Signs of the Times and the Writing on the Wall

These stories are ALL related:

Turkish Prime Minister: ‘Israel Is A Terrorist State’

Obama Talks Gaza With Islamist Turkish Leader Who Called Hamas Strikes ‘a Pre-Election Stunt’

Obama Undercuts Israel War Effort

State Dept Refuses to Say If Israeli Ground Assault Counts as Self-Defense

State Dept Ready to End Diplomatic Isolation of Hamas

Exclusive — Former Israel UN Ambassador: ‘Rise of the Muslim Brotherhood’ Emboldened Hamas

VIDEO: Glenn Beck Walks Us Through The Benghazi Gun-Running Theory

They are related both to the Obama Administrations support of the Muslim Brotherhood and, through their various organizations, Al Qaeda, itself (remember, the Muslim Brotherhood has openly stated 2 primary objectives: to reconstruct the Caliphate and seat a new Caliph and the destruction of Israel). But they are also related through Daniel and the many repetitive accounts of the end-time prophecy in the Bible. In the book of Daniel, we are told that the secrets of the visions Daniel was given would not be totally understood until the time of the last generation – secrets that many who study Biblical prophecy are now coming to understand more clearly than Christians have ever understood prophecy before. And it is all connected to the many variations of the same end-time story of the Beats that will lead a 10-nation coalition against Israel in the last days. Until now, Christians had always understood the Beat to be of Roman origin – but that was because the Caliphate did not exist until well after Christian tradition had established Rome as the Beast. HOWEVER, with the coming of the new Caliphate, those who have had the faithfulness to take a fresh look at prophecy have started to see that what Christians once thought pointed to Rome actually points to the Caliphate. And we – under Obama – are helping to resurrect it from its fatal 1923 head wound. This is why I wrote:

A Warning to ALL Christians

If this interests you in the least, you may find these books of interest:

The Islamic Antichrist: The Shocking Truth about the Real Nature of the Beast

Mideast Beast: The Scriptural Case for an Islamic Antichrist

God’s War on Terror: Islam, Prophecy and the Bible

This last book is especially good as it was written by a former Muslim jihadi who came to Christ by reading the Bible and realizing that Muslims always lose to Israel because they are on the wrong side of God.  His perspective is interesting, as is his constant juxtaposition of both Islamic and Biblical scripture which consistently yield mirror images of the same prophecies.

[NOTE: This post is NOT “Islam bashing:” it is a sincere attempt to warn everyone – Jew, Christian, Muslim and skeptic alike. As far as I am concerned, Islam is the problem, not Muslims. Muslims have just been deceived and they deserve our love as well as every effort we can make to show them the truth before it is too late. They just need to understand that the Bible is the Word of God. The Qur’an repeatedly says that the Bible and the Gospel are “Guidance and Light,” and commands Muslims to read it. Christians just need to help Muslims understand that the Bible has not been perverted: it is the authentic Word of God. In the same way, we need to help our Jewish brethren understand that Christ is the Messiah, because, if He isn’t and this new understanding of present day fulfillment of prophecy is correct, then everyone has missed His coming and passing and we are all without hope.]

4 thoughts on “Signs of the Times and the Writing on the Wall

  1. —-On Friday, State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland announced that it was suddenly fine for foreign dignitaries to visit the terrorist Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip. Why? Because now that Hamas was firing hundreds of rockets on Israel, those dignitaries could visit to try to push “de-escalation.” —–

    Politicians as human shields? Okay.

  2. Threads like this which connect in one place Articles which are hard to find are Great resources…..Thanks Joe !! The Picture is clearer when the info iis ‘at your fingertips’.

  3. Agreed on laying out the dots. Although I can’t bring myself to connect them. I just look at each one in isolation and think to myself, that ain’t good.

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