brought down Murdochs News of The World and has embroiled countless members of Murdochs glorious tabloids in correuption, bribery and other malfeaseance…

    Whats the line…”let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. Or People that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”

    ah- why does it not surprise me you read trashy tabloids…

  3. Utah said…”I had to post something more strange than our state of politics.”

    Actually…..in a way the story kinda metaphorically DOES describe our state of Politics today !!

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