The Joker (or Obama goes to Myanmar)

Cue up The Joker – (Steve Miller Band)   I’m a Joker – I’m a smoker – I’m a midnight toker . . .

I started this great post on the Traveler and Chief, Hillary, and his entourage going to Myanmar, a country of 60 million people (less than the states of CA and TX combined ), 1200 miles of uninterrupted coastline (less than Florida), a human right’s record that Idi Amin Dada would be proud of, and a censored press and society in general.  Also, Myanamar’s 2011 GDP $82.68 (b) is estimated to grow at an annual rate of 5.5% while the US GDP (approx. $1500.00(b)) is stagnant at approx. 2.3%.

Throw in the fact that Obama promised Myanmar $170(m) in aid, and probably spent at least that much to get Air Force One, a couple of C17 support aircraft, the Beast, and all of his hangers-on to Myanmar, what the hell did the United States gain from this “visit”?

I got discouraged and this is what it turned into.  What is the fool gonna do next?

3 thoughts on “The Joker (or Obama goes to Myanmar)

  1. Now don’t you worry yer purdy lil head, FL. Why, jes yesterday, I hear that Obama was discussin economics with them Bangkokians from Thailand. They took him to their shrine, Wat Pho, and prayed real hard fer answers. I hear tell that Obama said he won’t take this economic dillema in a reclinin position.

    Anuther thing; he’s already met up with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton for their economic prowess, so I tell ya; happy days are here again.

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